Judicial Review over change to women’s pension age to open next week

Penny Anne Wells from East Kent Waspi with a No Letter No Notice banner

A legal challenge to the way the Government changed the pension age for women will be heard in the Divisional Court next week.

Backto60 has brought the case, which will examine whether 3.9 million women born in the 1950s were appropriately communicated with regarding changes to the state pension age that result in a later retirement.

Up until 2010 women were eligible for their state pension when they reached the age of 60 but changes have seen this rise with the age at which women qualify for the state pension now 65, rising to 66 in October and  67, for men and women, by 2028.

Backto60 and Waspi campaigners say women born in the 1950s have been unfairly hit, did not receive proper notice and many have been left in poverty.

They are calling for this cohort of women to receive their state pension from the age of 60.

Scores of Thanet women are among the members of the Women Against State Pension Inequality (Waspi) 2018 east Kent branch which says it supports the Backto60 case.

Waspi say the changes were not publicised after a decision in 2011 to bring them forward, leaving many women unprepared and facing devastating hardships.

The government says the aim is to bring the retirement age for men and women in line. Increasing life expectancy means the government needs to make pension payments later in a person’s life.

Penny Anne Wells Photo Timandra French

Penny-Anne Wells, of the East Kent branch of the Waspi 2018 campaign, says the fight for justice is not about the equalisation of pension age for men and women but maladministration by the Department of Work and Pensions in the way the changes were introduced.

She said: “People weren’t notified so there was a lack of time to plan and this left many women  in a difficult financial situation.

“For some women this has been quite devastating, they may have given up jobs thinking they were due pension or been made redundant and thought they would only have to manage until the pension age.

“It means people have been using up their savings to survive and many simply can’t find a new job when they are aged 60 plus. Some women have lost everything other women in our group are nurses and just are not physically capable of carrying on until they are 66 or 67.

“We are not against equalising the pension age but there should have been adequate notice. Pensions at the same age still doesn’t mean equality, women often have taken breaks to raise family, so have less contributions meaning lesser pensions than men and they generally live longer so are even poorer.”

Dee Wild Photo Timandra French

East Kent Waspi campaigner Dee Wild says the changes mean she has lost out on 6 years of pension, at a cost of £51,000, and did not receive a letter telling her of the changes.

She says she also lost out on the chance to claim pension credits and is living on her savings.

She said: “I was lucky however to have some savings which were intended to give me the retirement that I deserved and had worked hard for all my life. Those savings will be gone on survival, not enjoyment, in the six years I will have to wait. I will be left with nothing for my old age.

I had no notice but even if I had received a letter that would have given me five years to prepare for a £51.000 shortfall. I had no hope of saving £10.000 a year in five successive years and to expect women, even like me on a halfway decent wage in my later years, to do so, is farcical and an insult to our intelligence.

Photo East Kent Waspi

“The impact of this on myself, my husband and my family is immense, in both finances and quality of life. I am lucky despite that. I’m not losing my home yet, living in my car or a phone box (as some are) or eating from food banks. But I have been proud and worked all my life and am now in despair, as are many others. This government is killing people, calculatedly and knowingly with their actions.”

The Judicial Review for the Backto60 case takes place on June 5-6.

Find Dee Wild’s Persistent Pensioner blog here

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  1. There is a case for a Judicial Review into ALL of the pension changes which have been introduced by the Conservative government. The underlying rationale for the changes was that life expectancy has been increasing, and that this has made the state pension unaffordable. Since introducing the changes life expectancy has stopped increasing. In some areas of the country life expectancy is decreasing. It ispatent nonsense to assume that everybody can continue working until the age of 67. There are many jobs and professions which are physically demanding and/or highly stressful. If you don’t allow people to retire from those jobs(before they drop dead at work) you will end up paying benefits or working credits instead. You won’t have savedany money. An inquiry or Judicial Review is needed.

    • Anne widecome needs to shut up about waspi women , I received no letter about the change had to give up work at 61 ,can’t get any job I apply for ,and live off 9.ok I pound a year , no benefits or other help ,where as she got hers ,and continues to work and celebrity shows ,so no hardship that!!!! just hope bre xit party don’t take on her views , as I strongly back this party

      • Yep, she needs to wind her neck in. She’s obviously employed as comic relief for those around her. Having suffered her on Strictly I can’t see what use she’d be to anyone. Obvious to me she has no aptitude for what happens in the real world to real people.

        • She’s supposedly a upright Catholic Christian!!! Only when it suits her media focused head. Makes my blood boil ????????????

        • I have had 3 diff state pension dates july 2014 july 2019 and now july 2020. Born aug 54 48 years full conts. Worked all my life Disabled by epilepsy june 2016 sacked by DWP because of it and unable to get work since for same reason. Living off dead husbands navy pension. Widowed 2007

          • I sympathise,I too have been shafted 3 times born July 1954 and yet again because only just realised that pensions are paid according to their starting letters to a particular day of week so mine is now due on May day next year but i have to wait another day as they will not pay for bank holiday!!you just couldn’t make it up.

      • Not only have we not been notified that we would have to work longer we were never given the chance to have a work pension until recently my employer has had to offer us a work place pension which should have been made compulsory when this age rise was decided it’s a disgrace that we are having to work longer to keep youngsters on benefits

        • agree with you the work place pension should have been introduced the same time as the age increase

        • Keep Youngers on benefits? No more of that crap please. Many young people cannot get work that pays enough. Wages are poor and don’t give enough to live on, e.g. pay rent, CT, bills and food. Cheeky moo.

        • They don’t have a manifesto yet I read, but UKOP’s last 2017 manifesto offered the following. It is a pity 3.8 million women and their affected families didn’t vote for them and we would have got Brexit too! It was the EU who wrote the directive saying we must equalise pension ages, but our government as usual put it through quicker and more punitively than other EU countries as an excuse to save money.:

          FOR WOMEN
          The rise in the retirement age to
          66 by 2020 and to 67 by 2028
          has been hugely unpopular,
          especially for women, who
          until 2010 could retire at 60.
          UKIP’s policy is to introduce a
          flexible state pension window,
          so everyone can opt to retire
          earlier, for a slightly lower state
          pension, or work longer for a
          slightly higher pension, as is the
          case at the moment.
          We will allow women to
          retire on this basis at 60,
          if they so wish.
          Page 11 UKIP Manifesto 2017 https://d3n8a8pro7vhmx.cloudfront.net/ukipdev/pages/3944/attachments/original/1495695469/UKIP_Manifesto_June2017opt.pdf?1495695469

      • I agree with you about Anne widdicomb. I can’t spell her surname lol.
        But she has not had to graft for a living. I once had a cushy job, a dreaded retiring, but I was made redundant, 2015. I am 63yrs now. And have to use a walking frame. So all I want is to get my pension.
        For 3 months I had to live on £10 A MONTH. After failing an assessment. Have got to appeal now to the courts now. If I had my pension, I would not be under so much stress. I agree with you 100%.
        So I hope the Brexit party puts her in her place.

    • Nope I received no warning, not that I could have saved enough in that time span. They needed to give a lot more warning. This is just the beginning of doing away with state pension.

    • It’s easy for the government they don’t have to worry , they can pop into the House of Commons and bicker with one another and get paid for it and don’t forget the expenses that they also claim for . And yet they short change the women who were born in 1950,s many including myself went to work and even put our children in nursery in order to supplement the income to the family home , because I was married, I was advised to pay the married woman’s stamp especially as I was only working part time. This I did, Homer I remained in the part time job for 11 years . When I got a full time job I paid the full stamp and joined a works pension scheme. I am forever great full that I did as when I came to claim my pension , I was informed that it would be reduced. Why!!!!!! Because I went to work to help to provide for my family, I ha£ to pay bursary fees to be able to work, we had no help in those days towards unsafe fees. And yet if I stayed at home and did not work I would have received a full pension. I did ask if I could make up to my pension so I could have a full pension, only to be advised that because I had no breaks in my employment, that would not be possible. So not only have I been robbed of my full pension, I have also been robbed of collecting my pension when I became 69

  2. Women against pension inequality want to get a state pension 5 years earlier than men and then statistically live 4.3 years longer than men. Many of these women paid no national insurance for that pension for many years, the married womens stamp allowed them to pay almost nothing. Who is it who is not equal…….

    • You either misunderstand or deliberately misrepresent the WASPI women’s case. We are not against equalisation of the pension age. The case we are making is about the lack of notification of the changes. How would you feel if your pension age was extended by 5 years and you did not get notified until the year you expected to retire?

      • Ok, heres another thought.
        I am female and will be 66and 3 months when I get mine. I have no issue with equality BUT I think the pension changes could have been phased in more gently so that some might have been either age 61, 62, 63 or 64 when pension arrived etc. But the way it has been done is just not fair.

        • I think it is shocking what the DWP has done to all women who thought that they could retire when they turned 60 I am 62 have worked since I was 16 looked after my kids run a home which is also work thought I could maybe have a wee bit of life now with my husband who still works at 70 if we both could retire but the DWP will not have to worry about paying out any money for me I will probably die from pure exhaustion before I’ reach 66 which is exactly what they are hoping a lot of women will

      • That is exactly what happened to me. I have never claimed benefits in my life and always a full stamp what was the point?

      • I agree i have to work an extra year as my wife is 4 and half years younger i now proberly will have to work till i am nearly 71 which is 2025 how sick is that could have both retired this year

      • The information about all the changes has been readily available for decades, it has been on the news regularly. I know about it and have done for ages despite it not affecting me. The inequality is more about men having to wait an extra 5 years until equalizatiin.
        This campaign is utter nonsense, should be whingey women not waspi women.

        • How can you say that when women have never had Equality in pay,also are the main carers for children & older relatives that also impacts so much on their earning capacity therefore any money they can save for their old age.Treating women like this at the end of their working life makes them more unequal!

        • women have never been equal in the workplace – they still are not. This particularly applies to women who started work in the 1970s. A young man doing exactly the same job as myself was paid more. He was also offered a better works pension. We are not against the equalisation of the SP age. It is the disgraceful way that it has been implemented. I also feel strongly that if men feel they are in some ways “unequal” to women , they should get out on the streets and protest about it – that is what WE have done.

        • Totally dissagree with you i never recieved a letter we cant be all telling lies ….and we all are not internet friendly

        • Alan Loughlin it has not been available for decades. If that was the case nearly 4 million women would not feel like we had been robbed. I never received a letter. Do you have information to the contrary? If so please give dates of when notification was sent out by letter for each change.

          • How on earth can you claim to speak on behalf of nearly 4 million women! Look at the numbers of campaigners, of those who put a maladministration claim. It’s a few thousand at most!

      • The reduced rate of NI that married women could opt for was stopped in 1977,therefore not affecting women born in the 50s.

        • You are wrong, some 50s women are affected by this. Remember most people married much younger than they do now. For example, woman born in 1955 and marrying at age 18 or 19 (1973 or 74) may well have paid the reduced rate, but will not receive her pension until she is 66,in 3021.

          • Yes i am one woman married t 17 but was working full time for 40 years ..now i have stopped but lucky enough to have a great husband who supports me but i find i hard to ask for money as i feel i have not worked for ot

    • Hi, Richard, I was informed at 58 that I would have to work till I was 66 years old to receive my state pension. I left school and started work at 14 years 11 months due to my birthday August 18th. I have worked for 50 years this August. I, like many other women had retirement plans, fortunately for me I am in good health and I paid into a private pension with no contribution from the employer as it was not the done thing then… With my state and private pension combined I could have retired…Women who have not worked or paid the small stamp will not get a full state pension…We we’re only given 2 years notice telling us we had another 6 years to work… Not long enough to put extra money on the pot. Also in our early day women we’re not alowed a private pension only men, unless you worked in the public sector… I took out my private pension in my 30s…If you got told you had to work an extra 6 years before your pension how would you cope..We are fighting for the injustice of the matter… Also in my younger day a pregnant womans job was not kept open for her after baby was born…. Wages were also very low for women

      • I too have been penalised by this decision.
        Breifly started working for the NHS at 17yrs age, low paid long hours paid into pension scheme, qualified had children
        Worked part-time unable to pay into pension scheme due to part time work. Climbed up the greasy pole after children had grown. Finished work to care for my brother who was diagnosed myeloma, renal failure and heart failure, age 57!
        Carer allowance have taken pension 60yr pay taxes. I have saved government thousands all my life in caring for patients and families and suffered the final humiliation of not being able to receive my pension. I commend you all, well done to all the women who are and have fought for this position

    • Well Richard, I’ve worked since I was 16. Had 10 months off to have my son, and 18 months off to have my daughter, still working now at the age of 61, when I first started paying national insurance at 16, I was told I would be able to take my pension at 60, how all this can change with no correspondance, I don’t know, it was changed to drastically, maybe young the age gradually would of been better.

    • I have been in work since age 15 until age 64 always paying full stamp so don’t tell me I’ve not paid In. Never claiming anything in my life and was told age 59 that I would not get my pension at 60. How fair is that. Any other pension company would never get away with it

      • I worked from the age of 15 right up until 6 years ago where I am now a full time carer for my mother i have no savings and now live on £366 a month I’m 63 its hard living on benefits. I hope waspi women get some positive results for all the hard work that they do for women like me struggling.

    • I always paid a full stamp and never a married stamp so suggest you do a bit more research before making stupid inane comments like that

    • You are completely wrong Richard, many of these women actually paid more national insurance than men, this was to compensate for a retirement age of 60, if the Government wanted equality, then why not bring down the retirement age of men, or at least change both to half way, ie 62.5 years for both!!

      • Absolutely agree,bring down retirement age for men,let young people take the reins and work,we have done more than our fair share.I started work at 15 and still working now at 64 because of the increase.No notice given,no letter nothing!!

    • I left school on Fri 24th July 1970 when I was still 14,I started an apprenticeship on the 28th July 1970 the day after my 15th birthday my wages £3.30pw for a 48hr week. When I fell pregnant at 17 I had 6wks off so I could go back & finish my apprenticeship even though I was married & could’ve given up work.I’m still working at 63yrs fostering 2 young boys with special needs so I think I’ve more than paid my dues

    • I am one of the nearly 4 million women who have lost SIX YEARS of her state pension. So Richard can you please let me know when I was notified of these changes.

      • Wendy you were notified by the passing of the act of Parliament. That is the only notification required.

    • Also, where do you get the information about women not paying NI? Everyone pays from age 16, if earnings are enough.

    • The women you refer to were brought up in a world that expected women to give up work when they married. They were not automatically signed up for work pensions and many did not have the opportunity to go on to further education reducing their chances of a career or promotion. I’ll be surprised if you did not know such a woman when you were growing up.

    • I have worked most of my life, when I became a single parent I was offered a council house and benefits but decided not to accept the offer and carried on working as I was bought up to provide for myself and my child, I am now 63 and having to work until I am 66 my sister died in feb this year aged 64 and 10 months so she will never receive any of her pension that she paid into and deserved like all my dear ladies born in the 1950 are deserving of.

    • Equality is not about being treated the same it’s about allowing for our differences. Even today there is a Gender pay gap. Women are more likely to take time off work or work part time to do caring duties. I signed a contract stating I would get my SP at 60 and based my retirement on that information. To be advised age 56 that I would have to work another 10 years when I thought I had 4 years is at the least maladministration and the worst down right cruel no opportunity to make up savings. I am fortunate I have a job and an occupational Pension many 1950’s women do not and are in dire straits too ill to work but still being made to apply for jobs that they have no chance of getting so they can receive help from the state. No one male or female 60plus should be forced to do this after working all their life. And if you google life expectancy you will see that this is reversing.

    • You need to be more aware of historical facts before you mention equality! Millions of 1950’s born women have worked since the age of 15, paid less for doing the same work, prohibited from joining company pension schemes on the grounds of gender, brought up families AND worked, cared for elderly relatives AND worked.

    • We paid higher contributions for a while for the privilege of getting our pensions earlier which in the end was not the case either. Never earned equal pay, even though I did the same job as a man and for many years was not allowed to join Co pension scheme. Fair?

    • I paid NI since I was 16 even all the way through having my children so have more than 40 years contributions but still no notice issued of change to 50.s women and no time to save for an extra 6 years and I’m widowed so no husband working either.

    • I was born 1954..worked from the age of 15yrs and all throughout having three children and paid full stamp. I am disgusted that this government can just come along and steal from us and no..they did not inform us properly.i cried when I realized I would not get my pension till I was 66yrs of age.its a joke ..stop sending all this money abroad.

    • I have worked all my life, doing manual jobs.
      I have paid all my stamps. I am 63yrs,
      Another thing, men’s pension age went up by one year, mine 6 years.
      I think men should retire at 60yrs too.
      My husband had to give up work at 58yrs, and I do not know what we would do without his army pension. It pays all our bills. But not food etc.

  3. Richard you appear to have missed the point! It was the communication to the women, I.E.law passed in 1995, well I never knew and I am a financial adviser, my wife (born in the 50s) and I found out through BBC media news about 2012 , my wife had no correspondence at all, she has to wait till she is 66 and has an autoimmune condition, the unfairness is profound!!

    • I was never told anything about my state pension 61 can’t get a job nothing to live off for another 5 year’s worked all my life discussing

  4. I was hoping to retire or cut my hours this year but no for my 60th birthday I have been given nearly 7more years to work I’ve worked since I was 15 and don’t think I could do the job I’m in till retirement age

    • Me too Linda. I’ve done 43 years full time work and am still doing it. Working with 2 and 3 year olds is quite a physical job. I will be working on the my 60th birthday with another 6 years hard labour to look forward too. What is the point!! When we do retire we will be too knackered to do anything!! We deserve better than being ignored by this government.

      • Absolutely agree with these comments x I was born in 1954 x paid contributions 45 years expecting to retire at 60. Goalposts moved with no notice. One longyear to go for me. Hope the outcome in June is favourable for everyone particularly those women suffering real hardship. A massive thank you to all waspi women and other campaigners who are working tirelessly for our cause (which should not be happening in the first place!!!!)on

        • I was born in 1954 too. Our goalpost has been moved twice because the first rise in age was to 64 then they did us again and put it up to nearly 66. Its so unfair!

  5. Im now just coming up 62 and have to work untIll imm 66 .started work at 15 raised three boys on my own ..tired out and no private pension ..

    • It’s all about 1950s women , what about if you are born 1 min after midnight 1960?.Us early 1960s women don’t get a mention , we have to work for 7 extra years to get a pension and also didn’t receive enough notice to make up for this enormous amount of lost money.

      • Mary Smithson, you are the first person to mention us early born 1960’s women. I understand that WASPI women are included up to 31 March, 1960. I was born on 7 February, 1961. I missed being a WASPI by less than 10.5 months. Unfortunately, I along with other early born 1960’s women are in the same position as the WASPI’s, but as you say, we don’t get a mention. We have basically faced the same inequality, but are the forgotten decade.

      • How can you say that when women have never had Equality in pay,also are the main carers for children & older relatives that also impacts so much on their earning capacity therefore any money they can save for their old age.Treating women like this at the end of their working life makes them more unequal!

      • Mary you do the same as us 1950’s born women…. get off your behind and fight for your state pension!

      • Mary whilst I am a 1950s woman none of us have forgotten women of other decades. We are fighting for all of us and lots of groups are too. Women’s Pension Injustice, Pension Reformers United and a page I run 1950s Womens Pension Page News which is open to all. If we win surely that will be beneficial for other decades too?

  6. I was 60, 2 weeks ago and I’m still waiting to be informed by the government that I can’t retire for another 6 years and 10 months

    • You are lucky they still want you!!
      In some areas of work they make it difficult in the hope you will leave which you can’t ….with no pension!

      • Richard please think for a moment: married woman’s stamp didn’t count for state pension and was stopped in 1977. More pertinently, loads of women including me will have paid more than the required 35 years N I contributions by the time they reach state pension age. I’ll be paying until I’m 66, which will be 48 years worth I’d have paid by then. That’s 13 years over the required number of qualifying years! What will happen to that? Also the so called increase in life expectancy is a total farce – it depends on class, (postcode), and the gov has made no provision for this. Anyway, it’s now in reverse. Please be supportive, it could help you in the end: if we all pull together both men and women may benefit together!

    • Elizabeth Young…. You will have been in receipt of your state pension for 11 years and a bus pass Thats the difference

    • Elizabeth obviously that is your choice to work until you are 71, you must have received your state pension at age 60 so it beggars the question why would you when you are depriving others of a job? There are many volunteering opportunities if you need something to do. Selfish comment by a selfish person.

    • Yes l’m sure you are which means you are working and getting your pension so you have a choice. Some people may have health conditions which make it difficult to work but have to.

    • Bully for you, just thank your lucky stars you still have your health to enable you to work at 71, also, your brain is obviously still able to function and remember as it did in your forties.

    • Congratulations on having good health into your later years. Sadly many of us have not enjoyed the best of health and for us it is long haul towards receiving our state pension.

    • Presumably you had a CHOICE whether to continue working or retire safe in the knowledge you would have a state pension to live on!

      • I have worked all my life..no equal pay.. Being a woman you were not put forward for promotion.. You were not allowed to study for in-house exams that men were… So you could not increase your chance of betterment.. Your husband was supposed to keep you… And due to my biology I would leave to have children..at age 30 (I had worked in this role for 12 years) I was made redundant on returning to work after my first child and no one would employ me as I had a baby.. As you were always asked if you had children and who looked after them.. As there was little childcare around. I also could not join the pension fund until I was 23…so no equal pay meant lower contributions.. You need to judge on the struggles that women faced then and are still facing now.. Some things have changed but there are still discriminations for the vast majority of low paid women who are easily replaced.. Take into account that when you got a job you had to wait a while before you could join the company pension to..

    • I am not making a fuss about having worked full time from the age of 18, raising children whilst working full time.having 43 years of NI contributions. I am upset that having been made redundant at the age of 64 I am told I now have wait until I am 66 to get my pension . It was 60 then 64 now 66. You may still be working but you where eligible to draw your pension at 60 and you have a job how lucky is that.

    • Ok. Can you give us a wee bit more about your background? I admit if I had a rich husband and family wealth I would have the energy to work until I am 71 too.

    • Well good for you. I have brought three children up alone, have an extremely stressful and demanding job and have been ill with cancer.I’ve worked since I was fifteen. I’m exhausted and dreading the thought of another 2 and a half years of working and seriously doubt I will last. Your comment is symptomatic of all that is wrong at the moment and perhaps some humility and gratitude that you have the stamina and health to work til age 71 would be a more appropriate viewpoint.

    • At least, if you wanted to claim it, you received your State Pension at 60 – different to us. We are having to work until nearly 70 purely to survive. You have a choice. We don’t.

    • Lucky you if you’re able, but you’re already receiving state pension then!!!! What’s your point?

    • Well good for you. One of my jobs is very physical. It involves lugging 15 kg or more up 4 flights of stairs if required as I deliver shopping for a supermarket. I can’t see me being able to do that for another 6 years ( I was 60 in April.) I’ve worked since I was 16. I have a damaged back through my other job.
      Many of these women are in poor health and need to retire. I’m not against equalisation but the way it’s been done is appalling. Many women had little or no warning about this . George Osbourne admitted in an interview that he did this to make savings.

    • Can i ask what job you do .to be working at 71. I worked for 44 years as a nurse manager looking after people with challenging behaviour for most of it.impossible to be doibg that job past 60 and dangerous too. I got to 58 with retirement plans in place for 60 only to find out that i would have to work until im 66. no time there to make up that loss of 6 years .i was lucky as i have a small pension ..but again a reduced one because i worked part time to raise my children and back in the day you couldnt pay into a private pension if you worked part time .so wheres the equality with men there ..also your lucky to have your health at 71 a lot of people are not so lucky or even still here ..

    • Well Elizabeth I will for now except that you are an egotistical as you must have known fine well the hurt that your slack and uncompassionate comments would bring to you…by the way say a prayer for my healthy 71 year old neighbor who dropped dead this morning.

    • Good for you!! Some people are not able to. Still getting your state pension as well? You’re not that publicity junkie Ann Widdicombe, by any chance?

    • Elizabeth- you received your state pension when you expected to. Mine was moved from 60 to 64 and then a few years later, moved again to nearly 66. I only received notification [far too late] because I am self employed and phoned for a pension forecast. Otherwise I would not have known.

    • Then you are fortunate to be fit and healthy enough to do so. You don’t mention the type of work you do, how many hours you work, how physical the work is or whether you enjoy the work.

    • You are damn lucky you are still healthy enough to continue working. I am on disability, and if that ends, I am in the SH.T, as I now cannot work, I barely function as it is.

  7. I like thousands of woman worked from the age of 16 full time with only 6 months off when I had my daughter, paying tax and national insurance. I have just turned 65 and was looking forward to reducing my hours at work due to a demanding job which leaves me exhausted at the end of the day. We are also keeping younger people out of jobs so while the government is paying them unemployment and other benefits, surely it makes sense to give us deserving women our pensions and give the younger generation jobs and some hope for the future

  8. How unfair can this be?! I too am a victim of this debacle by an uncaring government! We are not saying that we disagree with equality! What the issue is the speed it was brought in. I was born in November 1953, and was prepared for the extra three years (the first age rise)But the second to 66 was brought in too quickly! How is it fair that a woman born in April 1953 can draw their pension a whole five years earlier than me! That’s certainly NOT equality in my eyes! Until have worked since I was 15 and paid into the system all those years. This government has totally decimated the low paid, the disabled with their universal credit black hole of a benefit scheme. Women born in the fifties along with the growing band of homeless people are victims of this governments mismanagement I could fill more pages and rant on but I need to pee????

  9. Women on average go into retirement with a fifth of the savings of a man. They have 40 percent the pension pot of a man. They are still not paid equally in many instances. Reports suggest austerity measures have affected women many more times than men. The UN report singled out 1950s women as being disadvantaged due to Government changes and so on. The issues need examining.

  10. It’s bad enough to work till 65 but you don’t get state pension till 5mths after and have to apply for it 2mths before we have worked till 65 and saved government thousands so shouldn’t have to wait another 5mths we are the ones out of pocket I have worked since I was.14 had 2 full time jobs my father worked 7days a wk there was 13 children in our family.

    • I will be 65 in August but won’t get my pension till July 2020 don’t understand how you get yours 5 months after you turn 65 am I missing something

    • Its not all about the 50,its women also born in the 60,i was brought up and assumed like many other women my age 57.that we would all retire at 60.payed 40yrs of national insurance like many others.and the tories just slammed another seven years on us.its shocking

  11. I’m on my way to 62yrs old, I now cant afford to retire, I had no idea I would be working for longer. I have an 84 yr old Mum who needs my support. I’m at a loss??

  12. I too left school at 15,I am 62 and still waiting to be informed by the government that I cannot retire now!I have worked most of my adult life,except for a ten year break to raise my children. I have not paid into a private pension..women of my time were not encouraged or informed about pensions. I was made redundant from my job last July and cannot find employment. I have given up my car,I no longer can afford to pay house insurance..however I pay my council tax,as I would be fined if I didn’t.
    I can only see.my immediate future as living in poverty.

  13. Greed nothing more. You had plenty of notice. It was on the telly dozens of times. Men have ripped of for years, You never had any right to early retirement, you just expect equality…. When it suits you.

    • I think not. Its not about equality, that’s government ancient history, its the fact that we had no letter informing us of this. I’m all for men and women retiring at the same ago, it’s how it should be. I never saw an ad on TV or news, not everyone watches it I for 1 can’t stand the news. However, apparently, we were advised but that didn’t give us many years to save the shortfall that we suffer no, especially for those that may be on minimum wage.

    • Yet another one talking out of the wrong orifice. After 4 years of fighting this injustice, (which btw was never about equality) we have heard it all before. Do your homework and stop showing how utterly ignorant of the facts you are. Bye

    • Strange John that many FOI requests failed to find all this so called advertising. Even GOVT own website Gateway had 60 as retirement age until 2016. Financial Advisors and judges in divorce cases didn’t know and many settlements made on retirement age of 60. So get your facts validated before commenting John.

    • If men feel they are unequal , they should get out on the streets and protest like we have done. I am 65 , still working and still waiting for my SP.

    • On telly a dozen times??? Is that how we are supposed to be notified of major changes to our pensions ??? Would you expect your private pension provider to advise you of changes via the telly ?? No of course you wouldnt, so dont expect us to be happy about it

  14. My wife was born 1956.when I retired we had to use our savings also fell into debt because of the changes to her pension .we get pension credit now .but still feel it’s unfair on low paid couples …All wrong what they did .that’s the government for you look after number one

  15. Well, Elizabeth Young, thanks for that flippant and rather ignorant response! Aren’t you the lucky one? Not only to have been fortunate enough to remain healthy enough to continue working into your 70’s, but also to have been given the CHOICE, as you would have been eligible to receive your State Pension from age 60, whereas today’s 60 year old women have been denied that same choice, having had their paid-for State Pensions stolen from them for another 6 more years and thereby forcing them to remain in work in order to support themselves in the absence of receipt of their paid for pensions! Also any work you’ve done since age 60 would have been free of further NI contributions, unlike today’s 60 year olds whose wages are still having a full NI percentage deducted at source, even though many of them will have been paying FULL NI since the age of 15, which at age 60 takes most women well above the qualifying 35-year period for a full State Pension! Also losing free bus passes and other benefits like winter fuel allowance as these and other concessions that precious generations of older women have taken for granted have now been pegged back to the revised later state pension age! It’s scandalous robbery from some of the most vulnerable and poorest members of society! We paid “IN” and it’s high time our government paid “OUT”!

    • Well said. That uncaring woman has her state pension at age 60 and keeps someone else out of a job. Classy.

  16. Well good for you Elizabeth, you have your pension, and it sounds like you enjoy good health. I worked from 15 yrs old, raised 3 children and worked 2 part time jobs to fit around my kids, when they were old enough I worked full time just to make sure I could give my children the life they deserve. I am now 62 and disabled and my so called husband walked away when I was 59, so now I’m struggling to make ends meet, if I could have had my pension, the one I’ve paid for all my life, things would be a bit easier for me, so bully for you Elizabeth and show a bit of compassion

  17. Lucky you, what about the women etc, like myself who have severe medical issues and is on esa, you must have good health that’s all I can say. I could say a lot more, but what’s the point, when people like you put up that type of remark!!

  18. Like alot of other women I’ve been working since I was 15 brought up my family on my own and now am expected to work til 66. 51 years of work equates to today’s teenagers working to their 70’s but no one telling them until they’re in their late 60’s

  19. I started work at 17, I have done a wide range of jobs over the years, from part time when children were under school age, a period of self employment, back to part time following divorce with a young child to support, 15 years long hours full time until cancer struck, ended up loosing my home and job suffered a big hit to my income and savings.then to be informed by the media that women born in the 50s now have to work an extra six years to claim a pension.. Unbelievable!!

  20. These women are absolutely correct I am one of these women having worked for over 40 years had to retire at 60 with Ill health I hope we win so good luck in court.We should all get back payment state pension tax free to age 60 .This government really knows how to make women especially suffet

  21. I’ve been a in caring services since 1973 had to care for mum and dad long term also continue caring long term for bro since brained damaged aged 4 now approaching 61. Not much of a life for me I feel I am being punished by the government decision by withholding my state pension till I am 66 born-1954, worked since I was 15yrs. I will have lost approx £40.000 state pension. I am exhausted at times and feel like I need not be in this world anymore. Brought my son on my own and cared for grandchildren too. I always worked but unfortunately trapped into being sole carer for bro. I feel like my money from state pension as been STOLEN!!

  22. Not everyone is living longer or is in good health! I have been working since I was 15 and I am now 62. I worked part time during the years our children were growing up.
    The only time I had off sick from work was when I had breast cancer. I had surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy and drugs which left me with osteoarthritis in my joints and hearing difficulties due to chemo damage. I had to have a total knee replacement. I have lost many friends from cancer and they were not even at retirement age! I am working but not by choice…..I thought I would be able to retire at 60 and enjoy my grandchildren while am well enough and alive.
    We do not have issues with men retiring at 60. Those who want to work longer should be able to however, those who are worn out and struggling with health issues should be allowed to retire.
    Everyone has different circumstances in life through no fault of their own, so unless you have walked in their shoes please don’t judge.

  23. I found out about the changes at 58, when I was closing my company down due to my health and eyesight not being good enough to effectively carry on, peoples lives depended on my examinations of their boats. I now work part time for minimum wage, whilst also trying to care for a disabled brother, I am terrified that if my job folds, I would struggle to find another job I am capable of, to get me through the next five years. In 44 years of working I only got equal pay to men when I got a minimum wage job. Even had I been told about the changes, I didn’t earn enough to be able to put much by. I still have never had a letter, after lady at tax office mentioned it I asked for a projection, and that was the only confirmation I have had.

  24. I was told in a letter just before my 60th that I would have to work another two years till I was 62.then just before my 62nd birthday another letter arrived telling me that I have now got to work another 4 years till I’m 66.this devastated me and I couldn’t stop crying. I to like many other women have worked hard all my life. My first taste of work was doing 2 paper rounds every morning before going to school. 13 hours a week for 15 shillings.left school at 15 and worked ever since. Not afraid of work in fact I love working but my body is tired I suffer in pain most days with arthritis but I have no choice but to keep going to survive financially I struggle every month.just one question.please tell me why I after working all my life ambeing forced to work an extra 6 years when there are millions of people out there who have never worked and probably never will. Why aren’t they being made to work cos they will still get a state pension even tho they haven’t worked.

  25. We all entered into a contract to pay our NI and get our pension at sixty.Like many others I sm 61 worked hard since leaving school at sixteen and got no notification about the rising age.Unlike some of the over salaried pen pushers in the government many of us have worked extremely hard on a basic wage and with mortgages and bills to pay it was not possible to afford a private pension.Surely it must be illegal for the government to change a long standing contract especially without notification.I like all the others are hoping justice will be done at the judical court case.

  26. I am 63 and have to work even though i give a fit note i still have to look for work i was not told about the pension age found out this year not fair the govement should change it

  27. Good luck in the high court waspi women a contract was broken and should be fixed of the injustice to all the hard working women paying 40yrs+ contributions
    (35yrs are needed for full state pension)what happens to all the extra contributions! working through some physically hard jobs and times.
    In other countries both genders are given their pensions at a earlier age. Why can’t we claim
    it when we are ready after 40yrs contributions
    at rates according to contributions both men & women.
    Then we can give up these demanding jobs to the younger work force, freeing up time to give to family and the community.
    Will so celebrate a win

  28. I gave up my job at 61 to care for my octagenarian parents, I am now 64.5. My parents have both died in the past year and after all the stress and endurance of caring, I can no longer return to my job as a healthcare professional. I find myself de skilled, worn down, isolated and certainly the loneliest I’ve felt for many years. I have a part time job which pays minimum wage, hence still paying into the system. I am being supported by our local food bank and any savings I accumulated over my career are long gone. I feel very fortunate to have a roof over my head and have good health, but this system of things really grinds you down. Ive paid my dues to society, saved the government thousands of pounds by caring for my parents and now I feel abandoned by the government we put our trust in. I’ve asked for nothing, gave willingly and ended up being high jacked by the ones we voted in to look after our welfare. Where’s the justice in that eh?

  29. I am 64, I have a 86 year old mother living with who needs support. I have grand children who I would love to spend time with and look after but I am having to still work. It is getting harder, I get tired and tearful. I had not been given time to prepare for this. My husband aged 65 retired in two months time. He has had cancer. I want to enjoy what we had planned together, instead I am still having to work another 2 years 7 months. I feel so cheated of all the money I should have had. I have paid full stamp since I started my nurse training in 1974.it simply is unkind, unfair and immoral.

  30. Looks like Elizabeth & Richard came out of the same egg. Thoughtless & heartless people, probably with plenty money, for much less work than many of the these women.

  31. Yes we have all been treated like SHIT !!
    Left out in the cold to try to exsist
    Well Ladies it’s our turn to get some
    Light at the end of the Tunnel!!!! Finally so now
    Mr Michael Mansfield QC and Team will represent us in the High Courts
    Bring it on !!!
    Go get the truth from this corrupt underhanded Goverment and Pensions
    We deserve truthful answers to our dilemma and to WIN this Campaign

  32. I totally agree with all these comments- I too am 63 and now have to wait a further 3 years for my State Pension. I’m divorced so cannot rely on my husband’s income. I have NEVER had any formal notification regarding the changes to women’s pension age-like thousands of other women – and have been defrauded out of £50k+ by this Government having worked all my life and paid into the system. However callousness is something the Tories specialise in and when Clegg aided and abetted their installation in 2010 I knew we were doomed. They will do NOTHING about our injustice sadly so I don’t hold out much hope.

  33. Both my sisters received their SP at 60. I must wait another 3 years until I’m 66, how can this be fair? Also, they both had several years off whilst raising their children. I haven’t had children and just worked straight through. I must have paid in more than they did but have had 6 years SP ‘stolen’ from me. Just so wrong.

  34. I have over forty years full stamp national insurance payments behind me and I received no letter to warn me about the changes in state pension age. I have worked, brought up children and cared for my parents. We women have been treated deplorably by the Government and we are angry. We are not going away!

  35. I accepted early severance in 2011 based on retiring at 60. This was confirmed on the DWP website in 2016. In 2018, they had updated their website and now 2025 and 66 years old with 43 years in full time work!

    • A woman’s pension age should reflect on how much she has paid taking in the time she had children I myself had three two with in 4 years and childcare was to expensive to go back to work but I have 41 years of contributing to my pension I was born 1958 while I was looking after children was also looking after house and husband it is a man’s world defo as woman never really stop working men do

  36. Born March 1954, I turned 65 in March and still waiting for a pension. We never had equality. I have huge gaps in my pension forecast for years I know I worked and paid NI and other when I was off having had a baby, these should be covered. I should not have had to struggle for the last 5 years with no income of my own. We are not going away.

  37. I know retirement had to be moved back as we live longer but it should have been done more fairly. I hated the fact I couldn’t retire till I was 64 but to have it moved again to 66 without any notice is terrible. I am retiring anyway this year and will have to live frugally off my savings until official date in 18 months. My husband who was born in 1954 the same as me actually retires officially this year 12 months before me how is that fair? He is 7 months older than me but retires 12 months before me!
    Thank you Waspi Women for all your hard work and campaigns. I hope the judicial review brings a positive outcome.

  38. So, having worked all my adult life with 43 years NI contributions. Left work at 58 when my hubby reached SPA of 65,so we could spend some quality time together, after all, only another 18 months until I reached my SPA. Requested a pension forecast which told me my SPA was 2024!! Rang DWP as they had obviously made a mistake. Horrified to learn the fact that it was correct. No letters, no notice, no pension!
    6 years pension STOLEN!!
    Roll on the JR when we will have our pensions returned. Good luck and thank you Backto60, Michael Mansfield QC and team.

  39. Whilst I recognise the need for a review of the government’s pension changes, I do think some of the comments on this thread are a bit unrealistic. Saying you worked all of your adult life is not particularly relevant because that applies to men as well, and we aren’t looking at reducing their pension age. The changes to pensions have been justified on the basis of affordability. This being the case, it needs to be recognised that women’s life expectancy is significantly longer than men’s, so it is legitimate to equalise the retirement age and might even be legitimate to allow men to retire earlier than women. The main thing we needs to be maintained is the link between the payment of National Insurance and the right to an old-age pension. Some right-wingers would means test the pension in order to deny it to people who have accumulated wealth. The problem with doing this is that people have often accumulated wealth by living simply, economising and saving. Why should those people be penalised for doing the right thing?

  40. 6 years stolen pension – in the name of ‘equality’. But it was and is not equality of any kind. 1950s women came from a generation where women were often expected in some jobs to give up work when they married. It was also assumed every married woman would have family. There was never equality of pay and thus little access to company pensions but women are forced into losing their careers if they have a family. Both the pregnancy, the birth and afterwards all includes losing career and work time that does not happen equally to men. If a baby or child is sick there is the duty to care for them above all else which often falls to women. Then later in life its usually the women that take on the caring role for elderly relatives, so again, NO pay, NO pension. So women retiring earlier went just a little way to evening things up. Women are not now living longer than men, it is pretty equal. However what is very marked now, is proven in ONS figures, NHS figures, insurance company figures and academic research at Oxford University – is that longevity flatlined way back and is now in decline – for everyone. So the lies about ‘all living longer’ is an untruth.

  41. The data from 2016 is only provisional data and it has changed drastically. Oxford University are analysing the most current available and there is a marked change. In certain areas of the country women are dying younger than men. In Northern Ireland for instance, women are dying younger than men and this is directly linked to poverty and loss of healthcare provision and support in older age. However, healthy life expectancy is what needs to be looked at not only for women but for men as well. The pension age in equalisation should have come down for men, few women would not agree with this. The courts are looking at the equality issue in terms also of what women had in terms of equal pay, equal access to company pension schemes during their working lives, the huge differences that 50s women faced in the workplace, their lives, the support they had for raising families and the huge non-paid caring work for elderly relatives thus again leaving many of them without access to a pay packet or a pension. The whole inequality issue for women of this generation, the ignoring of legislation that should have protected women, the huge differences women face economically at pension age with men which are constantly shown in financial papers, academic papers and the news – the courts will certainly not ignore any of those. The Courts are looking at the way 1950s women were unequal and the implementation of the changes. However, one looks at this, it is women who take the biggest hit in having to have the next generation and thus miss out at the end of their lives. Many men care for elderly relatives, that is not forgotten and many men take over the role of caring for children, but it cannot be denied that the majority of child care and parental care is done by women and for this, they pay an enormous price. Any Government who values its women and respects this must put into its legislation protection at every level so that when they are having the babies and caring for the children, their pensions and all else is protected the same as one would expect for men. Until that happens – nothing is equal.

    • I totally agree with your comment and I believe men should retire at 60 and most women I know believe this too.

  42. I am a member of east kent waspi …part of waspi campaign 2018..waspi campaign 2018 supports without charging membership fees and is your local to thanet group. But there are different pension injustice groups all over the UK on Facebook.. join one now and challenge this travesty however you can!

  43. They should of put the age up gradually not in a six year hike for people born in the 1955 .a year at a time would of been better .people aged 56 now only got a year more this gives them more time to save. Also we started working at 15.now most students don’t start work until they get a good grade about 18.

  44. I was 60 on 19th May 2014.My pension age had altered to 63.Had bad knees and a manual job so I thought it would be tough but I’d retire. Tried to claim in 2017.Like everyone else sorry you’ve got to wait till January 2020.The rich get richer we get poorer.

  45. I’m 63 I have to wait until I’m 66 to get my pension I had short notice just before my 60 th birthday so couldn’t save for my retirement or my future I can’t work I’m disabled I have been for last 21 yrs with numerous health conditions worst one being rheumatoid arthritis I have been in pain 24/7 all that time now I’ve no health no savings no future I could die before I’m 66 I haven’t had the notice or the chance to prepare for rest of my life therefore I can’t pay for my daughter’s wedding or leave anything to my children or grandchildren instead all I’ve got is stress worry and humiliation of having nothing how can they assume you are going to live longer to get it I feel cheated and robbed and humiliated for being born when I was it’s a disgrace on human rights

  46. Looks like eggnog was in that same shell as the other two rich thoughtless gits. Hope the waspi get full recompense. But l doubt it. Incidentally l believe it was Brown ( Labour) who came up with this change to pensions. & the next government latched on to it.

  47. I am 60 in September of this year. But only found out a few years ago that I would have to wait until I was 66 to get my pension. The upset this has caused me and how it has made me feel as a person is awful. My father fought in the second world war and thought that future generations would have a better life. If he knew what this government has done to myself and all the other women born in the 1950’s he would be disgusted with them.
    Never give up the fight ladies we must make our voices heard.

  48. I was born in 1957 and i never received any notiication or letter. I found out when i was about 58 – 59 years old.

  49. I knew nothing about these changes until my cousin made me aware. She just made it but told me i had to go on until 65 now 66. I am single and have worked since 15. I got no letter from dwp. Up at 6 and hone after 6. These are the longest hours I’ve worked at an age when retirement would be very welcome. I used to joke that I would die at my desk. Now that may just be the case. Tired Mags Irvine Scotland

  50. It is #backto60 who have raised the money and brought this state pension inequality matter to court not WASPI. Yes we are ALL fighting the decision to alter the SP AGE for women, but on different grounds. We also want different outcomes … #backto60 means just that! Along with full reimbursement of lost pension money over the respective years. This case is being fought by our wonderful legal team, led by Michael Mansfield QC, on the grounds of gender AND age discrimination.

    1950’s born women have NEVER been treated equally in the workplace, paid less on the grounds of gender, excluded from company pension schemes on the grounds of gender, sacked on the grounds of gender (maternity).

    The system for caculating the pension dates after 1950 discriminate on age and is hugely unfair.

    Before ANYONE comments negatively they need to have walked the path AND lived the life of a 1950’s born women to really understand where we are coming from!

  51. I was born in 1957 and never received a letter or any other notice. I am absolutely disgusted with all politicians regardless of their party in allowing this to go through. In fact they should have brought men’s retirement age down to 60. If government – local and national stopped wasting money on useless systems, arms that never get used, over the top expenses and closed the loopholes for tax dodging companies then there would be money in the pot. We pay for their second homes – these should go back to the state when their term is finished – in fact they don’t need them – they could make one of the many rooms in Chambers into a dorm for them. They should all hang their heads in shame. They wonder why people don’t trust them. Finally stop subsidising rich landowner friends – if they can’t run a profitable business like the rest of us then let them go bust – like any other business would.

  52. Six years added to my State Pension Age with no notice whatsoever. It came as a shock when I reached my sixtieth birthday so I’m sick of the government insisting that no one will have to wait more than an extra eighteen months. I’ve already paid National Insurance Contributions for 49 years and still have two years to go. We’ve been robbed. It’s as simple as that.

  53. This is a disgraceful national scandal that has been swept under the carpet for far too long. We will not be ignored and we will fight to the end for what is rightful ours. If this was a private company the misuse of pension funds would be a criminal offence. The Government think they are a law unto themselves and they fritter our money like confetti and whinge when we expect our returns at the age of 60 as expected. Peoples lives depend on this and it is far too important to play with our money. This was a contract that has been broken. There are too many of us to be wrong about this and I am praying that justice will prevail. I am so angry that the government see us a soft target and unworthy. We have worked damned hard all our lives, brought up families and cared for our elderly parents. We did not expect to be discriminated against and under valued in such a shameful manner. We were allowed to pay into private pensions when I started work at 16. I lost my son aged 25 to cancer which is on the increase in younger adults, so longevity doesn’t wash with me. I really don’t know how this government sleeps at night. They should hang their heads in shame.

  54. Firstly please allow me to thank everyone involved with gwtting our plight as far as it has, we judt would not be doing this if we hadnt and syill are suffering from the injudtice of these stealth changes mafe to our hard warned state pension. Like everyone else on here, I’m on countdown until May 6 2020, my SP is in sight at long last after 3 date changes now to almost 6 and having PSID in 46 years of NI. Contributions. I am very that currently a person only needs 35 years to qualify for the full state pension. I was contracted out as I worked for The GPO (latterly BT) and interestingly I did do SP forecasts for many of the preceding years and contracting out and the COPE element was never mentioned until recently. The forecast did not show a reduction for COPE until the last two years hence my forecast was wrong and is now less than I’m quoted now. I had 2 years where I didn’t psy enough NI’s, I am not allowed to top these up which would give me even more years, and as I’m still working and paying Ni’s still I’ll have paid 48 years when I finally get my SP. my husband who made 20 years contributionshas been given the opportunity to pay around £7k in top up contributions and by doing do has been projected to get £174 per week. I should be glad about that but how fair is that???? Apart fr being shafted on the SP I was lucky enough to have my BT pension which I oaif a lot into, however until the rules were relaxed and the age at which I could take it changed my pension pot took a nosedive and was worth thousands less. So shafted in all directions. I’m ready to retire and counting the days until I do but I shouldn’t feel thud way. I sincerely hope that there is some restitution made to us 50’s ladies who because of our very gender we’ve paid in so many ways in making this country successful it is our right. Thank you all for sharing your individual stories.

  55. I am sick of being pushed aside by governments, who think it’s their god given right to change the goal post when it suits them. I have since age 15 and still am working, now with ill health in constant pain, thinking a few years ago, I would be able to rest my weary body retire, and receive my state pension, when I am 60. No I can’t, so in pain I go on. Some of us women of the 50s, well most have worked since a very young age, I was never asked to join a pension scheme, I didn’t know anything about pensions, by the time I was 18 I was manager, I was doing the same job as a man, only he was getting double my wage, when I inquired why, I was told, because he is a man. Yes and ?. So where was the equality. This is a disgrace and down right degrading, for a lot of 50s born women who work and raised a family, look after their parents and worked their socks off to be told. No you can’t have your state pension, you know the one we have been paying in for, coming up 50 years now. Then the government just smile and say, we the government are going to keep on shafting you women until you drop dead. Our state pension has been stolen from us women. We want our pension.

    • How men? You are just blood sucking leaches living of men we die before you but you expect to receive your pension 5 years earlier. The hypocrisy of you women is staggering

      • You really are an obnoxious blowhard, aren’t you? Everyone should have their pension at 60, unless they want to keep working for ever how long they want to, if in good health.

      • John b how dare you say us women are blood sucking leeches who rely on men keeping us may I tell you I myself have looked after my husband for the last 37 yrs web been married and for reasons I am not going to satisfy your ugly mind with bilut i have always supported my husband he’s been living of me do not tie us all with the same brush if you think that then you have never found the right woman besides it’s a man’s duty to provide for his wife and family how dare you insult us women go get a life moron

  56. I am one of many women , feeling so aggrieved of the way the government have treated us , I feel so tired at times with no energy to enjoy time with my grandchildren , made to work on until the age of 66 and there is many women who have also worked and died before they have reached the age of 66.We have been robbed of our pension money and robbed of our precious time.I would like to say how much I appreciate all that the WASPI have done.

  57. I am currently 62 nearly 63, I agree with all comments that say there is injustice with the rules brought in to delay pension age from 60 to 66-67.
    I am the youngest of 4 Sisters who are all receiving there pensions. I would like to thank all the WASPI women for the work they are doing on all our behalf’s.
    Good luck for next week.

  58. I left school & started work 2 weeks after my 15th birthday in Dec 1971. I had to leave my job 3 months before my 1st son was born in Dec 1973 – your job was not kept open for you. I worked PT for years bringing up 2 boys. no childcare. I worked in evenings when hubby was home from work. I got divorced aged 26, single parent doing whatever jobs to keep a roof over my boys heads.I met someone else, we had another child & he was self employed Taxi driver until had a crash that left him with PTSD. I had to stop work to care for him for about 8 yrs. I did odd casual jobs in order to pay the mortgage..DWP did not give you enough to cover it – 3 times I faced repossession. I never had a job that had a pension scheme until I was 50 but I could not afford a penny deducted from my wage at that time..AND I expected to have my pension in 10 yrs anyway. THEN, I got made redundant at 55! Hubby’s business went under & he relapsed into depression. We had house repossessed. Meanwhile I got double breast cancer! We were luck & council gave us a new build flat. I am now 62. Cancer treatment has disabled me. I’ve had 8 operations as reconstruction has gone wrong, I’ve got fibromyalgia & various problems as result of treatment etc. I’d say stress is behind a lot of my ills. When you are stressed your immune system is compromised! We are both on disability benefits. Hubby is 5 years younger than me & is under psych care. He has had hard time since they took his DLA off him in 2016. As good as called him a fake! 20 years of work undone by DWP! I’m still the carer I just had another major op 4 weeks ago & he is not able to care for me properly so I’;m on my own. Every brown envelope that comes from DWP sends that sense of dread. A few months ago Jobcentre wrote to my hubby – despite me being appointee. In it they told HIM, he has to make ME got for a WCA interview.. 21st Century isn’t it? I managed to get it cancelled by very undestanding local jobcentre staff. they were unaware of MY medical position as ESA is in Hubbys’ name. But there is no guarantee the next WCA appointment will be cancelled. It is disgusting. I’m 62 I’m a carer saving the Gov a fortune & living with life affecting disabilities…. who would employ me?? I am not going anywhere till I get what is mine. I took on invasive cancer & won…BRING IT ON Us WASPI women are not made of weak stuff!

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