Skylift 3000 pictured off Margate coast

Skylift 3000 Photo John Horton

The Skylift 3000 submersible jack platform is currently working off the Margate coast and can be spotted in waters at the rear of the Winter Gardens.

The Skylift 3000 operates as a unique submersible ship lift that can load structures weighing up to 3,000 tonnes. The structure is floating and towable with a 60x28m platform which can be used as a barge and an offshore platform.

The vessel can be used in tandem with another platform for heavier decommissioning and salvage works.

It is built by Danish Shipyard company Ravenstein.

Photos John Horton


  1. Surprisingly this does not register under the name Skylift 3000 in the MarineTraffic app, nor under the name Thunderbird which it is also seems to be referred to at times. Does anyone know why as it is a significant ‘obstacle’ out there? Perhaps because it has no power of its own??

    • Yes, it is not showing on marine traffic as the vessel has no power to move itself. It always has to be towed by a tug.

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