Distraught former owner of Alsatian pup found dead in Ramsgate says her family is ‘in bits’

Destiny says she has not stopped crying since discovering Bow suffered such a brutal death

The former owner of an eight month old female Alsatian which was found dead at the East Cliff Chine yesterday (June 25) after being bound, stabbed and shaved, says she has not stopped crying since discovering the harrowing details.

Destiny Glazier, who is expecting her second child, says she had to give up pup Bow due to having to move.

She says the situation meant she had to rehome her ‘gentle’ dog around four weeks ago and thought she had found the ideal person to take over the care of Bow.

Destiny, from Ramsgate, discovered the dog had been the victim of a horrific attack after seeing a photo of the pup’s body on social media as part of an appeal for information from the RSPCA.

Bow’s body was discovered by a dog walker. Her muzzle and legs were bound with strips of some kind of material, which meant she had been tied up into a small ball. She also had an incision or stab wound on top of her head where her fur had also been shaved.

The dog warden was alerted and Bow’s body was taken to Thanet Vets in Margate before the RSPCA were contacted.

Destiny said: “Me and my family are in bits. I saw the post and knew, then my partner went to the vets to confirm it was her.

“I had to move and was getting no help from the council so thought it was best to rehome her. She also needed more time with someone with no kids who would walk her everyday .

“It was so horrible seeing her like that. She was so gentle, I don’t know how someone could’ve done this to her. Her head was shaved and cut, I haven’t stopped crying since I found out.”

Destiny says she has passed the relevant details on to the authorities.

RSPCA chief Inspector Steve Dockery is now investigating the circumstances surrounding the dog’s death and disposal.

He said: “This must have been an incredibly distressing discovery for the member of the public who found this poor dog. I’ve been an inspector for many years but this really is shocking. We believe the injured dog had been tied up and dumped in the sea.

A bag was found next to Bow

“The vets also believe that the dog was in season before she died and that due to bruising and swelling on her muzzle as well as blood in her mouth, it would appear as though she was alive before she was bound.

“A black Nike holdall was found with her and contained the same material she was tied up with. Although she wasn’t inside it, it appears like whoever did this had tried and failed to place her in the bag as the bag was also full of seaweed and sand.

“The poor dog was also very underweight and has no microchip.

“We are now appealing for anyone who may have any information which could help our investigation, to contact the inspectorate appeal line in strictest confidence on 0300 123 8018.”

The investigation continues and no arrests have been made as yet. The identity of the perpetrator is not yet known or been confirmed.

A Kent Police spokesperson said: “Kent Police is assisting the RSPCA following a report that a dead dog was found on a beach in Ramsgate on 25 June. Enquiries are ongoing to establish the circumstances of the death.”

For advice on rehoming a dog visit https://www.rspca.org.uk/findapet/rehomeapet/process/rehomeadog

To help the RSPCA continue rescuing, rehabilitating and rehoming animals in desperate need of care please visit the website.


  1. Can the Rspca trace anything? Was it chipped at all. Something is not right with this story please don’t abuse your pets. Most places don’t take pets. Hope whoever did this goes to jail.

    • The cruel b###### should be tied up themselves and shaved put them through what them or the one that did this. it is dammed dicusting no animal should have to suffer from that, it breaks my heart and word can’t explain how I feel about this.

    • It was a few days ago this person put the dog up for sale on a group local to me. At the time I reported it to admin and to Facebook and also told her that she could take the dog to a rescue centre even quoted a couple and other people told her the same but she sold it anyway. Then lo and behold this happened and she’s all upset. When I reminded her what I said at the outset she told me to “f*** off you c***” she was not fit to own any animal in the first place. There’s nothing anyone can do now but run free over the rainbow Bridge little baby. People like this woman and the person who killed the dog should be brought up justice ????????

      • How awfully sad is that. Yes she could have had the pup sent to a responsible rescue.some people should never ever ever be allowed to have animals.

      • I think there’s more to this than meets the eye and l totally agree with you on the fact that these people not fit to keep a dog, Very worrying for any children in their care

      • That’s awful, so sorry she didn’t take your advice ????. Here was me thinking, Pity she didn’t know any better, didn’t realise the mistake she made and all the time she had been warned ????

      • Agreed. I’d have taken the dog as I know many people would! It all came down to money and a lack of caring one ounce for the animal. ????????

  2. Don’t the people who gave her up know who they gave her up too?…this is why you should always take them to proper dog rescue associations.????

    • They do and that information has been passed to investigators but I wouldn’t name that person unless they are charged with an offence

  3. JAIL for the ‘thing’ that did this to this poor pup!! And for a long time in a cage – and I hope those who are in there with this ‘thing’ are people who love dogs so they can apply some karma to this cretinous sadistic POS who did this to this dog. May they rot . Please catch them asap.

  4. What a desperately sad story. How could anyone be so cruel to a lovely dog? The poor family.

  5. Glad to hear it looks like the person responsible for this will be sorted out sad that the previous owner was unable to keep her as I said on the earlier posting I hope they get the new justice for animal cruelty dealt out to them you think you have found someone to trust with the puppy you love and look what they do you just never know what people are like. So sad for Destiny to find out this way what happened to bow.

  6. People get worse. I cannot believe these people aren’t locked up for this. What is the difference between the in this and stabbing a human? It’s murder either way so should be dealt with as such!!!! UK is too lenient

  7. “This is why you should always take them to proper dog rescue associations..” Pet rescue associations are businesses. They obtain revenues from donations and by charging people who give up their animals and people who volunteer to rehome them. Over the years many of these businesses have become more and more authoritarian, insisting on doing multiple checks on people’s homes, putting conditions on the sale of the animal, demanding that people sign up to dog-training courses and charging quite a lot of money. If you think about it, it isn’t in their interest to rehome all of the pets they have as this would negate the reason for their existence. Many people find it far less hassle to buy pets direct from a dealer and to sell direct to a buyer. It could be argued that the closure of pet shops and the number of hoops which people are made to jump through to rehome pets have contributed to the rise of internet sales.

    • And a consequence of all these checks and so on is that the animals have a far better chance of being re-homed with long term loving families.

    • I help run a nonprofit pet rescue. On average, it costs three times as much to care for one animal than the adoption fee covers. It’s a terrible business model! When we can figure out how to make money, I’d love to draw income to cover the 50+ hours I spend volunteering for our organization. Instead, I have to work two other jobs to support my fostering habit.

      • The RSPCA do a brilliant home for life some years ago my dog bonnie bit one of my son’s l could see it was more of a warning but the partner wanted her gone it took a couple of months waiting but l got to take my bonnie to a home on a farm near Braintree Essex the thing is she knew what it was all about and instantly made friends with the other couple of dogs the people owned it upset me to lose such a dog but l was happy with the home and new life she would have

    • Dear Eggnob
      Apart from being inaccurate, your comments in respect of dog rescue “organisations” suggest you have little understanding on the subject. Why do you think potential adopters and their homes are checked out? At around £20/day to keep a dog
      in kennels, pending their adoption and some wait YEARS, waiting for someone to even want them, why do you think a charge has to be made? Please do your homework before gobbing off and ignorantly criticising the very “organisations” that could have prevented this tragic case.

  8. Such a horrific outcome & heartbreaking for the family, So many risks when families have to move into rented accommodation which doesn’t allow pets, families are torn apart, they struggle to find accommodation which supports families staying with their pets which are their lifeline & support much of the time for them & especially their children. There is a petition to support a change in the housing laws to keep families together with their pets. Maidstone council are supporting the change more need to get on board.

  9. chances are she was sold on a selling site or facebook. If only the poor dog had been taken to a rescue. Please NEVER rehome a dog yourself

    • All the GSD rescues (and there are a few!) have volunteers who monitor these selling sites and contact the owners to advise not to sell or give away on these internet selling sites, but to contact a rescue. The owners was advised of this by a few people and contacted by GSD rescues who offered to take the pup – she refused and chose to sell her instead. Crocodile tears!

  10. Me and my family will begin to get over this, I have given the info of who she was sold too to the rspca who are dealing with it and will get him eventually. I’m sorry I couldn’t keep her and my heart is truly broke for her.

    • You were advised on your For Sale post to hand her to a breed specific rescue, who would have homechecked her new owner and found her the right home. You were abusive to the people who advised you of this and sold her to someone you didn’t know. There are hundreds of posts all over the internet about the risks you take selling dogs on the internet, but you still sold her on.

      I don’t believe you your heart is broken, otherwise you would have done what was best for her and handed her over to a rescue who cared – instead you sold her! The dog is the only one who suffered here!

    • You should have let her go to a rescue place who would have found her a lovely home, instead you abused the people and wanted money for her, it’s all your fault this has happened to her and hope karma pays you back big time, never get another animal again, crocodile tears !!!

    • You did not microchip your dog. You did not desex your dog. You sold your dog on a site with no proper home check. You completely failed your dog with the most basic of requirements. You must take responsibility for your actions which caused this terrible crime to happen. Imagine the pain and suffering and fear your dog endured failed by their human A dog is for life not a commodity

  11. This is one of the most horrific and wicked evil acts of cruelty I’ve read about…what has become of this country? I can’t bear to think about how that beautiful pup suffered at the hands of a monster..helpless confused frightened and in pain…I’m struggling to write this through my tears of heartache for this poor dog…there is a physcopath roaming the streets…DON’T GIVE YOUR DOG’S AWAY TO RANDOM STRANGERS NO MATTER HOW NICE THEY MAY SEEM! RIP SWEET GIRL NO MORE PAIN????

  12. Bring back dog licensing! Its almost certain if this dog had not been so horrifically killed, she would have been used for unlicensed dog breeding! Even chipping a dog is useless if people move frequently as they do do, but licensing a dog at an address, with a dog tag showing their license number, will identify it, and its owner! If the owner moves, they need to change the dog licence address, simples! Never buy an animal from an unlicensed puppy breeder!

    • And what exactly will bringing back licensing achieve??? There’s a law in place that they have to be chipped but nothing happens to owners that don’t get them chipped, and they are the type of owner that wouldn’t bother getting a license if it was re introduced!

      • Dogs that were licensed were given a brass pendant with the License number stamped on it, to attach to their collar. A dog Warden could then check this when carrying out spot checks. With modern technology no doubt this could be done on the spot using a mobile phone! If the dog was unlicensed it should be impounded for a week at the local Police Station, and if it was uncollected by the owner, it was put down! Harsh? May be, but it would make dog owners more responsible perhaps!

        • It’s more about licencing the owners in my mind the dog’ is not at fault’ it’s some of the people that unfortunately become owners very much like this case

  13. Can’t believe this evil person is gaining fame after giving her puppy away. Can’t look after you dog, don’t get one in the first place. Simples!

    • She sold it Julie after being advised to put it in a rescue where the pup would have found a safe and loving home, instead the poor pup didn’t stand a chance ???????? pure greed on her part selling this poor babe

  14. If the dog was sold 4 weeks ago & was 8 months old why wasnt she chipped with the previous owners details?
    Typical case of someone getting a puppy cos it’s cute & then when it starts getting big as a GSD would quite quickly, & needs to be trained the poor dog gets sold on with no checks made clearly or she wouldn’t have ended up where she did.
    Crocodile tears after the event to ease your conscience & gain social sympathy don’t cut it. The fact that you didn’t physically put the poor dog where she was found doesn’t mean you’re not responsible for her death. Shame on you.
    RIP beautiful pup too good for this cruel world ????????????

  15. She wanted money more than a safer rescue home it was only a pup she’s pregnant and about to move home why the hell did she have a fog in the first place

  16. The woman does know the people she passed the dog onto! A prosecution MUST be made for this abuse. I found out about this the day it happened and the state of this poor dog was so disturbing. The person/s who did this are more than capable of doing this to other animals AND humans and must be prevented from doing so as they WILL do it again.

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