Van seized in Dreamland flytipping investigation

Caught on film Photo Thanet council

A van has been seized by Thanet council’s street scene team in connection with a flytipping offence at Dreamland.

The blue van was seized at the Marina Esplanade car park in Ramsgate on April 17 with the aid of Kent Police as part of an ongoing investigation.

A council spokesman said: “The seizure was made on these grounds and falls under the Environmental Protection Act 1990. Evidence relating to this offence was gathered at Dreamland Car Park.

“No further comment regarding ongoing investigation can be made.”

Anyone who witnesses a fly-tip is encouraged to report it online or to email [email protected] directly


  1. Found at Ramsgate? I wonder who has been camped up in that area of late? No prizes for the correct answer. They’ll just go out and nick another one from somewhere, but I could just be wrong in all this, of course!!

    • Yes Tony – I think there is some foundation to your speculation given the evidence seen in the first photo above.

      At least a minor inconvenience to the miscreant(s) has arisen on this occasion and it is refreshing that some form of action is being taken at long last.

  2. they must pick up this c..p from someone who wants it done on the cheap, in some ways they are as much to blame.

  3. Should follow in Canterbury council’s footsteps and go to court for an injunction to stop this nonsense once and for all. Prison awaits those who breaks the injunction.

  4. Successive governments have refused to act against these people because it is not politically correct. Everywhere they go they leave local people to pick up the tab because they pay no tax or rates. Eire had the same problems with them but brought in effective laws to deal with them so instead they travel here where they know our politicians are a soft touch.

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