Appeal for witnesses after ‘hit and run’ driver knocks 12-year-old off his bike on Manston Road

Liverpool fan Jimmi was knocked from his bike and left laying in the road

An appeal for information is being made after a driver knocked a 12-year-old boy off his bike on the Manston Road and then drove off while the youngster lay on the ground.

Charles Dickens School student Jimmi Needham was cycling along the road, close to Quex and the Birchington Vale caravan park, on the way to his friend’s house at 6.05pm  when a black car went past him at speed. The vehicle’s wing mirror hit Jimmi’s handlebars, throwing him from the bike and into the road.

The driver did not stop.

Liverpool FC fan Jimmi was found by Ramsgate couple Natasha Bizarra and Iain Dawson who called police and paramedics.

His dad Darren said: “Jimmi could have lost his life. He said he could hear the car from way back and it sounded fast. They didn’t know if they left him alive or not.

They must have known they’d hit him as you can hear a twig hitting a mirror let alone a bike’s handlebars.. I’m just so thankful to Natasha for helping Jimmi, it could have been so much worse.”

Darren says he has been told a black car was seen running a red light at Coffin Corner not long after and the vehicle headed to Shottendane Road.

Jimmi suffered injuries to his ankle and leg and was taken for checks to Margate’s QEQM Hospital. He is now recovering at home with mum Cathy.

Darren said: “He has a few minor cuts and a big deep cut the length of his shin. He has tissue damage to his ankle as well as torn ligaments. I would rather he had a broken bone than torn ligaments as they take months to heal.”

Kent Police is appealing for anyone with information about the incident to get in touch.

A police spokesperson said: “Kent Police was called to a collision involving a car and cyclist in Manston Road at around 6.20pm on Tuesday, June 25.

“Officers attended the scene where the cyclist had suffered injuries and was taken to hospital. The car had left the location before police arrived and enquiries remain ongoing to locate the driver.”

Anyone with information should call Kent Police on 01843 222289 quoting reference 25-1408.


  1. Get well soon Jimmi. There are far too many idiots on our roads many under the influence of drugs of one sort or other. The police need to do a clamp down.

  2. Richard agreed there is not enough police around Kent let alone thanet but blame has got to rest with the amount of scum that has been breed they not only run young children down and leave them for dead stab people enjoying themselves with friends on a night out setting fire to rubbish and bins and causing family’s to flea the house because of it beating students up leaving them in a coma fighting for life and a puppy tied up and stab in the head thrown in the sea to die. Isn’t it strange a few years ago this government said we don’t need so many policemen / police women how wrong we needed more then and even more now. This is just about the end of 1\2 this year and yes I have said some of the worst crimes so far but these all happened within six weeks most or all this month. I actually feel like the police are on a hiding to nothing as we want them to catch more criminals and have more on the beat until they can employ more we never will get it to happen.

  3. Sounds like a stolen vehicle going by it’s apparent route.
    As has been said, not enough police so the morons are getting away with all sorts with very little chance of being caught.
    Get better soon, Jimmi.

    • Thank you everyone.. jimmi is my son.. we now have a make and model of the car with what the driver looked like.. all thanks to social media. Fingers crossed I can find him .

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