Second live export convoy and protest expected in Ramsgate in just two days

Another protest against live animal exports will take place in Ramsgate today (August 8).

Up to six lorries transporting sheep to the Continent, via the Joline ship from Ramsgate port, are expected to arrive at around 5pm.

It is the second sailing in as many days.

Yesterday (August 7) lorries arrived one hour earlier than scheduled, resulting in a lack of police presence at the start of the protest.

Some 160 protesters stopped the lorries for around 20 minutes. Protestors also closed the port road barrier.

A spokesperson from KAALE (Kent Against Animal Live Exports) say they believe some of the animals may have been dead.

There were no RSPCA inspectors present at yesterday’s sailing.

Campaigners say it was a mostly peaceful protest, in contrast to a heated exchange last week when a demonstrator’s bike went under the wheels of one truck after the cyclist pulled in front of it.

Demonstrator and former councillor Ian Driver said: “Many of the protesters provided water to the sheep, who must have been incredibly thirsty after enduring a journey of many hours, to Ramsgate, in sweltering conditions.

“This was the first time in almost 200 shipments, over an 8 year period, that Kent Police did not have officers present at an anti-live animal export demonstration. Normally at least 50-60 officers are in attendance at each demonstration.

“With no police present the protesters conducted themselves admirably. The exporters vehicles were not damaged and were held back by a peaceful, non-violent, blockade.

“The festival of Eid is now approaching and sadly there will be several shipments in the next week or so to meet the demand for slaughter animals. During Eid sheep are ritually slaughtered by cutting their throats without any pre-stunning. This abhorrent and barbaric practice awaits animals who have already endured a horrendous road and sea journey of 48 hours or more. This is a cruel, awful, and unnecessary trade which must be banned.”


However, three arrests were made yesterday during the demonstration.

A Kent Police spokesperson said: “Kent Police was informed of a sailing due to take place at 2pm at Port of Ramsgate on Wednesday 7 August, however there was a change to the sailing time and once made aware, officers attended the area in order to respond to peaceful protest, prevent crime and disorder and to allow businesses to go about their lawful trade.

Three people were arrested and charged.

Emma Eustace, 47, from Sussex Road in New Romney, was charged with vehicle interference, and obstructing an officer in the execution of his duty.

Bradley Eustace, 22 from Sussex Road in New Romney was charged with obstructing an officer in the execution of duty.

Emily Taylor, 19 from Stowell Close in Ashford was charged with possession of an offensive weapon (knuckleduster)

All three were also charged with a Section 5 public order offence.”

The trio have been released on bail to appear at Margate Magistrates’ Court on September 12.

The protests are against the shipment of live animals, being exported for the Eid al-Adha festival this month. Campaigners have highlighted the conditions the animals travel in, the length of time they are sometimes in transit and the fate that awaits them at their destination.