School’s out as St George’s teacher Rob Garnier retires after 35 years

End of class for Rob Garnier

School’s out forever today (July 23) for dedicated St George’s teacher Rob Garnier.

The geography teacher is retiring after a 35 year career at the Broadstairs school.

The dad to daughters Laura, Francesca and son Bradley and grandad to Louis, Imogen and Isabelle now plans to cycle around Australia and spend time in the sea on his jet ski.

St George’s head teacher Adam Mirams writes this tribute to his colleague:

Twenty two years ago I was taken on a tour of the school by a Geography teacher who also happened to be the Head of House for Salisbury.  He spoke passionately about the children, the staff and the school as a whole and little has changed in this time.  I was lucky enough to be appointed that day to the position of Head of Geography and spent some time working closely with “Garno”, “Halsey” and “JBW” in my early years at the school.  In so many ways I reflect on these as some of the most enjoyable years of my career.

This week marks the end of a 35 year career at the school for Rob Garnier and it will be another emotional time for many of us on the staff.  For “Garno” has been a stalwart of the school trip and has been on almost every possible excursion since 1984.  He has travelled to many countries and there will be literally hundreds of children who will have experienced the fun and laughter of many a prank and trick.  There will also be numerous staff who have also been frustrated waiting for him to meet a time deadline for Rob is infamous for being on “Garno Time.”

In fact there is without doubt a famous saying in these parts that relates directly to Rob Garnier.  It is known as going “Garnabout” and involves people disappearing for long periods of time and then reappearing hours later with some object to explain an amazing discovery.

He is passionate about the environment and the impact we are all having on the planet.  He can speak for hours on the dangers of our lifestyles and is happy to share a drink and discuss any number of topics.  All in all he is great company and will be a great loss to us.

Rob Garnier is a character, an enigma and more importantly a man of strong morals.  He is a dedicated family man and is someone who respects the traditions of the school and has lived the values for over 30 years.  A storyteller, a collector, a recycler and a popular member of staff.

I have personally been enriched by having him as a colleague, a friend and a confidante.  On behalf of the school I would like to wish Rob the best for the future and offer my sincere thoughts to his wife Julie for having him at home full time.  Having said that he will probably disappear off a lot for long periods looking for rocks, bicycle parts or simply to enjoy a beer.

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  1. Mr garner was my form tutor. He was the embodiment of a teacher. Decent, honest, fair, kind hearted, full of ideas and had a knack of making you stop and think. Thank you for all you did for us. Enjoy your retirement

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