On the buses: A vintage road run around Thanet

All aboard the bus run (2019) Photo Frank Leppard

Seven vintage buses travelled around Thanet yesterday (July 14) for an annual charity event.

The Thanet Vintage Bus Road Run features privately owned vintage buses with the aim of giving the owners the chance to show off their pride and joy and meet up. It also gives photography enthusiasts an opportunity to capture the old buses on their old routes.

Photo Brian Whitehead

The buses are free for people to ride but there are collections for local charities.

This year the bus run supported Cats In Crisis. The run started at Ramsgate Boating Pool and headed to Minnis Bay via Ramsgate, Broadstairs and Margate following the old 69 open top service. There is a lunch stop in Westgate, another stop in Minnis Bay and then the vehicles head back to Ramsgate.

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A spokesman for the run said: “We had an absolutely brilliant time on the run and the weather was definitely on our side as our seven vintage buses travelled around Thanet.”

Find The Thanet Vintage Bus Road Run on facebook here


  1. Wish I had known about this prior to the event rather than reading about it after. Brings back many memories.

  2. Same comments as above, had no Idea this was happening, such a shame it was not advertised in advance.

  3. Well I saw the advert about the ‘Vintage Bus Run’ so I immediately decided that I wanted to go on one, which I did and throughly enjoyed it the day was great …. but we Didn’t have time to get an ice cream when we got ’Minnis Bay’ But they were running to a timetable as usual lol ????????

  4. Those pics brought back some great memories, my father was an inspector with the then East Kent road car company.

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