Anti-weapons protesters shut down Instro Precision site at Discovery Park

Campaigners at the Instro Precision site Photo East Kent Campaign Against the Arms Trade

The Instro Precision base at Discovery Park in Sandwich has shut down for the day after a number of  protesters got on to the site.

East Kent Campaign Against the Arms Trade protesters claim the company supplies Israel with weapons to kill Palestinian people in Gaza.

Instro Precision says it is a supplier and system integrator of support equipment for military and commercial electro-optical sensors in the world.

The firm moved to Discovery Park from Broadstairs where it had been the target of numerous protests.

Police are still at the scene. No arrests have been made.

A Kent P{olice spokesman said: “Kent Police was called at 7.42am  to reports of a protest at a business in Discovery Park, Ramsgate Road, Sandwich.

“Officers attended and remain at the scene.”


  1. If a Labour politican accused the Israelis of committing war-crimes he/she would be accused of being anti-semitic.

  2. If Jewish members of the Labour Party think the party and senior leadership are anti-semitic,they’re in the best place to know.Interesting how those who pose with Palestinian flags never talk about how many people Palestinian terrorists have killed over the years…so,as the shoe appears to fit,these people are wearing it.

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