Council announces reduction of parking charges at Joss Bay

Joss Bay business owner Sarah Melmoth has lobbied against the high parking charges

New parking charges will be introduced at Joss Bay car park and Elmwood Avenue (on-street) from next weekend in advance of the school holidays (July 20).

The original charges, which totalled an eye-watering £18 for the day, will be amended in line with other beach side car parks in the district.

The charges will be set at £1 per hour, up to a maximum of £5 for all day parking at both Joss Bay (off-street) and Elmwood Avenue (on-street).

The amendments follow lobbying by resident and Joss Bay business woman Sarah Melmoth who said the high price would drive away tourists.

She added: “They were outpricing themselves. It shows an absolute lack of understanding not only of tourism but business acumen. To take the free parking is one thing. To charge it at over £18 a day is quite another.

“It’s not just the low budget families. A lot of our customers are from Medway and London. People won’t be ripped off. ”

Cllr Ash Ashbee

Cllr Ash Ashbee, Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Operational Services, said: “Our aim is to always achieve an outcome that works for local residents, businesses and our visitors. We understand that due to its location, Joss Bay is primarily visited during the summer by those in cars. By reducing these charges we hope it will encourage residents to use regulated parking facilities while they spend time enjoying the beach.

“The new charges will be implemented in time for the summer holidays, but will still be subject to the normal member scrutiny process. The trial will be reviewed at the end of the season.”

The parking charges will be seasonal only (April – October) and charges will apply between 10am and 6pm (Elmwood Avenue on-street) and 7am to 10pm (Joss Bay off-street).

Thanet residents can purchase reduced rate car park tickets online for Joss Bay car park. The tickets are for use between April and October. The permits cost £2.60 each for all-day parking, or £42 for 20. You will be required to upload proof of your address.


  1. Great news but why do Thanet residents have to upload proof to show they live here? Surely the Council have their own records they can check?

    • They left but came back today. Since their departure the council have put up a sign in the car park saying “no camping, no overnight parking and no motorhomes”. I expect they will be moved on much sooner than the last time. Anybody else breaking those rules will be fined and I don’t see why it would be different for them.

  2. Wow £18 per day I have had holidays all over Britain never never have I had to pay that much…..was the plan to drive away working class family. I thought thanet needed its summer trade. If I was going to Joss Bay I wouldn’t pay and just go to another beach. But going by the car park on a hot day it was packed so I guess alot were happy to pay £18….

  3. The entire system for parking is a farce , the towns in Thanet that require tourism ARE ALL,of them but they are dying due to this stupid charge .You can’t reduce the charge in on little area (mainly people with valuable property who no doubt have a bit of clout )but also stopping the local farmer from making a bit of extra money . this council are so petty minded, they should give a better service when they are charging so much , half the time there is not an acceptable toilet for the patrons

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