Investigation over cause of ‘sinkhole’ that has closed busy Cliffsend road

The cause of the problem in Cottingham Road Photo Matt Chinnery

A road in Cliffsend is closed off due to a ‘sinkhole’ that appears tiny on the surface but is thought to extend to some 8ft in depth.

The hole in Cottingham Road – by Foads Lane – is suspected to have been caused by a water leak.

Kent County Council has confirmed the authority would not be liable for the repair if that is the case and has requested Southern Water visit the site. The water firm would be expected to carry out repairs is a main has caused the problem.

Due to reports of drivers bypassing the signage, HERAS fencing will be put across the verge.

A KCC spokesman said the road closure was currently in place until July 14 and the issue is ‘under investigation.’. He added: ““The road closure is in place due to a void in the carriageway. Diversion route is via Cottington Link, A229 Hengist Way, Sandwich Road, Cliffsend Road and Foads Lane.”

Some residents have expressed concern that older members of the community may have trouble with the alternative routes.

There has also been a call for better road safety precautions to be put in place.


  1. Closed until July 14th while investigations take place. Read that as deciding who is going to pay for it. Surly can’t they just fix the problem then decide who is responsible. Typical of how this country works now.

    If a road floods they put signs up rather than actually fix the problem.

  2. Not as simple as that as if caused by water then the pipe will need fixing if it is waste water even worse news for the residents of area as it is right next to a manhole cove I would expect its a pipe or part of the brick work walls of cover have given in. Photo seems to indicate a subsiding area. Who ever is responsible it is not just a case of filling it in and making good has to be a reason council have good reason to think it’s water being next to manhole. Yes it’s a pain but if it is water it could be under mining housing nearby. If you have never seen a sink hole before look on line or you tube as there have been some massive ones remember the one in Broadstairs how big that was.

    • I have never doubted it could be water caused and could probably be a much bigger problem. However I sure KCC and southern water have the expertise to correct the issue, and should start work ASAP irrespective of who has to pay. That can be sorted out later just get the problem sorted and the residents reassured.

      • Martin I agree with you about reassuring the residents but due to the KCC & southern water having set contracts for this work and they are on different pricing of the same sized work one of them could be out of pocket which in goes to court only ones who end up paying more is you & me as our bills will go up. I if living in the area would be getting on to both parties asking them to hurry it up as of your concern and I don’t think Southern water can afford any more fines!

  3. I don’t know if you know that there are a lot of manhole covers in the area of Cottingham and foads Lane I know I wouldn’t like to drive over the area until its checked out properly. Less haste = more speed is much saver for all.

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