Contracts exchanged agreeing Manston airport site sale to RiverOak

The Manston airport site Photo Swift Aerial Photography

Contracts have been exchanged agreeing the sale of the Manston airport site to RiverOak Strategic Partners subsidiary RiverOak MSE Ltd, which wants to create a cargo/freight hub and associated aviation on the land.

The sale has been revealed in the submission of a letter to the Planning Inspectorate, published today (July 3),  which states: “A subsidiary company of the Applicant for the Development Consent Order, RiverOak MSE Ltd, has today exchanged contracts with Stone Hill Park Limited for the purchase of all of the land it owns at Manston Airport.

“Completion of the transaction is expected by July 11 at the latest. The Applicant will provide a fuller summary of its overall case in the light of this significant development, which may not be until completion has taken place. Any submissions made after 9 July 2019 will be made to the Secretary of State for Transport.”

The Planning Inspectorate examining panel, led by Kelvin McDonald, has been examining the bid being made by RiverOak Strategic Partners (RSP) to  acquire the site and create the cargo hub.

However, the land was owned by Stone Hill Park which had submitted a planning application to create up to 3,700 homes, business and leisure and associated infrastructure.

During the examination RSP said compensation payable for the compulsory take over of the Manston airport site would be “no more than £7.5 million.”

However Stone Hill Park told examiners their valuation was nearer to a level of £20 million and, with relevant consent in place for development a benchmark figure of £38 million had been identified.

SHP own 742 acres of the site which totals around 770 acres with plots belonging to other interested parties.

It is not yet known what price has been agreed for the sale of the land although a document submitted by SHP would suggest an amount above £15 million. SHP state: “In recent days the Applicant has sent an email making a revised offer of £15 million for SHP’s land (with restrictions on uses), a level that is unacceptable and which falls well short of the price it had previously committed, but failed to, deliver on.”

The DCO examination concludes on July 9. The DCO is still needed for the cargo hub project with a decision from the Secretary of State expected by January 2020. However, the compulsory purchase part of the application for the SHP owned land – equating to 98% of the site – is now defunct, although other landowners will still need to be compensated.

Issues surrounding night flights and noise and blight compensation still need to be considered under the DCO process.

RSP plans

As the new owners of the site, RSP will be able to carry out survey work needed for the conclusion of the DCO examination process with immediate effect.

SHP has agreed that, on completion, it will withdraw its objection to the DCO. It will also withdraw its two outstanding planning applications for housing and mixed use on Manston and will no longer participate in the Local Plan Enquiry.

George Yerrall, a director of RSP, said, “It has been a long process with SHP and we felt the time had come for the parties to come together to negotiate a settlement of the ownership issues.  We now look forward to focusing on securing development consent and making rapid progress towards the re-opening of Manston with all the economic and other benefits we believe it will bring to Thanet and East Kent.

“Since the acceptance of our DCO application for examination we have had immense interest from interested parties, not only airlines and freight operators, but also a wide range of other organisations that will benefit from the airport reopening, including local colleges and employers. Now that we have secured the land, it will allow us to develop those relationships as far as we can whilst we wait to receive development consent.”

Stone Hill Park

Trevor Cartner, Chairman of Stone Hill Park Ltd, said: “I can confirm that Stone Hill Park and RiverOak Strategic Partners (RSP) have agreed terms for the sale of the former Manston Airport site.  Final negotiations were swift and handled professionally. Contracts have now been exchanged with completion to follow shortly.

“The site has been the subject of considerable debate over the past five years of our ownership and we have invested a substantial seven figure sum in pursuing a planning application for our vision for the site but that has been met with little support from Thanet District Council.

“Having now been made what we consider to be a very good offer for the site we have decided to sell. We wish RSP good luck in their own aspirations for the future of the airport. At some point in the near future we will restructure our company and invest the capital released into other major regeneration projects throughout the UK.”

Campaigners in favour

Save Manston Airport association chairman Dr Beau Webber said: “We believe that late on Tuesday RSP lawyers BDB and presumably Ann Gloag’s lawyers exchanged contracts agreeing the sale of Manston Airport to RiverOak Strategic Partners.

The first step was for RiverOak to inform the DCO Planning Inspectorate.  The Inspectorate’s questioning to ensure that RiverOak have the necessary finance to pay for the airport is rendered unnecessary. They could still wish to know if RiverOak have the finances to develop the airport, but the official DCO documentation is not at all stringent in regard to that requirement.

“Subject to the necessity to work with the Department for Transport concerning the Operation Stack / Brock permissions on Manston Airport, RiverOak may now access Manston Airport to at the very least continue their environmental surveys and to carry out other surveys to facilitate the re-construction of Manston Airport.

“They can now start archaeology digs on the Northern Grass. The DCO is still necessary. The Development Consent Order is an order to put in place the necessary Government consent for the significant amount of development that Manston Airport needs in order to be a viable commercial airport.

“SMAa congratulate RiverOak on their protracted but eventually successful purchase of Manston Airport, and wish them all the very best for the future regarding reinstating Manston Airport for Aviation. SMAa look forward to the very many jobs that this will bring to the people of Thanet and East Kent.”

Sir Roger Gale 

North Thanet MP Sir Roger Gale, who has been supporting the cargo hub proposal, said: “I have today been advised that the RiverOak Strategic Partnership has exchanged contracts for the purchase of all of the land that is Manston Airport.

“I have been kept aware of the fact that negotiations have been progressing steadily since the beginning of the year and I am pleased that they are reaching a satisfactory conclusion.

“While the Development Consent Order will proceed for planning purposes this is another significant step towards the refurbishment and re-opening of Manston as a fully operational airport.”


Save Manston Airport founder Dan Light said: “It has come as a nice surprise to hear RSP have exchanged contracts to gain control of Manston Airport. We at the Save Manston Airport group are happy that progress has been made. It has been five years hard work and the end goal was to get a result and this is what we have been fighting for.

“There has been many ups and downs with the campaign, at times it looked like it was lost but RSP have stuck to their guns and proved many wrong to come out of this with a deal. The DCO examination concludes on July 9 and a final decision made by the Secretary of State in January 2020. We at SMA will be keeping a close eye on proceedings and would like to thank everyone for their support over the years.”

MP Craig Mackinlay

South Thanet MP Craig Mackinlay said: “This is an extremely positive and essential move forward on the road to bringing back Manston Airport. It creates real certainty that an aviation future for Manston is clearly in sight.

“I have been saying for as long as anyone would listen that a clean sale and purchase would be the eventual outcome and I am pleased that common sense has prevailed between the parties. This has also proved that RSP have had the wherewithal and access to funding throughout to turn their plans into reality.

“Manston has the potential to generate a substantial number of jobs in a relatively short period of time. Areas of the country with successful airports have next to zero unemployment; they become magnets for inward investment and business activity.

“Thanet Conservatives have, for many years, always kept the faith on the Manston issue and so I’m delighted that another significant milestone has been reached.

“I will continue to use my practical business experience to work with all involved, including Manston’s local MP Roger Gale, to ensure the airport re-opens and that new aviation operations can work together with Thanet residents for mutual benefit.”

Campaigners not in favour of the RSP proposal

Labour Party leader at Thanet council, Rick Everitt, said: “The fact that RiverOak have acquired the land does not mean they can proceed with a cargo hub and our concerns about the impact of their proposed operation on Ramsgate residents remain.

“We will seek to engage constructively with whoever owns the Manston site and that includes looking to maximise employment opportunities for local people, but not at the expense of the living conditions of residents on the flight path. Our view is that this saga has some way to go.”

Ramsgate county and district councillor Karen Constantine has written to RSP director Mr Yerrall to request a meeting.

She said: “Going forward there are obviously many issues to be dealt with about the future and use of the Manston area. There are many different perspectives. It’s clear that a great deal of dialogue and clear communication going forward is called for.

“My concern is to request an early meeting with (RSP) to discuss the economic needs of Ramsgate residents. Thanet has a chronic housing shortage and some of the highest levels of deprivation, including 52% child poverty in neighbouring Newington.

“I hope (the RSP) business plan might include a clear policy on corporate social responsibility, to the direct benefit of Newington and Ramsgate residents. I note the website states RSP wish to deliver ‘economic prosperity and employment across Kent’. I like to find out more about how that aspiration can benefit Ramsgate and Newington directly.”

Campaign group No Night Flights said: “We regret at the loss of Stone Hill Park plans with potential jobs and investment from regeneration experts with a track record. However, our position on the airport remains the same.

“The airport isn’t operationally and commercially viable, deliverable, or environmentally sustainable. RSP may now own the land – assuming completion does go ahead – but they still have to get the airport development past the planning inspectors.

“From what we’ve seen so far, there are more questions being asked by PINS than are actually being answered.”

Five10Twelve and LoveRamsgate

Campaigners Five10Twelve and LoveRamsgate, who have opposed freight plans for the site, said: “This was never about Riveroak vs Stonehill Park. This has always been about RiverOak versus the residents of Ramsgate, Herne Bay and the Thanet Villages.

“RiverOak has tried to sweep under the carpet and scope out the damage their proposals will do to our towns and villages.

“They’ve cut any mitigation and compensation costs for our homes, schools and communities down to the absolute minimum and our local MPs have supported them in doing this. Now RiverOak has the land, the question is: will they continue with the DCO? Whatever their plans may now be, our fight goes on to stand up for our communities.

“Anyone who has been following the DCO process knows RiverOak are really in the weeds with significant objections from the MoD, Highways England, Kent County Council, TDC, Historic England, the Manston Green developers, (Cogent), and the majority of local residents.

“Our concern is that RiverOak has made it clear any further discussions will now be directly with the Secretary of State for Transport.  So whatever their real plans are for the site, these discussions will be behind closed doors and far less transparent than the DCO examination process has been so far.

“This should be of concern to everyone. The local press, campaign groups, MPs and councillors all have a duty to make sure local people are kept well informed about what’s really going on and what happens next.”

A long road

By James Stewart from England (commons.wikimedia)

The closure of Manston airport in 2014 resulted in the loss of 144 jobs and led to a five year battle of competing visions for the site.

Infratil announced the sale of Manston airport to Stagecoach tycoon Ann Gloag for a nominal £1, plus accrued debts, in October 2013. Ann Gloag announced plans to close the airport the following March. The last Dutch airline KLM flight left Manston in April 2014 and the airport closed in the May.

The same month an offer of the full £7million asking price for the site was made by US firm RiverOak Corporation but was refused.

In December 2014 the Labour controlled council decide not to proceed with a CPO stating there was not a suitable indemnity partner.

In December 2015 it was announced that RiverOak – the American firm which began the process- would undertake a Development Consent Order (DCO) process to acquire permission from central government to reopen the airport.

In June 2016 SHP submitted a masterplan planning application to Thanet District Council, seeking permission for 2,500 homes, commercial sectors and public parkland, under the name Stone Hill Park.

In December 2016 UK registered RiverOak Strategic Partners Ltd buys the financial, strategic and operational responsibility for the redevelopment of Manston and seeing through the DCO from the US RiverOak corporation.

The Planning Inspectorate hearings for the DCO open in January 2019 and are due to conclude this month (July).

The future for the Manston airport site has been hotly contested, and deeply divisive, across the isle. Night Flights, and a workable 106 agreement, will still need to be resolved as will the issue of noise levels and the question of how many households should qualify for compensation.


      • It isn’t, it just needs to be managed properly. Rail links put in as originally promised and improvements in the roads around the area. It will be a success, certainly.

        • I think is was the Falcon report that said if £25M was spent on infrastructure (including a new HS line from Manston to Ebbsfleet – not a shuttle bus to Minster) it was unlikely that Manston would be a success in the foreseeable future.
          As for proper management: when it failed on a previous occasion, a major player was one Tony Freudmann, the struck-off solicitor. The same chap that’s a director of RSP. Doesn’t bode well.

      • Except when it was open previously it was one of the biggest (in terms of tonnes transported) freight hubs in the UK! So you’re wrong.

        • I would like to see some facts and figures which prove the assertion by JOHN. I don’t see how a little airport in a corner of England could have been one of the most important freight hubs in the UK. And if it was, what went wrong?

        • John, you are completely and utterly wrong. In comparison with proper airports like East Midlands, Stansted and Heathrow, Manston’s traffic hardly shows up on the charts.
          And, if it was so wonderful, why did it fail?

          • It failed due to lack of interest by the owners to simply land bank it, sold it to whom oh yeah Tony Freudman of wiggins and planestations who went bust and tried to build housing that too went bust, sold it to Anne Gloag brother Brian Souter, land banked it, Anne Gloag bought it from her brother for whatever, land banked it, she went in on a joint venture with cartner and musgrove, her dealings are offshore in the panama papers, money laundering, so she land banked and money laundered it …for whatever those bunch of crooks it is has been them all along over the years.
            Each one of them not investing, like they said thy would and Anne Gloag is just a lender of money from her offshore accounts and the biggest thing will errupt very soon

            All the councils involved and officers were aware of this take over but lied to us all yet again and why are we allowing this crime to happen and no one take notice well it going to change Tony

      • It Will never survive as an airport, even if it ever opens as one, which is HUGELY unlikely.

        • wake up and smell the bacon it is money laundering in offshore accounts and land banking it between all of them right from the start, once a crook always a crook!

    • I agree Fran. Keep the country moving. There are thousands of building plots purchased by builders that have not been built on, use those before destroying what our country needs to import and export goods.

      • NO company will touch any of the people
        planestations and wiggins was who, oh yeah TF and he went bust sold it to Souter who sold it to gloag who sold it to TF …crooks all of them.
        The address for Infratil was 50 Lothian Road Festival Square, offshore pananma accounts

        keep it moving

        land banked..sold land banked …sold…land banked …sold to a land banker and the other stuff will come out soon enough on TF

  1. Brilliant news. So looking forward to a working airport. Congratulations to all who fought the good fight.

  2. Wonderful, that has made my day!!!! Quite apart from all the obvious benefits, it will be nice to see Manston Airport looking better and looked after again, which i am sure Riveroak will do
    Well done everybody who make up SAM, Roger Gale and all who have had Faith in Riveroak

  3. Sorry to spoil your celebrations, but the DCO still needs to be approved before RSP could open a 24/7 cargo hub. This gives RSP nothing other than the land. They still can’t just open a huge cargo airport, whatever anyone might tell you. The fight against the DCO is alive and well as ever. We will not see Ramsgate ruined.

    • Emmiline, nobody has said it is all over yet.
      Ramsgate will not be ruined by this, 3,700 houses would have done that quite well, thank you.
      We are on our way, but not counting chickens yet. Quietly confident are the words I would use.

        • That is already in evidence from 2014 with Kent Police Economic Crime Unit. So wait and see how this pans out

          In 2014 Annax had plans to evade laws of environmental and public health protection and cumulative impact and precautionary principle. But told a potential invester at point the housing plan was brought in the toxic clean up would then have to be funded. The invester withdraw and told police, TDC leader Clive Hart, Green Cllr Ian Driver and UKIP MO Elenor.

          In the five years since then the history exactly accords with that evidence.

          • Exactly Richard

            Infratil registered address when Souter ran it
            50 Lothian Road Festival Square …offshore accounts relating to panama papers
            Wiggins was TF as we know and he tried then but went bust why he land banked it sold it to Souter and he sold it to his sister who also had offshore address as the above
            land banking and money laundering Richard that no one else has reported on this
            the council and officers on all councils knew this all along that it was not going to happen …this is one of the biggest crimes not the biggest I know happening to us all

            it will be reported to the police very soon

      • Tony for the 94,000,003rd time the houses are being allocated to Birchington and Westgate anyway. Blimey how many more times

        • Read the report for God’s sake. It says SHP wanted to build 3,700 houses – and that’s only what they admit to. Who says you are the clever one whilst you remain anonymous? Blimey, how many more times? ( to throw the quote back).

          • Someone who clearly hasn’t read the local plan.

            2500 homes originally allocated at Manston have been re-allocated as follows
            600 additional at Birchington now at 1600
            1000 additional at Westgate now at 2000
            500 at Westwood
            300 at Hartsdown
            100 at Tothill, Minster
            Now that RSP own 742 acres the question is what will they do with the land if planning is refused

      • There won’t be much smiling done by Ramsgate and Herne Bay residents if RSP’s kind of airport actually succeeds, because of the inescapable noise and pollution which they(we) will have to endure.

    • Good for Thanet that Manston can re-open once again… jobs,economy etc.
      All the antis crying about noise etc,it might be a little airfield in the corner of England,but it’s part of Kent’s heritage,and been there longer than most of your houses.
      I have said,and will say again to all the antis,if Manston ever does do passenger flights again,how many of you will be first in the queue,rather than going to Heathrow or Gatwick???
      Hooray for Manston…maybe the Port next

  4. Fantastic news so pleased to hear that THANET might at last be on the way up instead negative news most of the time. I think all the red tape should now be cut away and the AIrport retuned. It’s not as if it’s a change of use, it’s always been an Airport. The NIMBYS crowd can now go and find another thing to moan about.

  5. Best news for the people of Thanet, things are moving upwards and onwards for the future of the Isle of Thanet. apart from a couple of people, this news greeted and celebrated by the majority of Thanets residents. and hopefully with the conclusion of the DCO in favour the cargo hub in January 2020 is widely welcomed. well done all who supported the re-opening of Manston Airport of whom your efforts were freely given.

    • You live in cloud cuckoo land surely! Apart from a couple of people you say!! how do you profess to make claims so outlandish as the majority of Thanet’s residents are celebrating RSP purchasing the land at Manston. That is just ridiculous. I could easily say the opposite if I felt like it.

      • I think when you come out of your dark place where you hide, you will find there are lots of people cheered up by this news today. the few of you anti airport will have to think up some more lies while the world goes on with the future of Manston Airport is being secured.
        Maybe the next time you move home you might look in to the area a bit closer.

        • There are many many local people who now realize how appallingly damaging RSP’s alleged plans are.

  6. I lived under the flight path into Manston and I don’t think Ramsgate will be ruined by the airport reopening. I hope that the airport does reopen and I will still be under the flight path. I believe Ramsgate could only improve with the airport open.

    • I collected for a cat charity every Saturday morning for 2 years in York Street, when Manston was closed, but used for training pilots, and cargo planes would approach over Ramsgate Harbour at just 300 meters, descending over the town at 250/200 meters, St Lawrence at 150 meters, and Nethercourt at just 100m meters height, before touch down. The noise levels over the Harbour and Ramsgate town was horrific, and very scary, as approaching aircraft were not seen until they were overhead, and would leave people speechless! Imagine what this will do to the town, if they fly in every 2 to 3 an hour!

      Anyone sitting al fresco enjoying a meal around the Harbour will not come back once they experience this noise and air pollution, which will destroy the tourist industry, devalue property, ruin a nights sleep, and cause disruption to business, and schools! And there will be no passenger aircraft, because all attempts at this failed. The DCO will still have to be approved, which means they will have to show reopening Manston MUST be in the National Interest! How can that be when there is still plenty of spare Cargo slots available elsewhere especially in the Midlands, and Southend. Anyone believing the reopening of Manston is a good thing, despite it destroying Ramsgate, and the health of thousands must either be ill informed, ignorant of the facts, or mental!

        • When I moved to Thanet Manston was non operational, and like Hawkinge (where 6,000 homes were built), and many other disused airfields, I quite expected to see it used for desperately needed housing, and light industry, as its so close to the Pfizer’s site. Had I been aware there were plans to turn it into a cargo only airport, I would have taken my business elsewhere, as will happen if it should reopen, with low flying aircraft flying low over Ramsgate Harbour/town, destroying the tourist industry, and other businesses! There have been four attempts to make a go of Manston as a passenger airport, which all failed due to lack of demand, and lack of aircraft! The last attempt I believe only had 4 aircraft! Satisfied?

      • Totally agree with everything you say. Ramsgate has been far better since the planes stopped flying over it. Tourism has taken off with local bars and cafes as it is a lovely quiet part of the country with a microclimate of its own, and I don’t think planes flying overhead at low altitude will do much for these new businesses. Cargo planes are the oldest and dirtiest planes flying so if the people of Thanet want this area to be polluted in every way so be it but I don’t think the majority of people want it. Don’t think it will ever be a commercial hub-it has been tried umpteen times and no major airline has ever been interested – viability depends on numbers of passengers and Thanet is surrounded on three sides by water so not enough population so just the downside of noise and pollution without any benefit locally. Maybe “extreme rebellion” protestors are needed down here to remind everybody that polluting aeroplanes are one of the reasons for climate change. Hasn’t Sir Roger Gale’s party just signed UK up to reducing all carbon emissions to zero by 2050?

  7. GREAT news. Still a way to go, but it’s a huge step forward. And Emmeline – there has always been an airport there. When I went to school in Ramsgate back in the 60s / 70s, the aircraft were much noiser, created more pollution and Ramsgate wasn’t ruined then nor did it affect my education.

    • Erm, there hasn’t “always been an airport there”. There’s been an airport for about 15 years, during which it lost £100,000,000. What’s changed? Manston is still where it was, stuck on the bottom right hand corner of England.
      Qusetion: if you’d bought a bit of prime development land in the SE, would you
      A) take a punt on running an airport that was losing £10,000 a day when it closed and all the experts say will fail, or
      B) build lots of houses, with the certainty of a huge profit.
      Remember what Tony Freudmann’s expertise is in (other than embezzlement)?
      Yep, residential development on defunct airports.

      • Wow Tony making up such sums is utter nonsense, it is the made up non facts put up on the hoof makes you and the few other anti airports followers such fools and why you have no support, of the rest of us in Thanet that welcomes this news with open arms. if you do not like living to what has been an airport for 100 years then you know what to do, I think the rest of us have had enough of your negative views and look forward to you doing one.

        • Since when was your views any more professional than others commenting here? Your view of yourself, who we haven’t seen here before under that name, is rather pompous in claiming everyone is fed up with one persons comments. Go do one yourself.

        • I don’t think Tony’s “sums” are made up. It is a matter of fact that the airport (which had been around for 15 years before it closed, not 100) lost £100M, and was losing £1000 a day when it finally closed.
          It’s also true (you may not agree with them – doesn’t make them untrue) that a whole bunch of aviation experts say that Manston can never be a successful cargo hub because a) there is no unmet demand and b) Manston is in the wrong place, miles and miles from London and the midlands.
          I don’t see that not wanting an airport and its consequent noise, pollution and disturbance makes someone a fool.

        • Topo! Chocks away and to the great blue yonder, wheres your silk scarves, as for Labour Council, i remember all the promises made by you lot years ago, came to cock all!!

      • an airport for 15 years ???? where have you been, i lived, without hinderance from aircraft noise,right next to the runway from 1964 to 1984, ( it used to be raf manston then with lots more planes )after that i moved to ramsgate town, i still live there now and i look forward to the day i can look out of my window and watch and hear the planes again. i have lived and worked around the airport for the last 39 years, i even collected aircraft freight from manston as a truck driver. thanet needs jobs not anti’s jumping up and down having hissy fits.

      • There has been an airport on and off at Manston since 1917. I have lived in Ramsgate for 64 years of my life and have very rarely noticed the so called noise pollution. (once when a USAF troop carrier came in very low back in 1980 ish) Scare mongering about this is all the anti Airport brigade have to offer, Bring on the re-oning of Manston, which, as i recall from my youth, had the 3rd longest runway in the UK.

        • Edward James Munday has clearly not paid attention to survey results. These show that aviation’s damage to the environment and to people’s physical and mental health is so great that an airport near Ramsgate is something NOT to be hoped for.

          • Oh dear woe and woe, can’t wait, come on chaps up to the great blue yonder, Wooooooosh!!!! Mallorca, here i come….

      • Thats where you’re wrong,under the Flight Path for years, when RAF were here then next to it, the smell of Ice Cream Vans and the sound of Gas Turbines, sound and smell, bring it on!!!

  8. I do wonder whether this crowing is a touch premature. The DCO comprises two parts. The DCO and then compulsory powers to get the land. SHP selling hasn’t granted the DCO, it make naff all difference to the DCO and in fact it avoids CPO powers being required which the Government expect anyway. If you are going to celebrate you have to wait until RSP have convinced the SoS by the 9th January 2020. You can still end up with egg on your collective faces

  9. This is wonderful news for Aviation and Thanet.

    I hope we will now see an end to the inaccurate reporting of this Application and issue by this publication that has shown most of you to be so constantly and very publicly wrong.

    The sale by SHP indicates that SHP have accepted that the DCO application is likely to be recommended for approval by the SOS for transport.

    It is worth noting that the sum of money paid for the land is likely to have been 12-15 million pounds, if you add that to the sum of 10 million pounds that RSP have spent on the DCO application it is close to the 27 million pounds that was required for the original redevelopment of the Airport, who’s CPO was not proceeded with by TDC because (RSP) did not have the money”

    Perhaps one of your “Investigative” Reporters would like to find out what really happened? The local support for this project has always remained at the 60-80 % level and it was perhaps the only local issue in the local election bringing a party into Local Government with almost only one job, (to save the airport) then reversing that policy almost immediately: now find out why! (if you have any Journalists on board).

    • Not sure which inaccurate reporting you mean? The reports have always been balanced on this site. If you would like to indicate which report you are referring to, that would be helpful

      • I would say is the only place I have found actual 100% factual news on the Manston Airport situation. the rest of the local press have shown utter contempt towards support of the airport as well as Kent County Councils leader and his involvement with parts of the other so called media outlets of which he is a member of.
        So thank you, to all the contributors of this news outlet, keep up the good work we appreciate it.

    • There has never been 60-80% local support for an airport, and there certainly isn’t now, judging by the local election results.
      I don’t share your confidence about the DCO. On 21st June the Planning Inspectorate published a 4th set of questions to RSP, running to almost 180 pages. Some questions were quite routine. Many were not. Some were show stoppers.

    • When where what Julian Eagle has the reporting by The Isle Of Thanet News been inaccurate or biased I think you need to actually pull it out and re read anything you believe is unfair or untrue I find that the reporting on this site is well balanced and truthful and if I was editing this newspaper /. Com I would take great umbrage at your insinuating of the papers integrity.

  10. Emmeline. We have always lived in the flight path of Manston Airport and brought up a family my old school Ellington was in the flight path. When the RAF were at Manston we had huge bomber planes, falcon jets and many more, it never ruined Ramsgate then and with the Airport reopening will not ruin Ramsgate now. 99.9% of true locals have always loved the Airport being an Airport. Those who don’t want it are a selfish lot who have moved into the area many retired not in need of employment and resentful. If you don’t like the idea of the Airport move away to some back water where everyone is retired and not in need of employment. I can tell you this, it’s not the Airport that will ruin Ramsgate it’s the moaners who are not happy unless they are moaning.

      • Tony well put Ann you are truly a very unpleasant person who doesn’t epitomise the people of thanet who in my view have been very welcoming to all people in 2001 I moved here from another part of Kent to work and because of its people I had been coming here for forty years I am so fortunate never to have met you and I hope no one on holiday ever meets you or reads your comments as I doubt it will do the tourist economy this area rely no good at all. I have worked under the flight path of the old airfield until it closed. I don’t care what happens to it long as it is put to use soon. And you say 99% true local people have always loved the airport being an airport I think you a bit high in your figures it is nearer 65% still in the majority. As you talk about all the old planes from way back there was a saying loose tongues?? I will say no more.

      • Correction. Tony. She speaks the truth. There are a huge % of local born people that would like to see Manston re-opened. May i enquire wether you are born and raised locally? I shall assume that Ann is, As i am also! Still, nice to see your true colours, just being trite. “What a truly unpleasant person you are”

        • Perhaps dissatisfied airport supporters should go and live near an airport! (Only kidding…)

    • Hi, I would like to say it is wonderful to have the airport back but we have small children and night flights would be catastrophic for Ramsgate and our children, but daytime use would be fine

    • Well said Ann, it is the moaners at Ramsgate and its tin pot town council who have their own selfish reasons to be anti Manston Airport, screw the residents who, like the youth they are constantly moaning about in the town, will now have something positive to look forward to if they do well at school, rather than poorly paid seasonal jobs which we have and the moaners delight in promoting.

  11. Think Ann gloag should’ve been penalised,She bought that for a pound,as a going concern!!!!!,UTTER RUBBISH,she never intended to do anything except sell it for a HUGE profit,very greedy woman,should be made to pay,wonder what local amenities I can buy for a pound and sell to increase my bank balance,hopefully now it can be turned back into an airport of some sort

  12. Great news at last, BUT please leave the flag up in the tree by the hospital it makes a good wind indicator

  13. Good to see the sun shining.
    I wonder if someone is able to prove their slanderous accusation and what the going rate is if proved wrong.
    I also wonder if the person has been as honest as from the date they were born to today.

  14. Ann Gloag and her crowd were never welcome here, she could not care less she never even had the courage to attend parliament to explain her actions sending a spokeswoman instead which was deceitful. The isle of Thanet news is the best news media we have.

  15. Sorry Emmeline, but Thanet is already ruined, and the last thing we need is 1000’s of cars and more people. An airport IS the best option.

  16. This is fantastic news!

    I was wondering how it was going to pan out. Just don’t make the CTR too big for us GA, Kent is still an aviation playground.

    Grass RW aswell please! I’m so happy that the airport is going to be revived, more jobs, more prospects for surrounding areas like Margate, Ramsgate and Broadstairs. Lemme know if there’s any part time stuff going on, I’d love to get stuck in!

  17. Manston and Brexit. The opinions of this Island’s people are split right-up the jacksee!

    It’s like living in an economic and pollution lucky dip.

    There has been no confirmation that the airport proposal is the only one being pursued, nor who makes-up this new subsidiary company.

  18. Thanet and Ramsgate is not ruined, far from it. I think you’ll find based on the latest evidence which outlines it has the fastest growing economic regeneration in Kent, this is a fact. Unlike most of the sentimental support comments on here.

    This regeneration will be ruined by a cargo plane of fruit and veg over our town at 200 metres every 10 minites so a small minority of plane spotters and anti housing sentimentals can be satisfied. Say no to the DCO. We fight on. Based on facts.

    Why anyone would encourage a flight that low every ten minutes over our harbour is a mystery. 10,000 jobs for locals is a lie. It is likely to be less than several hundred based in automation and it is also predicated on the definition of local being a 90 minute commute one way to Manston. Hardly local.

    Read the application. I have. The only way to enjoy a passenger flight wl be in a packing crate. If it was such a joy before how come it went bust successively?

    Let’s see the DCO outcome first shall we?

  19. This is wonderful news. Thanet so desperately needs employment opportunities and improved communications which the airport will provide. Looking forward to seeing continued progress.

    • How will a cargo hub with a few jobs improve employment or communication? Wetherspoons employs more people than Manston ever did or will. Let’s hope they don’t shut up shop once people leave the roof terrace in their droves as they fail to enjoy a cargo plane over their head every 10 minutes at 200 metres.

      • what a great idea, a table on the roof terrace at spoons to watch the planes, might have to make a daily booking.!! could even be a money maker for spoons.

  20. Fantastic news. A step in the right direction. Aviation has been at this site for over a hundred years and an airport for over half that time. There is a need for its continued use as an airport and with the technology in modern aircraft, noise levels and emissions are getting better.
    Good luck to a successful reopening of Manston Airport

    • Demonstrably there is no need for an airport at Manston.
      It has always failed, because not enough people flew from it. Nothing has changed. Manston is still in the bottom corner of the UK.
      When, during the Olympics, Heathrow temporarily stopped taking cargo flights, none was diverted to Manston, although it was open. Other, better connected airports picked up the slack

    • Anne Browning your wrong it is not open yet for flights but has been purchased by those who are hoping to build a hub on ground and get flying permits for its use. Until permits are issued I wouldn’t count my chickens just yet. I’m not anti hub nor am I for it. There is a big need for jobs in the area but In the current climate with the amount of pollution and global warming is it possible it will be rejected on these grounds.

    • It’s not open. It’s still not an airport. It’s just that RSP have bought the site.
      Even if they get consent, it will be years before a plane takes off.
      By which time Heathrow 3 will be up and running.

      • Emmiline, nobody has said it is all over yet.
        Ramsgate will not be ruined by this, 3,700 houses would have done that quite well, thank you.
        We are on our way, but not counting chickens yet. Quietly confident are the words I would use.

  21. what a great idea, a table on the roof terrace at spoons to watch the planes, might have to make a daily booking.!! could even be a money maker for spoons.

    • How would you have kept it open? Would you have personally stumped up the £10,000 a day it was losing?

  22. Great news , jobs not thousands of houses , there’s no jobs for people here , lets get behind the airport and make it work !

  23. There seems to be some misunderstanding. If RSP has now bought the site this does not give them permission to reopen the airport. As it has been closed for several years they would have to submit a planning application. On the other hand, they will be be free to sell it on quickly and for the new owners to apply for planning permission to build on it.

  24. The DCO that RSP is currently engaged in gives all the p.o. necessary, if they’re successful.
    I’m quite astonished by some of the nonsense being written on here about Manston’s history.
    It has not been a commercial airport for 100 years. It has been an RAF and USAAF base over two world wars and more, but as a commercial independent stand alone airport it only lasted 15 years during which time it lost £100M.
    The only experts who say there is a need for dedicated cargo expansion (And that’s what the DCO is about: cargo, not pax) is Dr Dixon of Azimuth Aviation. Every other expert opinion says otherwise.
    The opening of this 24×7 cargo hub will have damaging consequences for the people of Ramsgate. Who says so: Riveroak.
    It’s an inescapable fact that with planes roaring overhead day and night, the blossoming cafe culture round the harbour will change drastically.

    • And lets remember that the people who provided the information on which Dixon based her report, trashed her findings and the use of the data they provided.

  25. RSP have only ever wanted the site to build houses, and many thousands of them. Freudmann was enquiring about planning permission for housing in the very first instance. He has done the same thing on other sites, including Germany. Gale and Freudmann have played the airport supporters for fools, as they will now get the opposite to what they wanted

  26. Again, there seems to be some misunderstanding. The Planning Inspectorate has asked Stone Hill Park to confirm that they’ve agreed to sell to Riveroak. Assuming the local press have got their quotes right this should be a straightforward confirmation. However, SHP won’t drop their objection to RSP’s plans until the transaction is completed, and RSP are saying it may not complete until the 11th. This is after the date when the examination finishes. Nothing can be submitted after the examination finishes, so the objections made by SHP look likely to stand. Irrespective of this, the airport supporters may have jumped the gun with their celebrations. It is not only SHP who have raised objections to the DCO. Many thousands of local residents have raised valid concerns about noise and pollution. RSP has not dealt with those concerns and so, these concerns could easily derail the DCO. RSP would be left owning a plot of land which would be useful for nothing other than building houses. What do you think they are going to do?

    • It’s worth pointing out that one of the many serious obstacles to RSP is the issue of the High Resolution Direction Finder aerials on the site. On land owned by the Mod. Unfortunately, RSP has slightly omitted to mention to the MoD that they want to move the HRDF. MoD is most definitely not amused. It has said that installing and commissioning a new HRDF will take at least two years – even if they’re mind3d to move it, which they’re not.

    • Unfortunately RSP are insisting that SHP walk away from the DCO and they have agreed.
      1915-1919 RNAS
      1919-1950 RAF
      1950-1958 USAF closed because of noise
      1959-1998 RAF with a civilian enclave the RAF paying most of the costs
      1999-2014 Commercial airport went bust 2005 then put up for sale in late 2011 Ann Gloag bought it 2013 closed 2014 Total spend according to KCC report from 1999-2014 £100M
      History eh

  27. So let me get this right –
    RSP thought the DCO CPO was such a “slam dunk” that they could get the land for £2m or less. They ‘just’ needed to show a compelling public interest for the CPO.

    So just before the deadline for the Examination has ended they paid £12-15m for the land.


    Big old scaredy cats.

    *according to Julian above and

  28. I’ve lived in Ramsgate for 40 years directly in the flight path and could see the planes landing. Great to see and it never annoyed me. You don’t buy a house near an airport then coplain about noise just as you wouldn’t buy a house in the countryside and complain about the smell of pig sh*t. It’s a bit like immigrants coming into the country and complaining about our Union Flag. I am now retired and living a wonderful and peaceful life but I would be overjoyed to see the airport back up and running creating needed jobs which would help the so called child poverty of the Newington children with their Nike trainers.
    Let’s get airborne again and stop all this unpleasant bitching.

  29. Do you know I think old Eggnog has sussed this deal out. I’m delighted to hear that Manston could return as a functioning airport with all that goes with it, you know, jobs opportunities for our local youngsters BUT something tells me this will never happen and the successful bidders will be selling the land on to a developer to build God knows how many houses that will be filled with mainly London poor who are being cleansed by this government who will be happy to ship their unwanted to any where they can. Welcome to Thanet, dumping ground for the last 40 years.
    Do hope I’m wrong…seen it all before!

  30. Bringing the airport back to life is good news as it will bring job’s,bussinesse’s & much needed help for thanet & bring it back to life…
    The yr’s i was at school back in the 80’s & 90’s when plane’s were flying over whitehall estate,newington & the school etc never bothered the kid’s,teacher’s,resident’s etc & now the airport is coming back into use…
    Thanet need’s this not just to bring it back to life but for job’s etc so let the airport live & be used the way it was intended to be used……

    • Im so pleased that the airport never affected teacher’s and pupil’s when the plane’s flew over.
      I imagine that they didnt effect the grocers, either.

  31. So RSP want a slogan to put on the fence by the road, do they? Perhaps they should have a local competition.

  32. So let me get this right if I was a big importer to the UK I am going to bring my goods into England at manston an airport which has to have its aviation fuel brought in by tanker as it’s not linked to the underground nation supply. My lorrys have to west or north west up the thanet way , M2,to the car park which is the M25. Or I could bring my goods in to the Midlands where they already have large storage units and my lorrys can go north, south, east and west. Use an airport which is on the nation fuel pipe. Only my lorrys good south will need to use the M25. Think I would stick with the Midlands…..

  33. Is River Oak’s unstated plan really to build houses and not to be so carefully overseen by the TDC? Is it really a coincidence of timing with the results of the District Council elections which have placed the Labour Party and Greens in a much better position to have a serious input?

    • In a live radio kent interview the other day , tony f from riveroak admitted that as part of the purchase agreement they can,t build houses on the airport , it can only be used by riveroak as an airport.

      • While Cartner and Musgrave’s desire to get back at RSP is very understandable, it unfortunately has the side-effect of ensuring that the 3000+ flats and houses that were going to be built on the ex-airport will now be built, some at least, on greenfield sites. Unless , of course, RSP can get this clause (which seems unreasonable) overturned.

  34. I think this is fantastic news! there needs to be jobs for the area, the plans look good. What some anti’s seem to forget is Thanet is mostly seasonal work and if we relied on ‘cafe culture’ everyone would be out of work every so often with no real means of continuous work. Yes there are other establishments that have come along and offer a range of jobs but I feel this plan for airport would boost Thanet a hell of a lot more.
    Link the airport up with the port and we have a lot more tourism, I hope the port gets reopened again at some point.

    Manston Airport has survived two world wars, I can’t believe some are suggesting its only been around for 15 years! that shows how little some know, mostly DFL’s who moved near the airport then complain since its been shut! you should have done some more research, also those who have lived in Thanet a long time why do you live under the flight path or near it? if it is that bad then move. Manston was an RAF airport and has had passenger flights on numerous occassions with Inter European in the early 90s, Airtours, Eurocypria, EU Jet etc but these were in times when it was not properly invested in therefore didn’t last. A lot of history surrounds the airport.

    Everyone has their opinions and thats fine but to be honest we dont need another ghetto with DFL’s living there because Thanet is a dumping ground for out of towners and retired who have no idea about the area who then throw their weight around wanting change, try living here all your life before you exercise your right, look into the history of the place your going to live. If I was an anti and going to live near Manston I’d go for somewhere else, it makes sense really! its not rocket science.

    Ann Gloag has sat on this for five years and made her money, I reckon another reason she couldn’t do anything with it was due to the risks it will cause with the contamination and whats under the airport, even for her that was too much. Still thats my personal opinion, good riddance really! we never wanted you anyway. I am happy RSP have made a step forwards, they have proved people wrong and stumped up the cash, so far have proved to PINS they are the real deal so that is why people are happy. Of course this still rumbles on and the secretary of state makes the final decision in Jan 2020 but hey whatever the result I think there is a strong possibility it’ll be back as an airport. I wouldnt have thought so if RSP hadn’t had got the land like they have.

    • Owning the land doesn’t mean that RSP’s case for an airport is strengthened in any way.The site hasn’t moved since they bought it- it’s still in one corner of England, with poor transport connections, and can in no way be described as a potential British cargo hub.

    • You’re right, some research needs carrying out. So here goes:
      The airport became a fully independent entity (ie not associated with the RAF) in 1999. It closed in 2014. That’s 15 years.

    • Dan Dan the fake profile man.
      How many is it now Mr Light??
      You have flip flopped so many times we have all lost count.
      Now if your influence was so great how comes Beau Webber and Liam Coyle have taken all the credit LOLOLOL

    • Dan says “Thanet is a dumping-ground for out-of-towners and retired”. I would like to know what he means by this. I am retired, and chose to move to Ramsgate because I liked it very much. I have never actually met anyone here who seemed to think as Dan does. And I absolutely fail to understand the point of view, quite often expressed in comments here,that newcomers to Thanet should not express their opinion on things which will affect them.

    • Dan,
      The airport has only existed for 15 years, and of course in that time failed UTTERLY 3 times, and never having made a single penny in that entire time.

      It was of course an RAF base before that, where profit made no difference, but in the end, even the RAF had no further use for Manston.

      You say “Thanet is a dumping-ground for out-of-towners and retired” what a xenophobic and juvenile comment. BUt having said that, they would be the people with cash to spend, no wonder with attitudes like yours, Thanet has issues.

      What happened to Inter European in the early 90s, Airtours, Eurocypria, EU Jet Dan, they ALL went belly up. You go on about investment. What more was needed to run a small airline operation I wonder? A nice refurbished terminal and a runway would seem to be all that was required and provided, and yet every time, every airline and airline venture, including those put together by Fruedman perished, because manston is not viable as an airport.

      You whine about “DFL’s, bear in mind, I have lived in Thanet for probably twice as long as you’ve been alive.

      Using your values, that would appear to give my voce a great deal more credance than your’s Mr Light, or whatever fake name and profile you are using this week 😉

  35. So, in addition to a handful of low grade, low salary jobs at a reopened Manston, what other benefits are there for the 40000 souls who live under the 24×7 cargo hub?

    • Tony- against.
      You do talk a load of biased and incorrect bull. 40,000 living under the cargo hub??? Where, in a huge underground bunker under the runway or something? The flight path from the east will only affect a few hundreds and those from the west will affect no Thanet residents directly underneath at all.
      Low grade jobs, and only a few? Ask any other airport worker if they consider themselves in a low grade job! Skilled, I would call them.
      24/7?.? Clearly a LIE. Please stop repeating these inaccuracies.
      Incidentally, where in the island do you live, roughly? How long have you lived in Ramsgate, or even Thanet? I would be most interested to know, but I think I already know the answers.

      • Under the flight path, obviously. Would you like to know where I live too? And how long I’ve lived here? If I had moved here yesterday, my opinion, based on facts, would still not be invalid. The pollution and noise caused by aviation over and near Ramsgate will affect all residents.

      • Tony-for:
        Quite right, 40,000 people living in Ramsgate are not troglodytes. My typo. More than 40,000 people live in Ramsgate, and more again in Herne Bay and the villages. They live under the flight path or close to the flight path; they will certainly hear any planes that take off and land. Riveroak itself says
        “ … significant adverse effects have been identified as being likely a result of an increase in noise in the following communities which are in the vicinity of the airport and flight paths:
        Ramsgate; Manston; Wade; West Stourmouth; and Pegwell Bay.”

        “In these communities aircraft noise would increase to the point where there would
        be a perceived change in quality of life for occupants of buildings in these
        communities or a perceived change in the acoustic character of shared open spaces
        within these communities.” [ Page 15, bullet point 1.1.82 of RSP’s Non-Technical Summary]

        “The noisiest aircraft (with quota count 8 or 16) are also banned from night flying altogether. The night time quota figure and that for passenger flights during the morning Shoulder Period have been arrived at based on a typical mix of aircraft operating within the noise levels that have been environmentally assessed rather than taking the noisiest possible aircraft, and then adding some headroom above that figure.” [RSP Noise mitigation plan]

        So, using RSP’s own published material, I’ve shown that there are no lies.
        If you want an example of lies, try this:

        “Even in first year of operation almost 6,000 people will find employment as a result of Manston’s revival.” []

        I have to confess that I don’t live in Ramsgate, or Thanet, or anywhere, actually. I’m a Virtual Entity, floating across the aether.

      • 147 jobs I believe there were when Manston failed last, and I believe the figure for jobs that Riveroak last quoted was 127, with most farmed out.

        As for

        “Even in first year of operation almost 6,000 people will find employment as a result of Manston’s revival.” []

        That is some of the finest comedy I have even seen on the internet.

        Lets see how many are employed by 1st July 2020 🙂

  36. Cant believe the comments on this. Im indifferent to both options but feel so sorry to for the people of ramsgate in the unlikely event the airport should open. Houses would also be awfull but i cant believe the awfull comments the people who are in favour of manston have made. I suppose backwsrd thinking island mentality is partly to blame its allways been like that seems to be their only vision

  37. Have any air cargo companies shown any interest in coming here ? I don`t think so. Has the airport got any radars? I don`t think so. Would an airline get any slots to fly? I don`t think so.

    • You know that do you? The airport is not up and running yet, and any company will keep their future intentions very quiet until there are firm proposals to consider. It’s called business confidentiality.
      As for the other stuff you mention, you are obviously clutching at straws for something to have a go at. We are all aware thar Gloag sold off most of the fixed airfield assets and will have to be replaced with up to date equipment. All part of starting up a new venture as I am sure that RSP are very aware. Petty comments, and silly ones at that.

    • So the reason why there is no power to some parts of the airport has no cables there is a rumor some one had stripped out cables to pay off debts.

  38. As the Ramsgate Town Council wrote
    Meanwhile the 44,000 residents of Ramsgate, the businesses in its visitor economy, its schools and educational institutions have already suffered years of uncertainty, and now face the prospect of lifechanging negative consequences if the DCO is approved
    At the end of this DCO the residents including bot for and against have to reconcile to their differences and learn once again to live together in harmony

    With some of the comments seen here there is little chance of that

  39. I wonder how much thought is given by those who are against the reopening of Manston airport to the residents under the Gatwick or Heathrow flight paths when they take their holidays.I think we can guess the answer.

    • I don’t think for a moment about the people of Gatwick or Heathrow when I take my holidays.
      I go by train.
      And what difference will it make if Manston does open (as a cargo hub)? Will Gatwick and Heathrow close, or will there be a third community blighted by aircraft noise?

    • Haven’t flown for 37 years, so although I’m very sorry for those who live near Gatwick and Heathrow I don’t feel any guilt because I haven’t contributed to their predicament.

  40. Thats because some stupid person decided to have all precious marerials stripped out and sold to line her ever growing pockets.

    • Tony For doesn’t want people who don’t want an airport to comment here!

      I would rather have houses on a brownfield site, which the ex-airport is, than on agricultural land or countryside. But that doesn’t mean I think building thousands of new houses/flats on one site is a great idea- I just don’t want an airport near Ramsgate. Perhaps Andrew feels the same way.

    • I’ve got a house, thank you.
      What I don’t want is a noisy, dirty 24×7 cargo hub just up the road.
      And before you say anything, when I bought my house, there was no airport.

  41. I wonder what Riveroak, the US property developers will call their 1st housing development?

    Wonder whether they will go down the route of opening it for a year, declaring it not viable, then building the houses, or whether they will just wait for the DCO to fail, then build the houses.

    Either way, they will never build a freight hub, nobody wants it, it’s really that simple.

  42. The ever increasingly ridiculous claims continue.

    £1 billion now, for an airfield that’s never made a penny, and is in completely the wrong place. I have a lovely shiny bridge for sale, 1 careful owner.

    “BBC SE Today last night they said there be cargo & passenger aircraft within three years and they gonna spend over a billion pounds on doing the site up”

  43. Billion pounds on the site so who is going to pay for all the upgrading of the road in and out of thanet. You can run and airport within only a 2 lane motorway to the M25. The thanet way and M2 will need both lanes open 24/7 as all the fuel lorrys will be needed 24/7 unless the billion pounds includes being connected to the national fuel pipe line. If fuel is brought in by tanker it’s going to be alot more expensive for the plane operators. Than we will have a big increase in HGV moving the goods out and in. The thanet way/ M2 needs to be 3 lane perhaps the billion pounds are going to that as well. So with all that plus doing up manston and moving manston to a more central position in the country it’s just another folly. Like people have it’s been a stand alone airport for 15 yrs and ever private operator has gone bust or pulled out because who in their right mind wants to go or bring in goods or export goods from the bottom right hand corner of England. Getting the goods from all over England to the bottom right hand corner of England just isn’t viable.

    • Great response, but the people who want an airport at any cost regardless of noise and air pollution, might flights etc will never want to listen to the non-feasibility of Manston as an operating airport. As pointed out by other people it has been tried many times and failed miserably even with taxpayers money being invested by TDC and KCC into it. Do not understand why Riveroak want this land but I would take a bet that Manston will never start up again as an airport for the very reasons stated.

  44. They are not petty comments, you cannot just say we are going to fly there and expect a slot. How many cargo companies are going to set up from scratch. you need a reality check.

  45. Has any stopped to think that when manston airport does re open that the pilots will use the hotels in the area ànd use the facilities around here that will bring in money and more trade to thanet they will let other pilits know ans so on. please for those who are against the airport think about that

    • To quote John MacEnroe: “you can’t be serious”!!!
      Are you seriously saying that we should run a 24×7 cargo hub, with all the noise and pollution that brings, just so that a handful of pilots might stay in one or two of our B&B’s (assuming they haven’t been driven out of business)?
      “Two words for ya”? I’ve got a whole lexicon for you.

  46. Gordon Farmer’s point is insignificant compared to the damage a busy airport would do.

    Ramsgate would no longer attract tourists, for instance.

  47. Marva Rees if the council spent money on cleaning up thanet and trying ro get more trade in to the shops then those pilots would bring thier friends and families and then word would get around. So if you dont want that then got 2 words for yah

    • I certainly don’t want an airport near Ramsgate. I would like to know what “two words for yah” means.

  48. I am absolutely delighted that chances have much improved for MANSTON AIRPORT to be open again. Can’t wait to look up and againsee and hear planes coming into land right over our Ramsgate seafront home. It’s been like living in a graveyard since they stopped. The party poopers are worse than the EU remainers. Full marks to River Oak for their perseverance. The whole of Thanet have much to thank them for.

  49. Peter Brown’s comments are surely a joke. He is very, very wrong in saying “The whole of Thanet have much to thank them for.” On the contrary, so far, the residents of Thanet have much to blame them for.

  50. In Luton the airport has bought thousands of jobs and prosperity to the town and the planes go right over the town. Without it Luton would be a ghost town. Vauxhall used to be the biggest employer but most of those jobs are now done by robots.
    How long has Marva lived in the area? The airport was built during the laSt world war so everyone knew it was there. In the fifties we had USAF fighter jets buzzing around all the time. And Ramsgate prospered then. I can’t think of any town in England that hasn’t prospered by having an active airport.

    • Don’t think my sister who lives in the village of Biggleswade, Bedfordshire would agree with you. She now has to suffer airplane noise which has never been there before as a flight path has suddenly appeared over her house. Her quality of life has now much reduced and her house price is also affected. The consultation with local people was totally ignored! Makes a mockery of the new law of reducing our carbon emissions to zero by 2050?

  51. Luton sounds bloody awful. I have lived in Ramsgate for five minutes, just like everybody else who doesn’t want an airport at Manston. The fifties was a period when most British people holidayed in Britain and globalization had not devastated British industries large and small.

    • Marva is right. Lots of people did choose to holiday in Ramsgate in the fifties. And that is when we had loads of planes buzzing around all day long. I remember them well. And guess what? They didn’t complain about the planes then. And the town prospered. No boarded up/empty shops then. Guess folk back then were made of sterner stuff and not always finding something to moan about. And Marva is right. Most people do now go abroad for their holidays. And they get there? By plane! I pity Ramsgate/Thanet folk who have to get to Heathrow to start there holiday.
      Southend airport wants to expand.(Similarly placed to Ramsgate across the Thames). Gatwick wants another runway. Heathrow wants another runway. Luton is expanding. Stanstead wants another runway. Bristol is doing alright. Welcome to the real world, Marva. And stop moaning.

  52. How old were you in the 1950s, Mr Brown? Manston was then a military airport, not a cargo or passenger airport.USAF did not leave until 1960! It then was partly a RAF base [ and was prepared for use in the Cuba crisis]. There were only occasional package tours and cargo flights while it was being used by the RAF
    Born in Ramsgate in 1946!

    • We went on a package holiday with Yugotours in the late 1980s/early 90s & a company called Newmarket used it for package holidays to Italy etc.

      • Our family first purchased a house in Ramsgate in 1947. Before that we, including myself, stayed at the harbour side Oak Hotel. The USAF flew jet fighters out of Manston for hours on end. Delightful. Hope that answers your question

    • MARTIN I can remember a TWA Constellation landing at Manston. BA used it for quite a while for pilot landing training. Jumbos etc. Also the very first Boeing double decker Dream liner to this country landed at Manston. Several emergency foreign aid loads left from Manston. I may be right in saying the England football team left from there to Brazil. In the future It would also serve as an alternative landing place when Gatwick is closed for fog etc. A multi purpose valuable asset for sure. Plus modern jets are far quieter these days. by the way, I was a schoolboy in 1946 !

        • Gordon. I appreciate you confirming as correct what I had put previously. We clearly both go back a long way and recall the good times and positives. I do agree that TDC are useless. We have a ferry port without any ferries. An airport without any planes. A fantastic sea front with absolutely nothing. That’s for starters.

  53. As I understand it, the regular use of Manston as a commercial airport only began when the RAF left a sum of compensation when they left the aerodrome – but as soon is this money ran out it became financially unviable as a commercial airport , thus leading to a succession of failed efforts to run it as such

  54. Many thanks, Peter. The noise of the USAF and RAF planes in Huntingdonshire in the 1950s [ more bases. low lying fens and far from the sea?] left a much deeper impression on my youth . We lived near Alconbury and Wyton. – but it was not like freight traffic, if I remember right

  55. IF folks really want something to moan about it should be the disgraceful boarding up of most of the Ramsgate beach promenade for over 20 years. And don’t get me on about dog poo and litter.

      • With respect Fran TDC cannot keep propping up an airport that has failed so many times with local taxpayers money. Many familiar commercial airlines such as easyJet, Ryanair have been offered slots in the past at Manston and have turned it down as it is too far away from London for the tourist industry and you have Gatwick in between. You are only serving local people and that is not viable as the population is not large enough.
        Answering another comment on here about there will be “no night flights”. That is a joke – I lived under the flight path in Ramsgate and although we were promised no night flights, they happened all the time and sometimes up to 2.00 am, especially cargo planes. Also training flights were allowed all day long landing and taking off every 10 mins over Ramsgate instead of the previously agreed permitted 2 hrs. Apparently the airport requested a change of the rules with the civil aviation authority which was agreed, and which I presume TDC were aware of but did not inform anybody. Any complaints made to the council and the airport went straight in the bin as they always insisted they had few complaints, but this was just not true. Birchington and Herne Bay were also badly affected by these low flying aircraft.
        I moved so will not be affected if the airport reopened but be careful what you wish for …

        • Madeline makes interesting comments. In short, begins by saying no one wanted to use the airport when they had the chance but goes on say it was being used so much she moved away !

          • I didn’t say that at all. Commercial flights had dwindled down to almost nothing as usual, but cargo planes were very much in evidence and the new time allowance for training planes were the last straw. Over Christmas the last year we lived there, we had a Hong Kong airline jumbo jet (Manston the only airport with long enough runway) doing training sessions over the house every 10 minutes at very low altitude as the pilot was learning to land and take off, not bothering with the usual 20 minute route over Margate, the sea and back to Ramsgate. This was just to save fuel with no thought for local residents. Council offices were closed for the Christmas period so no one to complaint to. Ironically this airline went bust soon afterwards. Nevertheless the usual EasyJet and other commercial airlines continued to train as above. It is not a healthy environment to live in with pollution and noise from low flying aircraft for residents of those affected in Thanet, specifically children, so reluctantly we made the decision to move. As I said before, be careful what you wish for…

        • I lived under the flight path too, still do, never bothered us. As for your other points, just not true. Night flights only happened in emergency situations & training flights were very temporary. Talking about TDC with respect to the points Peter mentioned. Yet they have found £3million for refurbishing their offices.

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