Eid celebration raises funds for Salvation Army food bank

The celebration at Ramsgate Tandoori

A collection totalling £320 was made for the Salvation Army food bank service during a celebration of EID on Sunday.

Eid means a “festival” or “feast” in Arabic. It is celebrated twice a year as Eid al-Adha and Eid al-Fitr as part of the Islamic faith.

The event was held at Ramsgate Tandoori and hosted by restaurant owners Cllr Raushan Ara and husband Reza.

Food was provided by the restaurant and the collection money was spent at Bookers cash & carry buying different food and toilette items.

Raushan and Reza said: “We would like to thank those who attended the celebration and made this event such a success, all those generous people who helped to raise the amazing amount for the most needy people in our community.”

The collection was prompted after a conversation with Carl Whitewood, from the Salvation Army, who said the provisions at the food bank were running out.

The drive to raise funds and donations continues.

To get involved contact Cllr Ara at  [email protected] or the Salvation Army via the website at https://www.salvationarmy.org.uk/ramsgate



  1. Well done raushan, fabulous restaurant food and all for a good cause, proud to be involved

  2. Whilst I commend those Ramsgate and Thanet should not need to have any food bank. Living on £75 a week where most of that monthly money goes on bills and straight back to the council is a disgrace on the council for allowing to get to this

  3. Plus the live animal shipments should also be something that a local councillor should be stopping come on Raushan go to a live export shipment and see the horrors those animals have to suffer and help us stop live exports. Whilst you eat your meat curry a lorry of sheep travel over 18 hours to get to Ramsgate for these so called festivals of ritual lamb slaughter but there is nothing to say that live animals should suffer is there Raushan!

  4. Absolutely right on! Millions of animals are barbarically slaughtered by having their throats cut so they bleed to death for so called Halal meat! Similarly with Kosher meat! All for the sake of religious superstition!

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