Police appeal following shocking assault on vulnerable young man in Ramsgate

The young man was injured during the attack

Police are appealing for information after a 21-year-old man with learning difficulties was assaulted in Ramsgate and had his phone stolen.

The victim had just got off the Thanet Loop bus and was walking along Highfield Road at around 10.25pm on Wednesday (April 24) when a group of six people walked up behind him and are reported to have punched and kicked him. He suffered cuts and severe bruising and a suspected broken nose and cheek during the ordeal.

A friend of the family told The Isle of Thanet News: “He was knocked unconscious and found by his friend who had come out looking for him as he had just messaged him he was approaching.

“They stole his Samsung S5 mobile that he was listening to music on at the time. Two of the teenagers were riding bicycles and are supposed to have gone off in the direction of Tesco Extra or McDonalds.

“Police and ambulance were called and took him to hospital where he was covered in blood and has lots of cuts and grazes, what looks like a broken nose and cheek around the eye socket. He underwent a scan due to the injuries to his head. He will be staying in under observation as has passed blood some up. When the bruising goes down they will evaluate him again.

“We hope somebody will recognise this gang and inform on them so it cannot happen again to some other innocent passer-by.

“His mother and sister were shocked when they saw him due to the multiple injuries. This was violent and prolonged.“

The attack is the second that the young man has been the victim of in just four months. Just before Christmas he was set upon in Dane Park and ended up needing hospital treatment.

The incident was reported to Kent Police and detectives are now appealing for any witnesses to come forward.

Anyone with information is urged to call 01843 222289 quoting reference 46/78228/19. Alternatively, you can contact the independent charity Crimestoppers in Kent anonymously on 0800 555 111.

A gofundme page has been created by Thanet resident Amanda Priddle in a bid to raise cash and replace the 21-year-old’s phone.

Find it here


  1. Thanet is a dangerous place with gangs of feral kids everywhere, it’s learned behaviour, their scum parents are the same. Even if these scum kids are caught they will only get a caution or community sentence. The criminal justice system has been eroded by people who have given the power to the scum and left the victims helpless and in fear. It’s time this country started building more prisons and lock scum like this up, the scum perpetrators of crime should be afraid not the victims of crime.

    • I agree. The Police are too stretched, and control will ONLY return when these scum get rough justice by the communities they terrorise. Their parents should also be taken to brook for their lack of parenting & permitting such behaviour.

  2. Sooo glad we left Thanet. Its a den of iniquities. Hackney Borough have sent thier worst residents and the Eastern block send thier muderers/pedophiles and slave gangs. All bad behaviour is learned thro generation after generation.

    • I don’t think Annon’s alarmist,not to mention racist, vision is much like either the Thanet I experience or the Hackney that some of my friends live in.

    • learned behaviour is just that, that is the prison itself, to trust what you think is right is very wrong – ignorance is bliss before there is neglect of the disturbs ones actions causes. So as I a person willing to help ease disease as I see if, not as I feel it how would one show another their way is wrong, or not of good value, if said person has a distorted and perverted perspective (which is only relative to a ‘judge’) and yet that perspective is the very same thing ‘set of lenses’ their morale compass is viewed through?

  3. We can all stand up against this sort of thing. It is all too easy to avert our gaze, scuttle by on the other side of the road, then whinge about it on Facebook later.
    There were six “scum” (can someone find a better word? “Scum” is getting rather worn) and scores, possibly 100s, of ordinary people- not one of whom stepped in to help the poor bloke.
    Bad things happen because good things don’t get done.

    • If the attack was witnessed, surely there would be more info? I don’t believe there were any passers by

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