Broadstairs fireworks event postponed in aftermath of teenage brawls

Police were called to the brawl

A planned fireworks night in Broadstairs on July 24 has been postponed due to brawls that broke out  during this week’s event.

Onlookers, many who had taken their children to enjoy the event, reported teens throwing bottles, fighting police and chasing other youngsters through the high street as well as at least three separate mass brawls during th fireworks at Viking Bay on Wednesday (July 17).

Following the incident two teenage girls were arrested and an immediate dispersal order was put in place.

Organiser on the Broadstairs Summer Fireworks committee have now issued a statement saying: “We regret to announce that we have made the decision to postpone the upcoming Broadstairs Summer Fireworks event scheduled for Wednesday, July 24.

“Doing so gives us the time to seek further guidance and support from Kent Police and Thanet District Council on the best way forward for any future events. As a small voluntary group that puts on these events with the support of Broadstairs & St Peters Town Council,Broadstairs Chamber of Commerce and local businesses we were shocked and saddened by the disturbance created by an idioitic small minority at the last event.

“It is as a direct consequence of this anti-social behaviour that we have sadly taken the decision to postpone the forthcoming date, in order to explore ways to prevent this from happening in the future.

“The Broadstairs Summer Fireworks are very popular and enjoyed by the thousands that come along. We will work with the police and TDC to put in plans so that hopefully any future events will be a safe, family friendly evening for all that attend.”

Police enquiries into the disturbance are ongoing.


  1. Said it before ,bring back the stocks, you could have a fireworks + gits in stocks evening? What would happen even if they were caught? A fair punishment to learn from? I doubt it.

  2. Can all parents of teenagers in this area who were out on Wednesday night not find out if they were in Broadstairs to so call watch the fireworks or who know that they were here take some reposiblilty and action for their children so has not to completely ruin everything for other families, and the hard work that goes into the organisation of these events..

  3. Tory Government! Police cuts! Weak Parenting! Cretin!
    Join the Forces for one year, or go to Jail for three!

    • Labour are just as bad Robster, a year in the armed forces won’t do much maybe 2 or 3? Prison in its present format won’t help much either,is it 60% reoffending rate atm? Name,shame and stocks for starters then see how it goes,if they are ‘kids’ then their parents too.;)

      • Prison might not stop the scum reoffending But at least they can’t commit crimes and harm the public when they are incarcerated.
        Unfortunately the liberals and left have made the human rights for criminals a priority over the human rights of the majority. Like a lot of liberal politics, The human rights legislation started out as a great idea but now exists to protect some of the worst scum on the planet. These thugs trample over the rights of the decent majority but we are not allowed to infringe their human rights. The state of law in this Country is an absolute joke. Just wait until the government scraps prison sentences under six months, this country will be ruled by anarchy.

        • “Unfortunately the liberals and left have made the human rights for criminals a priority …”
          Just remind me, what government is currently in power? Of what shade of blue have our last several prime minister’s been?

          • Tony, Governments listen to advisors, they listen to social workers (mostly left wing) they listen to teachers (mostly left wing or liberal and we are also legally bound by Human rights laws introduced by Europe (mostly left leaning and liberal)

            Years of following advice from these politically correct progressives and having our laws dictated by a foreign politicians who believe in social justice not incarcerations is what has lead to the breakdown of authority in this country.

            Teachers are now complaining about assaults by out of control children and having no chance of punishing them as the new progressive thinking has taken away real deterrents.

            The police force are struggling to control violent and out of control thugs and feral kids and when they do catch them liberal judges who believe in social justice let them off with a laughable fine and no prison time as they do not want the families of the criminals to suffer, with no regard to the victims of crime and the families of the people these scum have burgled, assaulted, etc.with many left to live in fear.

            The English government also struggles to deport non domestic, repeat offending violent criminals and illegal immigrants who are a danger to our local community because the human rights act protects the violent offenders against deportations to their own countries.

            This government in fear of upsetting the very vocal minority of Political correct activists and in fear of being called racist also scaled down the police stop and search powers which has now lead to an explosion of violent knife crime in our towns and cities because the youths now carry weapons with impunity.

            The Tory party might be in power but that doesn’t mean it makes the decisions. And for the record I don’t vote Tory but understand that there is more to running a government than the colour of a rosette.

  4. This is a travesty. Why are you allowing the few to ruin things for the many. I can’t believe that we are just going to accept this. Somebody needs to address this BIG TIME.

    • How is that going to prevent crime. Fighting fire with fire
      That’s threatening behaviour on a news thread

  5. conscription to an army type boot camp run by the hardest army regiment and made to work in the community for their keep . and don’t say it is against their human rights ,because these so called members of society deem it their right to cause mayhem , firework displays are mainly for young children , some child could have been trampled by a rush caused by this behaviour. They are not fit to be allowed out until they have been adequately punished

    • Crumbs you sound military
      Relationships with the police have hit rock bottom
      No respect for the police here in kent
      If they can allow an adult hgv driver have no tax for five years be on the road shame on them
      Boot camp is not the answer
      We have no decent youth services in thanet
      TDC are an incompetent authority with sexual relations going on with CEO AND DIRECTOR OF OPERATIONS
      I blame parents
      But a dispersal order does not work either
      Nor will military situations

    • No,conscription is not the right answer. They are children , probably badly brought up- and why is that? What conditions have resulted in such incompetent care from their parents? Although, of course, the natural desire to separate from parental care results in well-cared -for adolescents rebelling.

  6. So the innocent suffer again. …’s a bit like school when the whole class get detention because the teacher hasn’t the balls to deal with the odd kid mucky around , only we haven’t got enough police to deal with the ‘few’ kids . Soon no event’s will take place thanks to the tory cut backs

  7. So you’re ruining the fireworks for thousands just because a few stupid teenagers had a fight and did things they’re not meant to do..

    • I never thought Broadstairs,would be subject to this sort of behaviour, police could put a curfew on for few weeks no teens out after 7pm,they might think twice before causing trouble,sorry to all teens not causing trouble,

  8. Tdc
    No money to buy a spade
    Council in debt
    Broadstairs is offshoot of tdc
    How can a CEO take the wages off us taxpayers to run this town down
    Conservative Party stinks of heinous crimes but Labour created a £6m compensation for closing ramsgate port
    They are the crininsls
    None of the admind over the time really care.
    Fireworks are noisy and animals get frightened

  9. People love to moan but don’t want to get their hands dirty. The simple answer is if as many like minded individuals turned up as there are of them, simply stand amongst them, look them square in the eye without judging them, and enjoy the night. They’d struggle to kick off. We’ve all been there and made stupid choices as kids. You’re not as aware spacially and socially at that age. The clumsy fashion gives that away. Part of growing up

  10. There’s nothing wrong with being left wing or liberal and plenty wrong with voting in- again- a government which cares more for the rich minority than it does for the poor majority of UK residents.

  11. Catch the buggers force them to clean the rubbish and crap off the streets charge their parents with neglecting to teach their children right from wrong and council how about you do something useful and create safe environments for kids to be kids again

  12. Youngsters complain that there is nothing happening in Thanet ,but when there is they don’t know how to behave.

  13. Not quite sure why it takes more than a week to get organised. Pretty simple in my book: Kent Police make more officers available. Fireworks committee meets and comes up with a plan. Surely that doesn’t take more than a week.

  14. I’ve lived in Broadstairs for years and used to play a part in all the events,I have a teenage son too who doesn’t go to any events,we live right by the sea front and I dreed any event on now all it brings is drunks, violence,vandles I think they should stop alot of these events,seems a shame but give poor Broadstairs a break its madness here lately and becoming not a pleasant place to go anymore.

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