Ramsgate Brewery scoops gold at international awards

Gadds production team

Report by Jodie Nesling

A Thanet beer low in alcohol but high in taste has scooped gold at The International Brewing and Cider Awards.

Gadds’ No.11 was awarded the top prize at the competition which received more than 200 entries from around world and was judged by an international panel of 50 judges.

More than 1000 beers and ciders from 50 countries were submitted for judging, which took place over an intensive three-day period.

Judging categories ranged from ultra-low ABV beers to high-strength styles, showcasing the versatility and variety found in modern-day brewing.

Low ABV beers are difficult to produce and The Ramsgate Brewery’s Jon Stringer says he was pleased with the result. “I’m really happy about the awards. It’s very hard to make a low alcohol beer that tastes like nothing has been taken away from it; you get to use quite a lot of skill. It has a new world hop profile with a British malt backbone.”

A  medal is considered among the industry’s most coveted awards which brewery,  Eddie Gadd acknowledges. He said: “In Jon Stringer we have one of the best Head Brewers in the country, I’ve been saying it for a year or two and this proves it – for a small local brewery to win a gold at this event is an astonishing achievement and testament to his, and teams’, dedication and skill.”

The awards were established in 1888 and has  evolved to reflect an ever-changing beer and cider industry.

They aim to reward and recognise the innovation, attention to detail and hard work that goes into beer and cider production.

Ruth Evans MBE, Director of Brewing Technology Services who oversee the awards, said: “It brings me great pleasure to announce the medal winners, and no small measure of pride to be involved in our fantastic industry.

“These awards are a bastion of excellence, and we are always sincerely impressed by the talent of the medal winners. With each round of awards, the standards are pushed ever higher. Competition is fierce, and receiving a medal is an achievement to be truly proud of. My congratulations to all!”

Medal presentations will take place at London’s Guildhall later this year.