Seven call outs in four days for Margate RNLI

Margate RNLI lifeboat tows the disabled yacht to Ramsgate (RNLI Margate)

Margate RNLI has responded to three calls in three hours making it a busy spell for the volunteer lifeboat crews who have answered seven calls in four days.

 The town’s inshore lifeboat was on a training exercise last night (Wednesday 24 July) when UK Coastguard tasked the crew to investigate a report of a person on an inflatable rubber ring, drifting seawards off Margate’s main sands. The situation was quickly resolved with no one requiring assistance.

 (Photo RNLI Margate)

Soon after, UK Coastguard received a VHF radio call from a 7m yacht with three persons on board reporting they had suffered machinery failure while around two miles north of Margate. The inshore lifeboat was again diverted to assist and due to the size of the yacht Margate’s all-weather lifeboat was tasked to tow it  to the safety of Ramsgate harbour.

Photo Jamie Horton

Later in the evening around 11pm, both the inshore and all-weather lifeboats were tasked following a report of a possible missing swimmer in the Herne Bay area. Both lifeboats conducted an extensive expanding-square search of the area and with no one reported missing the search was called off after around two hours, the call considered to be a false alarm with good intent.

Peter Barker, Lifeboat Press Officer, Margate RNLI said: “We have experienced an exceptionally busy spell over recent weeks, but nothing happens without the commitment of our volunteers who also have their own real lives to live. We are grateful to them and in particular their families who support them and of course local employers who provide similar support in allowing them to answer the call of the pager and help save lives at sea.”


  1. Was shocked last night whilst out with the boys – as we approached the Lifeboat Station there was an awful racket from 3 cars parked opposite, a “Posse” of visitors to Margate with what they called “Music” blasting from the cars – all doors and boots, windows open, it was dreadful – the RNLI had to come over and they politely pointed out that they were trying to listen to the Coastguard on the Radio and requested the volume be turned down in order for them to hear the messages and conversations on the air waves.

    What a sad selfish depraved society we live in, when volunteers who risk their lives have to ask the public who have no interest in anyone but themselves to assist by turning down the volume.

    And they’re the adults of tomorrow???? Heaven help us! –

    • Lack of respect these days by many of the young who have had no discipline all their young lives. How society does nothing about it and even encourages disrespect. The lack of any enforcement by the diminishing police service just gives them the freedom to do what they like and stick a finger up to anyone who speaks up and challenges them.
      We need our RNLI to be able to save lives without being impeded by anyone but it is getting harder by the day. Well done you guys!

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