PC 99 reunited with Broadstairs Punch and Judy show

PC 99 is back to work!

PC 99 has been reunited with Punch, Judy and show owner Professor Brent de Witts.

The policeman puppet went AWOL sometime on August 12 and an appeal to track him down was published by The Isle of Thanet News.

Brent suspected the naughty policeman had gone to the pub with Punch and it now appears it must have been a pub crawl as he was found today (August 14) in weeds next to a Ramsgate bus stop!

Chloe, 9 Finley, 8, and Charlie, 4.with PC 99,

He was spotted by Ramsgate mum Hayley Hawkes who was with her three children Chloe, 9 Finley, 8, and Charlie, 4.

Hayley said: “I spotted him in the weeds and remembered reading about it yesterday!”

Viking Bay Cafe staff member James takes delivery of the policeman

PC 99 took a bus trip to Broadstairs with Hayley and her youngsters and was picked up by James from the Viking Bay Cafe who then delivered him safely back to Brent.

Brent, who has had his puppets for about 30 years, has put the policeman back to work!


  1. Well done the Hawkes family they certainly have a Hawkeye in the family. Couldn’t resist it was pc99 on a stakeout as he wasn’t camouflaged very well in the undergrowth.

  2. As a pensioner I haven’t seen a Punch & Judy show since probably around 1952! But didn’t Punch get taken into custody for wife beating? Perhaps he escaped, but in any case surely wife beating can’t be condoned nowadays?

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