Extinction Rebellion member to speak at Ramsgate meeting

Extinction Rebellion Photo Julia Hawkins [CC BY 2.0 (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0)]

A representative of the controversial Extinction Rebellion protest group will speak at a May Day meeting in Ramsgate.

They will speak about the urgent need to tackle climate change with the main theme of the meeting being the need to rebuild the economy of Thanet and east Kent — and green issues will be top of the agenda.

A spokesperson for the organisers said: “Asking Extinction Rebellion to speak is a reflection of how important the environment has become as an issue in everyone’s minds about the future of our area.”

Other speakers at the meeting will include MP Chris Williamson, who was suspended from the Labour Party earlier this year.

The organisers are expecting strong views and ideas to be expressed, but are hoping for fresh thinking on issues like health, housing, education and the local economy.

The spokesperson said: “For too long the economy of Thanet and east Kent has been left to stagnate, suffering from years of austerity, cuts and chronic poverty. We need a fresh start — one which puts the environment and the urgent need to combat climate change at its heart.

“In the past we’ve put too much hope in things like the airport, business parks and developers’ wild dreams. We need to look again at the real assets of our area, such as our beautiful beaches, cliffs, climate, fertile soil and talents of the people who live here, and explore how we can make those the centre of a new, greener economy.”

The organisers say everyone is welcome to put their ideas to the meeting. Their spokesperson said: “The future of our community is too important to be left to the politicians. We need a grassroots effort with everyone pooling their ideas and debating the best way forward. Come, ask questions, and say what you think.”

The meeting, sponsored by Momentum Thanet, will take place on Monday, May 6 at 7pm at the Oddfellows Hall, 142 High Street, Ramsgate. Admission is free. For more information ring 07989070843.


  1. It’s ironic that an ex Labour MP is talking about fertile soil in Thanet and it’s Labour councils in London buying up all of Thanet’s last remaining agricultural land to build houses on for Londoners.

    • What bull. Do provide your evidence for Labour councils in London ‘buying’ Thanet land for housing. Simply not true. Manston MUST stay closed to safeguard our jobs in the new Thanet economy.

  2. I think the issue is rather broader than a bit of land in Thanet.
    The earth is facing a catastrophe of Biblical proportions.
    Time to wake up, and read and heed the science.

  3. The biggest threat to the planet is over population, that’s the reason emissions are climbing at an alarming rate. These climate protestors are willing to glue themselves together but fail to talk about limiting population growth because it’s not politically correct. Until the worlds population shrinks the planet is doomed.
    The huge increase in population is leading to our forests being chopped down for housing, our water literally being flushed down the toilet and the earths emissions skyrocketing so yes, the issue is a bit broader than building in thanet but it’s also a massive reason for the demise of our planet.

  4. Will they address the dangers of 5g military grade toxic technology, fracking assault still underway in England and geo-engineering in our skies. Or other planetary changes across the universe showing a shift here? If not – why?

  5. Talk about head in the clouds, when you greens going to land, you’ll be talking about ginger bread houses next, get real, there is no free lunch and no green economy, wind power and solar are at best stopgap not a solution, go check real facts, dont believe it, then google Prof Brian Cox, he’s a scientist, then you may view reality, if not go live in the woods disconnect and be really green bye bye.

  6. Really, have any of you had a look at the science and if you did do you have the education to understand? Take your head in the sand, its always been like this and it will be OK, britain is great. This Is global and you made it and you will be dead and your children and grand children will hate you for being so stupid. Opinion is not Fact. Putting it on repeat does not make it fact. Be responsible.

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