Steam locos and classic trains at Ramsgate Depot open day

The steam loco Clan Line By Rwendland -

It has been locomotives and trains galore in Thanet with the steam 35028 Clan Line appearing at a ticketed Ramsgate Depot Open Day in association with South Eastern Railway today (June 8).

The whistle of the locomotive could be heard today from the locomotive which arrived at the station at 11pm yesterday.

There are a variety of locomotives and trains on show at the depot.

Photo John Horton

Yesterday two classic trains built for the Kent coast in the 50s travelled through Thanet stations as they too headed to Ramsgate for the open day.

Photo John Horton

These were the 1959 MLVs (Motor Luggage Vans) S68001 and S68002, with a 1951 Suburban two car EPB (Electro Pneumatic Brake) unit. The especially repainted trains were hauled through Westgate by a former Southern Diesel, 33025.

Photo John Horton

Hornby has also carried out a naming ceremony of a Javelin train – now branded as the Hornby Visitor Centre – at the depot. The naming was to celebrate Hornby’s return to Margate. The event was attended by Hornby management including development director Simon Kohler.

Mr Kohler said: “All at Hornby have been honoured that Southeastern Railway have named one of their flagship trains ‘Hornby Visitor Centre’ at the Ramsgate Open Day. Such an honour simply underlines the fact that Hornby is very much a part of Thanet.”

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The event is ticket-holders only, made up of staff, ex-staff, invited guests and those lucky enough to get them through schools and Hornby Hobbies.

Attractions also included the newest freight locomotive for Direct Rail Services -the Class 88008 Electra. British Transport Police and Kent Fire and Rescue are also at the event.

The event is in aid of the Dame Kelly Holmes Trust and the Railway Children charity for homeless children across the world sleeping at stations.

The Clan Line departs Ramsgate tonight at 7;35pm for Stewart’s Lane, London- going via Minster, Canterbury, Ashford, Tonbridge and Orpington.


  1. Why on earth is this not publicised more. I’d love to have gone. Why does TDC hide Ramsgate, is it because they don’t want it to be a tourist destination but instead an industrial wasteland?

    • It was ticketed through South Eastern. Some schools and Hornby’s gave tickets away but they were not on general release

    • If you read the article, you’ll see it’s got nothing at all to do with TDC.
      Have a moan at South Eastern rail instead.

  2. Limited access to this makes no sense to me. Why on Earth go to the trouble of putting on this kind of event for such a limited clientele when the beneficiaries are charities who need all the money they can get?

  3. I would have lived to have gone and for pictures – I worked for Clan Line the shipping c9mpany for many tears; my first ship was the Clan Menzies

  4. The venue was hosted by South Eastern who are limited according to Health and Safety Legislation as to how many people they are permitted to permit on site, they wern’t in anyway being mean they were genuinely restricted, Insurance costs are huge as are the costs for simply hosting it, they would have dearly wished to have permitted others in and would have done so if they could.

    • If it’s leaving Ramsgate at 7.35pm or so I guess it will take 20-25 minutes to get to Canterbury assuming it’s running non-stop. Photo opportunities for those that want them anywhere on the line between the two.

  5. They probably did not advertise this event the same as don`t advertise when the little ships come into Ramsgate. I`m sure that could of had someone there to limit the amount of people they go to see the trains.

  6. Depending on light conditions the top spot and closest station to Stewarts Lane Depot to get a good picture is Wandsworth Road Station which is right next to the depot.

  7. Perhaps South eastern will think about organising another open day.I hope it went well for them.

  8. It was a very good day for SE employees and their families, well done to SE for organising and putting on such a good display of old and new rolling stock and locos

  9. Passed Clan Lone at Ashford this evening. Stunning locomotive and a credit to the support team.

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