Former Broadstairs Harvester bought by McDonald’s – with 65 jobs to be on offer


The former David Copperfield Harvester off Westwood has been bought by McDonald’s.

The venue, which shut on April 1, was bought by the fast food chain for £4,200,000 in April, according to documents on Land Registry.

The chain says it will be a Experience of the Future restaurant – with ordering via kiosk online and free to use wifi and tablets – and provide 65 jobs.

The newly registered owner is listed as McDonald;s Restaurants Ltd, (Co. Regn. No. 1002769) of 11-59 High Road, East Finchley, London N2 8AW

The David Copperfield was handed a zero star food rating on 2017 but achieved five stars at its last inspection in February 2018.

The site has been behind hoardings since the closure.

A McDonald’s spokesman said: “We have acquired a site in Broadstairs which we plan to develop into one of our Experience of the Future restaurants. Like all our restaurants in communities around the UK, the new restaurant will employ on average 65 people and bring new investment to the local community.

“It’s fantastic to be able to offer more jobs within the local area with great training opportunities for everyone.  As one of the UK’s largest employers, we’re proud of the wide range of people who work with us, from students and graduates, to parents and grandparents as well as those interested in a change of career.”


  1. We DO NOT really need another Mc D in the area it will only cause trouble those intent on trouble e:g noises from cars by show off young drivers. Must not be near residential areas..

    • Hello yes you are right we do not need another MC d in the area we one all why do we need another we on in Ramsgate and in Westwood why do need one

    • How can we stop McDonald’s from going they and them to sale and try and get a nice relaxing restaurant they instead it would be nice to have one because we all ready got a KFC there all ready

  2. I think McDs should be given an award for generating the most rubbish than any other outlet in 2nd place goes to Burger King and third joint prize goes to KFC and Costa coffee cups. These businesses and thieves customers make more mess and spoil the environment more than all other businesses put together. Yet another McDs will just make more mess.

  3. What a way to contribute to the health of our local population, another fast food outlet. I thought were supposed to be fighting the obesity crisis not feeding it? Right by a school too, how considerate.

  4. Maybe they are going to close the Westwood one in due course. If they have purchased the freehold of the Harvester site it must be cheaper in the long term than the Westwood site that I understand Sainsbury’s own the freehold.

  5. Another fast food establishment, like we really need one, a nice restaurant would have been better

  6. Hello why are you opening another take away restaurant when we have a very good KFC in that area

  7. Oh great yet another mcdonalds. So i guess now instead of relaxing in my garden i can listen to screeching cars, blaring music and spent my time collecting rubbish that will no doubt be thrown over my wall.

  8. Despite the fact we really don’t need another fast food outlet and it will increase rubbish in the area I also wonder how it will affect the already very over congested roads in that area. Especially around school finishing time ! Disappointed.

  9. This is the most ridiculous thing I’ve heard. Why, we really do not need another fast food restaurant. I thought the government were supposed to be promoting and encouraging healthy eating to overcome the obesity crisis we are facing as a population. How is this going to help. I bet the schools in the area are pleased too. Like others have said, all that’s going to happen is they will encourage more rubbish and litter in the surrounding residential areas. Well done to the powers that be to allow this to go ahead.

  10. What a great idea!! I have great self control so this is no problem. I live round the corner from the site and think it’s great! No more cold chips by the time I get them home!!!

  11. Best we need to start a petition to object to having another Mc D on the site of former Harvester. Guess we need thousands of signature and present to TDC…

    • Hello they are lots off people fell the same someone like you should start one because I would not now were to start
      I will be happy to sign it and you would get lot people to sign it around the area

    • petitions don’t work, money works, oh and lots of it. just got to give it to the right person, (nod, nod, wink wink)

  12. Best we need to start a petition to object to having another Mc D on the site of former Harvester. Guess we need thousands of signature and present to TDC…

  13. O dear thought we were getting a proper restaurant do we really need another fast food outlet me thinks not.

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