Body of female Alsatian tied, stabbed in head and dumped in sea washes up in Ramsgate

The poor dog had been tied up while alive

The body of the young female dog, believed to be between six months and one year old, was discovered by a dog walker yesterday (25 June) at 9.20am washed up on the beach at East Cliff Chine in Ramsgate.

The dog’s muzzle and legs were bound with strips of some kind of material, which meant she had been tied up into a small ball. She also had an incision or stab wound on top of her head where her fur had also been shaved.

The dog warden was alerted and the dog’s body was taken to Thanet Vets in Margate before the RSPCA were contacted.

Chief Inspector Steve Dockery is now investigating the circumstances surrounding the dog’s death and disposal.

He said: “This must have been an incredibly distressing discovery for the member of the public who found this poor dog. I’ve been an inspector for many years but this really is shocking. We believe the injured dog had been tied up and dumped in the sea.

“The vets also believe that the dog was in season before she died and that due to bruising and swelling on her muzzle as well as blood in her mouth, it would appear as though she was alive before she was bound.

“A black Nike holdall was found with her and contained the same material she was tied up with. Although she wasn’t inside it, it appears like whoever did this had tried and failed to place her in the bag as the bag was also full of seaweed and sand.

“The poor dog was also very underweight and has no microchip.

“We are now appealing for anyone who may have any information which could help our investigation, to contact the inspectorate appeal line in strictest confidence on 0300 123 8018.”


  1. As absolutely disgusting and sickening as this is, I wish people would spare a thought for the millions of farmed animals who are treated just as bad. Please, if you care about animals, go vegan.

    • Idiot. Using this to push your own agenda. I don’t tell any one to eat meat so don’t tell me not to.

    • Farm animals are mainly killed for food, this poor animal was brutally maimed, tortured and died an agonising death purely for someone’s sick pleasure. If I never ate another mouthfull of meat til I die, it would not help stop this vile self gratification and prevent further suffering. And you know that!

      • What has eating meat and farm animals got to do with this poor dog and the way she has been treated?

    • We’re all aware of that this is something entirely different so what’s your point, obviously poor dog hasn’t hit home with you yet!!

    • If you care about this dog, then say something about this dog. I never thought I’d be ashamed of being vegan but your comment makes us all look very ignorant

  2. Why why why the scum who did this could have given her to a rescue centre there is no need to do what the person did do what we did when ee couldn’t look after two cats cats in crises helped out there are dogs homes out there battersea dogs and cats home dogs trust RSPCA why do this cruelty. At least the government has brought out tougher penalties for cruelty to animals I hope they can get the scum who did this and give them the full force of the law.

  3. The scum who did this need to be caught and punished
    There are lots of places that take in animals please any one who has any information come forward
    RIP little girl xx

  4. Let’s hope whoever carried out this vile act is caught – now that the maximum penalty for animal cruelty has increased to 5 years

  5. Only a lowlife scumbag could harm and kill a dog this way. I seriously hope this xxxx gets caught and they release his name and address to the general public because whoever done this deserves to be lynched and suffer the same pain and distress this poor dog suffered. People who hurt and kill animals are the worst kind of scum on the planet.

    • No, they don’t deserve to be lynched. The kind of violent, vindictive justice system which “Concerned” advocates is not what anybody who would like to think of themselves as a civilized human being should want.

        • No, they don’t. They need to be identified, they need to be tried in a court of law and sentenced according to what the law allows, but they shouldn’t be treated with the sort of barbaric cruelty which they inflicted on the dog.

        • I say forget all the politics we’re talking about a poor puppy who was abused tortured and killed by some sick wierdo who in my opinion deserves to have exactly the same done to him/her let that wierdo feel the same terror and pain that the poor puppy felt although they wouldnt have the same level of fear because he/she would know Why this was happening to It. If someone was needed to carry out this form of punishment I would happily do it and I know there would be a wery long queue of volunteers ready to step in to carry this out.

  6. Don’t compare this too animal exports although I don’t agree with this practice! This is down right cruelty and needs to be dealt with as such.

  7. marva rees, Stop trying to rationalize criminal and psychopath behaviour. Its mindsets like yours that have turned the criminals into the victims and the victims into cannon fodder.
    How can you justify championing the rights of criminals and psychpaths over the rights of the victims. ? You can advocate for the rights of the perpetrators all you want but you are in the minority. The majority of us want sickos like this locked up for life.
    You can can call me uncivilised if you wish but then I also have the right to call you deluded. Anyone who can hand out such a vicious assault on an animal does not deserve sympathy and a hug, they deserve punishment.

  8. Perhaps “Concerned” could define the meaning of “lynch”.

    I do not think cruel people deserve “sympathy and a hug”. I can’t see that I have “championed the rights of criminals and psychopaths over the rights of the victims” in my previous posting.

  9. Marva Rees If believing in harsh sentancing makes me uncivilised then so be it. The softly softly approach to justice that has crept into the uk criminal justice system only emboldens the criminals. Without an adequate form of punishment there is no fear of the deterrent.
    The poor police catch the perps and the courts let them off with laughable community sentances. Liberal judges and over zealous human rights have given the criminals the upper hand.
    Anyone who can stab a dog in the head, bind its legs together and then throw it into the sea is not deserving of anyones compassion and deserves a punishment that fits the crime.
    I personally felt sick reading this article ( even the uncivilised have emotions and empathy) and Perhaps lynching was too powerful a word but with the police let down and emasculated by the liberal criminal justice system perhaps vigilante justice might actually make people think twice before committing atrocities like this.

  10. It has long been established that harsh punishment is no deterrent. If it was, then in the days when state execution was the penalty for murder, there would have been little or no violent crime. That wasn’t the case.
    Thank goodness that the majority of our law makers have a more enlightened view of crime and punishment.

  11. Andrew, your more enlightened lawmakers have given the power to the criminals. Out of control kids and criminals laugh in the faces of the police now because they know there is little chance of a prison sentence. Community sentancing does not act as a deterrent.
    Every offender who is incarcerated is one less threat to the rest of the law abiding community. The vast majority of the British public want offenders locked up behind bars where they belong.
    You might see yourself as an idealistic reformer, but in reality its utopian daydreams like yours that empower the criminals in this country.

  12. You make rather sweeping assumptions about me.
    I didn’t state an opinion, just facts.
    However: What punishment do you think would be appropriate for, for example, a driver who killed a cyclist?
    How about the Master of a fox hunt?

  13. Andrew, read the city journal “what criminologists dont say and why ”
    Crime Statistics can be skewed to show whatever you want to read into them, anyone with any knowledge of statistics should already know this. I doubt that you have ever been the victim of a serious crime, if you had you wouldn’t advocate for prisoners rights. Go and speak to real police officers and ask them how it feels to be emasculated by the liberal justice system.
    As for your questions, Fox hunting is illegal and barbaric so yes a jail sentance would be the ideal punishment for such a disgusting crime. If the person who killed a cyclist was drunk, on the phone or drug driving then yes, a custodial sentance would be the ideal punishment. If someone who commits a crime knows what they are doing is illegal then I offer no sympathy and yes they deserve to be punished

  14. If it’s true that “crime statistics can be skewed to show whatever you want to read into them” then there’s no point in anybody reading them at all.

  15. The City Journal is an American magazine published by a conservative free-market supporting company, so it is hardly unbiased.


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