Feel-good carnival fun at Chilton Primary School

Carnival-themed fun at Chilton

It’s Good To Be Me was the positive message of a sunshine carnival of song, dance and smiles at Chilton Primary School in Ramsgate.

The feel-good factor took centre stage as children from each class proudly displayed their own colourful creative entries in the procession, backed up by music they chose to reinforce the theme of the term’s project.

Pupils danced and marched their way around the outdoor performance area in their bright hats, masks and costumes in front of cheering families, friends and staff.

Many of the participants carried banners, flags and placards displaying a range of messages including We Can Be Anything, I Love Me and You’re A Superstar.

Others mirrored themes investigated during their term’s work including diversity, equality, respect, it’s good to be different – but together. One large banner featured important traits for everyone to aspire to – happy, courageous, helpful, generous, friendly, ambitious and kind.

Songs chosen to enforce the varied themes included Happy, Wave Your Flag, Do Anything You Want To Do, You’re A Superstar and True Colours.

The whole term project across all age groups saw pupils explore self-esteem and understanding in themselves and others in their family, at school, in the wider community and in the world.

Finding out more about each other and celebrating diversity was underpinned by the Chilton values – Respect, Equality, Courage and Kindness.

As a culmination of their work, pupils worked in mixed year groups to paint, craft, draw and create the many highly visual entries for the procession.

Pupils are encouraged by positive messages and affirmations around the school including a quote from civil rights campaigner Jesse Jackson – “Never look down on somebody unless you are helping him up” –  and a simple yet effective credo across one wall of the assembly hall “I’m who I am meant to be – this is me.”

Head of School Kate Law said: “This was our first procession with the carnival theme. It was a brilliant way to celebrate a very important topic and it reinforced everything the children have really taken to heart during lessons this term.

“So much effort and enthusiasm went into the parade and it was a great collaborative effort with our children demonstrating that we should all be proud of our own identities and those of others.”