Broadstairs Punch and Judy show appeal to find missing PC 99

PC 99 has gone missing from the Punch and Judy show at Viking Bay Photo Frank Leppard

The hunt is on for PC 99 who has gone AWOL.

The policeman puppet from the Punch and Judy show at Viking Bay disappeared sometime yesterday (August 12) and his whereabouts remains a mystery.

An appeal is now being made to track down the errant PC by owner Professor Brent de Witts.

Brent said: “The day before yesterday I did three shows and he was there but yesterday I did one and he wasn’t. I looked in his case, I looked where I am staying and I looked in the lock up but he was not there.

“Perhaps he fell out of the case, I have no idea, or Mr Punch enticed him to the pub and got him drunk.

“I hope someone is nicely looking after him and will detain him for me.

“I have had all my puppets for about 30 years and they have travelled the world with me so there is a sentimental value.

“The children at my show are so concerned about him, and I do not want them to be concerned so it would be nice for him to come back.”

Photo Chris Jones

At the moment Jack the hangman is playing the PC “but keeps forgetting his lines!”

Anyone who comes across PC 99 can hand him in to The Funicular café, Viking Bay Café, Broadstairs visitor information or Broadstairs Town Council.

Brent said: “We are doing our best to keep the magic alive in this world and the show must go on.”


  1. Hope he is found as an integral part of the show remember his predecessor back in 60s 70s and 80s with all us kids then our kids walking with him and ringing his bell up the beach telling all the show was about to begin the man was a genius. Really hope he is found soon or we will have to see pc 100 won’t be the same. Good luck in keeping the tradition going kids love you and punch.

  2. Guess he’s been recruited by Kent County Constabulary – last time I heard they were desperately short of officers, and there was a rumour that there are only three in the whole of Thanet!

  3. Make that two – coudn’t pc99 have a few of Kent PCSOs. Probably as ineffective at punch and judy as they are when they can muster enough nerve to come on the streets with the authority to phone for pc99 (if he can be found).

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