Two girls arrested and immediate dispersal order put in place following Broadstairs firework night brawl

Police were called to the brawl

Two teenager girls were arrested after officers were called at around 9.30pm last night (July 17) to brawling youngsters in Broadstairs.

Kent Police officers, supported by British Transport Police, attended the Harbour Street area of the town where a groups of young people were involved in an altercation.

A 16-year-old girl from Ramsgate was arrested on suspicion of affray and possession of herbal cannabis and released under investigation.

A 15-year-old girl from Herne Bay was arrested on suspicion of affray and currently remains in custody.

An immediate dispersal order was put in place to tackle any further risks of anti-social behaviour.  Under a dispersal order, anyone continuing to cause a nuisance would be directed to leave or risk arrest if they return.

Onlookers, many who had taken their children to enjoy the event, reported teens throwing bottles, fighting police and chasing other youngsters through the high street as well as at least three separate mass brawls.

Police at the scene of one brawl

The event is organised by community group Broadstairs Fireworks Events (Broadstairs Summer Fireworks Committee) and sponsored by Broadstairs Town Council with help from local businesses and money from the public put in donation buckets.

A spokesman for Broadstairs Summer Fireworks Committee said if more security and a paid police presence is required the event may have to be axed.

They said: “We are consulting with the police as to what security measures will be required to ensure that everyone can safely enjoy these popular family traditional evenings.

“It is such a shame that once again in our society  generally  that completely unacceptable alcohol fuelled behaviour by a minority of out of control mindless yobs is jeopardising the enjoyment of the majority of people. We are a small voluntary group that puts these events on with the financial support of Broadstairs & St Peters Town Council and local business sponsors.

Onlookers at the scene Photo John Paul

”If the police recommend that we need a high level of security and  paid police presence it is very unlikely  that we will be able to fund the requirements  and sadly we would have to make the disappointing and sad decision to cancel the planned summer displays .

“On a positive note  the area around the bandstand , Victoria Gardens and promenade were trouble free and the evening was thoroughly enjoyed by families that turned out to enjoy the music , entertainment, and spectacular fireworks. We will make an announcement as soon as we are able to.”

Enquiries in to the disturbance are ongoing.


  1. ‘there should be marshalls at these kind of events’. Exactly what can a minimum wage worked in a hi Viz jacket do against groups of feral teens? These millenials have never had any discipline in their lives and are fearless when standing up to any kind of authority. An event marshall has no legal powers and indeed would probably end up being arrested by Police if they laid a finger on a minor.

    • Well said, these feral kids have all the power, they have had zero discipline in their lives and have no fear of any authorities. When the police do catch them the courts just let them off with minimal punishment and their parents just dismiss their behaviour as normal and claim they will grow out of it.

  2. Why should the organisers have to pay for security when its a minority few who cause the problems . The police know the fire work display is on and there will be a lot of people watching so why don’t they cover it as a duty . Its run as a charitable event by a group of volunteers for the benefit of the public , holiday makers and families with young kids . Money is not unlimited why should a lovely event be cancelled because of a few idiots drinking cheap drink which local shop keepers should not have sold them anyway .

  3. What does “paid police” mean? We pay the police to keep the peace and deal with any criminal activity. Are they seriously telling us that the organisers may need to hire private security who have no powers or pay Kent Police to do what they should be doing under their given powers.
    Perhaps we should ask our two MPs to comment, deal with but I fear that’s not likely. Roger Gale was featured on Prime Ministers question time yesterday and instead of using the opportunity to ask about public services being cut he blurted on about how horrible those members of his party are for not supporting T. May. What a joke!

    • Agreed. I will never forgot a TDC led ‘Safety Advisory Group’ meeting for Broadstairs Folk Week, in which the Kent Police representative stated, and this is pretty much verbatim, “It’s not our job to Police public events. We’re there to stop peoples’ houses being burgled whilst they’re at public events.”

      How Kent Police think that is in any way acceptable is quite beyond me. Surely, it’s not an either or situation! But yes, perhaps Messrs. Mackinlay and Gale would like to give their thoughts on this? I’m certain their Government’s budget cuts and the subsequent loss of 20,000 Police officers has nothing to do with this lack of adequate policing.

  4. these little bastards need to get their head kicked in by a real man so all you keyboard warriors stop chatting wasssss and stfu or do suttin instead of sitting at home typing about why your marriage has ended

  5. That’s the idea Joe, just what they want us to do….argue with each other thereby deflecting the real issues. Hope you get better soon, keep taking the tablets!
    Hope you enjoy your school holidays and all the best when you go into year 1 next term!

  6. The kids know they are untouchable, we haven’t enough police. If an adult lays a finger on these kids chances are you will get nicked for hitting a minor. Everything is in favour of these kids.

    We blame the kids but in truth our society started to break down under Thatcher, she was all for looking after number 1 and sod the rest. When I was a kid there were lots of youth clubs, church or youth discos. Now the adults dont have the time to run these thanks to low pay and high living costs. Working all hours, when I was a kid parents all worked basically 9 till 5 and had sunday of, so would be around the kids.
    Yes thanet has seen a huge increase in top end cars so there is money in thanet but as normal under any tory government the rich get alot richer as the poor get alot poorer.
    What jobs have these young kids got to look forward to ?.
    I am not defending these kids not one bit. But I guess society has disengaged with them

    • There is a great deal of casual lawlessness around these days, and the cutting of the police force is a direct consequence! Beggars? I am in my eighth decade, and was a child refugee during the war, after our street was bombed flat, but I don’t remember seeing any beggars. In fact I don’t remember seeing any beggars in the 40’s 50’s 60’s 70’s 80’s & 90’s. Begging is illegal, carrying a maximum of one months jail time, so why don’t the police arrest them? Beggars started to appear after the bankers gambled all our money away so we had to repay them in 2008, by having our public services cut for over ten years! When was the last time you saw a Bobby on his beat in our towns keeping an eye out for any trouble?

  7. Quote “If an adult lays a finger on these kids chances are you will get nicked for hitting a minor. Everything is in favour of these kids” Yup they got no deterrent. I remember kids getting a clip round an ear from a copper and a call round to see Mum and Dad to advise. Just read that schools going to get provided with toothbrushes & toothpaste to teach kids how to clean teeth. SIGH

  8. it’s a joke yes there’s been police cutbacks but they now full well that thanet kids I.e Ramsgate.Margate converge on broadstairs during such events along with locals and they get drunk and start brawling settling scores etc so therefore be prepared.Massive events like notting hill carnival are run with military precision with horses, helicopters,sniffer dogs,scanners for knives etc.roads closed. up to a million people corralled up selected streets.schools used as temporary police stations.undercover police.transport systems beefed up with transport police again with sniffer dogs and scanners it cost millions for that wknd but they know it’s worth twice that to the local economy.Thats the model Kent police should be looking at I know the big city has a bigger budget but you gotta speculate to accumulate as they say.

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