Police called to disturbance and assault in Broadstairs

Image Kent Police

Police were called to Broadstairs today (July 25) following reports of a disturbance in the High Street.

Witnesses say a group of young teens appeared drunk and were fighting and shouting abuse.

Once officers were on the scene an assault was also reported.

A Kent Police spokesperson said: “Kent Police was called to a report of a disturbance in Broadstairs High Street at around 3pm.

“Officers attended the scene where it was further reported that a teenage boy had been assaulted. Enquiries into the incident are ongoing.”


  1. As usual takes ages for the police to arrive as there were none in the town when will they learn that a police presence is required at all times and more harsher punishment

  2. So this drunken unacceptable behaviour wouldn’t have occurred had there been a Police presence in Broadstairs then?? Hm,no blame then on these drunken yobs who obviously have no respect for themselves never mind anyone else.Yes it’s always someone else’s fault isn’t it instead of people taking responsibility for their own actions..

    • Well said Ray,
      These are not mindless teenage yobs, they know exactly what they are doing and they simply do not fear the consequences of their actions. As you rightly have already said, it’s not the fault of the police or government and it’s high time these thugs are held properly accountable for their actions.

      Soft sentencing and poor parenting are responsible for the breakdown of respect in our society, We are now seeing the results of a generation of the most spoilt, selfish, self centred teenagers ever, They respect and fear no one and believe they are automatically entitled to everything without having worked for it first.
      As long as people keep apologising for these thugs and fail to punish them sufficiently they will only feel more self entitled and push the boundaries further.

      • You are 100% correct.
        I am sick of hearing how bad these kids have got it, they have so much but so totally spoilt and selfish.
        This element need to understand that they are responsible for their actions.

    • Yes teenagers need to go out, yes they like to get a little loud and can I say (boystress?) but, when they’ve never had RULES to live by, never been TAUGHT manners, it shows. If asked to do physical work they would go running to mummy or daddy saying they are being victimised. No morals, no manners, no respect = disrespectful children.

  3. Broadstairs is a respectful area, if these yobs live in this area? then the parents should be taken to task. This behaviour is not acceptable and needs addressing. Where are the Police? It is drugs and yet more drugs again!!!!!
    Surely parents are more than aware of there children’s activities and what they are injecting etc?
    What would Hitler have done to resolve the problem?

    • If they live in Broadstairs? Meaning what ? Perhaps that is the very reason, can’t be one of our darling

  4. They wont be held accountable because it would hurt there feelings which is why it’s like it is these days! All parents wanting it so there precious kids not being told off by teachers, cops or other adults and want to have a mamby pamby way of dealing with bad behaviour and stick load names to it rather than a clip round the ear. To many parents want to be best friends with there kids! Wake up your there parent not a bloody mate!!

    • If people ” aren’t held accountable” it’s not because the police are afraid of hurting their feelings!

  5. Hear hear….well said. Discipline is sadly lacking and has been for years. We are now paying the price. Perhaps things will change when we can take responsibility for our own laws,setting standards once again and teaching the meaning of respect.

    • Erm, why are we constrained from setting standards and teaching the meaning of respect?
      BTW, it appears to me that 99% of teenagers know and conform to these standards, because 99% of them weren’t involved the the antisocial behaviour.

  6. The government has a large part to play in this as it is the government which has caused cuts in the police service. A visible police presence is a deterrent to crime and anti-social behaviour in public.

    There are many reasons why a minority of young people behave like this. A family is not a closed community. The internet and television are also very influential, especially on immature minds, and recent research indicates that the human brain takes several years longer to reach emotional maturity than was previously thought.

    • Marva Rees,
      Stop protecting these thugs and make them accountable for their actions. It’s not the governments fault parents fail to educate and pass on morals and a decent sense of right and wrong.

      • I am not,as Concerned, believes, protecting anybody, nor am I able to make them accountable for their actions. But clearly there are many factors involved in the development of anti-social and criminal behaviour.

  7. These children are constantly told all through their school years the world is sying, if they dont have a stable homelife what do they have to care about or live for?

    • I think J. Somes probably doesn’t work in a school, but if he or she does, it would be interesting to know which. The school curriculum consists of many things-possibly too many- but I don’t think constant instruction that the world is dying is part of it.

  8. Maybe this is what residents of Broadstairs meant when they say it’s not the same anymore…was/am seriously thinking of moving there but not to sure now..residents please tell me it’s still a lovely place to live!

  9. I attended Thanet Technical College in Broad stairs from 1981 until 1983 as a 16 to 18year old.we respected the residents and the beautiful town of Broadstairs.never raised commotion or caused trouble.My lovley old dad has just moved down their from the Medway Towns and I’m more worried about him now than I was when he lived in Gillingham.such a shame these horrible scum of the earth are determined to ruin such a quiet historical town.send them to a Russian prison they wouldn’t do it again.

  10. These knee-jerk reactionary comments are misguided and ill-informed. What was responsible for teen crime in the 1960s when it was far higher than now and people were fighting pitched battles on the beaches? And when sentencing and family discipline was typically far harsher. Or during Victorian times, when vicious teenage street gangs roamed unchecked and would be subject to public beatings? Yet, still, those with no understanding of the history of crime and punishment insist that the answer to controlling these ‘scum’ is (pick one or more from the list) : national service, tougher parenting, harsher sentences, more police on the street. The golden age you hanker for has never existed. It is a fantasy, the product of media imaginings and wistful, collective self-deception. Read Steven Pinker’s ‘The Better Angels of Our Nature’ to see how much violence has lessened in the modern world. We are living in the least violent times ever. Enjoy it. The occasional outburst of teen rage is never going away and Broadstairs is fundamentally an incredibly safe idyll compared to almost anywhere in the world. These kids are not scum. They are people like you who are making mistakes and the more you distance yourself from them, the more absurd and self-defeating your ‘answers’ become.

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