Learning to take on challenges with Thanet Parkour Academy

Thanet Parkour Academy Photo Mike Dixon

Running, jumping and climbing across all kinds of terrains are the challenges members of Thanet Parkour Academy set themselves.

The training sessions take place in Margate on the street and at Hartsdown Leisure Centre.

The academy, first set up five years ago, is for children aged five and above and adults who want a sport with a challenge.

There are currently around 100 members with a fresh intake from the waiting list expected next month.

Tyler Frankland is one of four coaches – the others being Dom Hill, Keiron Hawkins and Tristan James-Duggan.

Photo Mike Dixon

Tyler, 31, first got into the sport more than a decade ago after being inspired by  documentary Jumping Britain.

He said: “I watched the documentary, got fixated and haven’t really stopped since. We systemise the training and build members up towards self-development and motivation. It is about them going away with skills  they can use in life.

“A big element of parkour is the challenge as well as looking at the risk, we teach students how to calculate that risk.

“The sport is immersive, it allows for high creativity and gives that challenging aspect, it is about overcoming fears.”

Photo Mike Dixon

Thanet Parkour Academy took on 20 new students in June and people can add their names to the waiting list, via the Thanet Parkour Academy facebook page or website, ready for an expected new batch of students in August.

The academy also has a wider aim – to get youngsters active and encourage them away from gangs or crime.

Photo Mike Dixon

Statistics show a drop in physical activity amongst adolescence by the time they reach 13. This is partly due to struggling economic circumstances and lack of stimulation from mainstream activities. The academy says Parkour can be a great motivation to encourage teens to either stay active or take up new sports in a safe network  where young people can learn new skills and be made aware of dangers in the community such as ‘local gang crime.

Photo Mike Dixon

All new students under the age of 14 need to carry out a  six week induction course which is typically held on Saturdays between 2pm-5pm and costs £24

Email [email protected] for details or go to www.thanetparkour.com/