Body of ‘bearded dragon’ found on Ramsgate beach

The reptile was found on the beach today

The body of what is thought to be a Bearded Dragon has been found on Ramsgate beach today (April 28).

The reptile was discovered on sands at the Marina Esplanade end of the seafront.

Bearded dragons need to live in a vivarium that ranges from a hotter (38 to 42°C) bright end, to a cooler (22 to 26°C) shaded end.

They eat a diet of live insects and vegetables. They also need supplements.

Bearded dragons are only naturally found in Australia’s desert regions. Generally they are found in the southeastern Northern Territory and the eastern half of South Australia. Their habitats included woodlands, savannahs, and deserts.

They have a life expectancy of around 10-15 years.

UPDATE: The dragon had been ‘buried’ at sea after dying from an illness. Unfortunately the tide brought him back in. The Isle of Thanet News is told the owner was not aware that he had been washed up,