Upton Junior School holds Reflection Week activities

Reflection Week at Upton

Reflection Week at Upton Junior School in Broadstairs, is a special time when children, staff and parents are urged to calmly consider their own lives and wider world issues in a peaceful environment.

The initiative that ran from the end of April into early May was held in the school’s outdoor space this year and it proved to be popular with everyone who took part from all age groups.

The week was led by local Minister Rhodri Walters with support from Maggie Paddison who leads ACTS (Active Christianity in Thanet Schools).

Teacher Isobel Reed said: “Activities included a secular pilgrimage around the tree screen, a labyrinth walk exploring the importance of nature, space and light, and questions that children had about the world and that they wanted answered.”

Simple acts like writing thoughts on ribbons and tying them to one of the wooden play shelters in the grounds created a haven of hopes as the meaningful messages fluttered in the breeze.

Evie from Year 3 said this about the reflection space: “It was a where you could have your own space, by yourself, which was really calming and peaceful.”

Rhodri added: “Everyone was encouraged to use the space in a way that best suited them, whether that was through quiet reflection or through prayer.”

Reflection Space supports different aspects of the National Curriculum and Religious Education.

Head of School Darci Arthur said: “This is a fantastic educational opportunity, encouraging the skill of reflection. In this hurly burly and hectic life that we all lead it is important for us all to be able to stand back and take stock.

“Holding Reflection Week outdoors gave us the chance to just be still, think, and feel refreshed and calm in the wonderful world of nature on our own doorstep. Our children and staff say it was a lovely experience and it also helps to reinforce our school community.”