Man remanded after two pensioners hit and robbed in separate attacks in Thanet

Emergency services

A London man has been charged after two pensioners were hit and then robbed in seperate incidents in Margate and Ramsgate.

Qerim Bejta, 31, of Woodlands Street, was arrested by Ramsgate Harbour  on Saturday (July 20) after two people in their 70s, were robbed at pubs in Ramsgate and Margate.

At around 12.20pm a man was using toilets at a premises in Marine Terrace, Margate when he was reportedly struck on the head and had his wallet stolen. The victim required hospital treatment.

On the same day, a second robbery was reported to have happened between 5pm and 5.30pm in toilets of a bar in Harbour Parade, Ramsgate. The victim was punched twice before the suspects fled with his wallet.

Mr Bejta has been charged with two counts of robbery and remanded in custody to appear at Medway Magistrates’ Court today (July 22)


  1. Now now Judyg” this poor man who attacked the pensioners might have come from a poor social economic background and deserves our respect and pity not condemnation. We should be giving him group hugs and words of praise, after all prison might stop him offending but it will also encroach onto his human rights and ruin this upstanding citizens reputation. We should be protecting this offender (sorry, upstanding citizen), bearing in mind its probably the pensioners fault because after all they might have been in the wrong place at the wrong time so this extraordinary example of a human being had no choice other than to mug them.

  2. No, nobody should “do the same to him”, how would that improve the situation even if such vigilante justice were acceptable?

  3. If we “do the same to him” then we are actually worse than him because we are upright citizens , not “despicable objects”.

  4. Well the police for the speedy arrest of this suspect. Charged with the attacks on our senior citizens once the judge finds him guilty or he admits to the crimes. He needs a sensible sentence to keep him of the streets and leave the good law abiding folks in the country alone. We may be low on police men and women in thanet but they have been solving a lot of crimes this month thanks to the few.

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