Prolific burglar jailed after bank holiday spree in Thanet and surrounding areas

Jordan Line was caught on CCTV

A burglar who spent the May bank holiday weekend breaking into businesses around Thanet and Canterbury has been jailed for four years.

During May 5-6, charity boxes were stolen and cash boxes and safes were ransacked from  locations, including private addresses, cafes, offices, industrial units, and bars in Herne Bay, Manston, Ramsgate, Broadstairs, Westgate, Birchington and Canterbury.

Attempts were even made to steal the cash boxes attached to washing machines in the laundry area of a caravan park.

A total of 17 burglaries and attempted burglaries were reported. Victims came forward with footage of the hooded offender recorded on their CCTV systems.

Following some of the burglaries safes which were reported stolen were thrown  from the bridge at the Chine in Ramsgate in an apparent bid to break them open.

Safes were found broken at the Westcliff

An investigation was launched by Kent Police and within three days of the burglaries, 25-year-old Jordan Line had been identified by officers as one of the offenders and he was arrested.

Line, of Margate Road in Ramsgate, was charged on May 9 with conspiracy to burgle.

He admitted the charge and on Thursday (June 6) at Canterbury Crown Court he was sentenced to four years in prison.

Detective Sergeant Jay Robinson, whose team within Kent Police led the investigation, said: “This result is down to brilliant support from the businesses involved, and a lot of swift work from officers reviewing hours of CCTV and having the good local knowledge to identify an offender. Work is still very much ongoing to identify the others involved in the burglaries.

“We always encourage businesses and homes not just to consider installing CCTV but also to spend time learning how to operate and download it.

“In this instance having the ready availability of the CCTV footage meant there was nowhere for Line to hide and consequently he was arrested and charged very quickly.”


  1. Low life’s like him will get there just deserts hoping the rest of his cohorts get done as well 4 years is not enough be out to quick causing more misery for law abiding people.

  2. 4 years is a joke, he’ll only do half! Little tramp! He has been in and out of prison since he was 13-14 when he was put in a youth offenders institute. He was only released in 2018 from his latest stint (burglary) what is the point? He will never change, he wouldn’t ever get a job, he will always be the little skid he’s always been.

  3. Hopefully the new PM will take crime seriously and do something about scumbags like him. If criminals refuse to say who the others are at a crime then treble the sentence, in this case he would get 12 years instead of 4.

  4. I am not condoning theft of any kind whether from a house or business. I would like to point out that yes he will likely only do 2 years as is pretty standard in the UK now. However to say he should get 12 years, seems a little over the top. Also please take into consideration that if we increase sentences by 200%, which would then increase the cost to put them in prison by 200%. You the taxpayer will likely see substantial increases in taxation or your services such as the NHS, doctors, benefits and much more will be cut to increase sentences by by 200%. YOU CANNOT ARREST YOUR WAY OUT OF THIS. We have been trying to arrest our way out of so many issues including the war on drugs, knife crime, public disorder and it has done nothing but wasting public money, and creating an ever bigger divide between police and the community.

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