Prison for London drug dealers caught after police pursuit in Margate

PRISON: Shaun Prendergast and Barrington Laing

Two London dealers caught with class A drugs in Margate after a police pursuit have been jailed.

Barrington Laing and Shaun Prendergast admitted to a charge of possessing heroin with intent to supply. Laing, 20, also pleaded guilty to dangerous driving.

On Tuesday, March 6, 2018, Laing and 21-year-old Prendergast tried to flee from police when they were spotted driving erratically in Cliff Terrace.

Patrols pursued the car through a number of streets where Laing drove the wrong way at a roundabout near Tivoli Road. The pair continued to travel at speed past oncoming traffic before crashing with a parked car in Alexandra Road.

Laing was taken to hospital as a precaution and while there tried to hide a large amount of cash under his mattress. Officers found the money and it was seized.

Prendergast had drugs along with a set of electronic scales in his jacket pocket. When the car was searched, more cash and four mobile phones were discovered.

Both men were sentenced at Canterbury Crown Court on Thursday (July 4). Laing received a sentence of four years and four months in prison. Prendergast has been jailed for five years and five months. His sentence includes drugs offences he committed in Sussex.

Investigating officer Detective Constable Steve East said: “These two offenders knew they‘d broken the law and rather than face the consequences of their actions they put innocent lives at risk by driving dangerously to get away from officers.

“We worked closely with other forces during this investigation as Prendergast committed drugs offences in Sussex too.

“We will continue to make it hard for criminals to sell drugs in this county and will actively seek out people like Laing and Prendergast to ensure they are put before the courts.

“Anyone who suspects drug dealers are operating in their community is urged to report this by calling 101 so we can continue to keep Kent a safe place to live and show criminals there is no hiding place from the law.”


  1. Good job, just hope they serve their full sentences. Prison might not rehabilitate them but at least it stops them from poisoning and destroying more lives all the while they are incarcerated.
    Scum like this are responsible for pain, suffering and literally ruining whole families lives. There is no place in society for loser scum like these two.

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