Thanet burglary duo jailed for Margate crime spree

JAILED: McGuinness and Crump

Two Thanet burglars who were caught by police as they ran from a home they had tried to smash their way into, have been jailed.

During March 27 Gerrard McGuinness and William Crump went on a crime spree in Margate, stealing from two properties, and attempting a third.

When neighbours heard the noise created by the pair as they were trying to break their way into the third property, in Tivoli Park Avenue, Kent Police was called.

Moments later an officer on patrol saw 25-year-old McGuinness running through All Saint’s Avenue, and arrested him as he matched the description of one of the suspects. The officer saw the second suspect running away, discarding a large toolbox, so radioed the description to other officers to find and stop him.

The second suspect was Crump and he was also seen to discard a laptop and a bank card.

The toolbox and laptop were found to have been stolen during the first two burglaries, from properties in Railway Terrace and near Fulsam Place.

The victim from the property near Fulsam Place was left distressed as she was upstairs at home at the time of the burglary and later realised her kitchen knives had been moved to the lounge by the two burglars and positioned ready to cause harm, had they been disturbed as they stole.

Police attended 30-year-old Crump’s address in Lister Road in Margate and arrested him on suspicion of burglary.

During enquiries carried out by investigating officers, it was revealed that the discarded bankcard had been used by Crump to buy items from a shop after it had been lost by the genuine owner.

Both men were charged the following day with the two burglaries and the attempted burglary.

In addition Crump was charged with bank card fraud and McGuinness, of no fixed address, was charged with criminal damage after spitting in the police van as he was taken to custody.

At Canterbury Crown Court on Tuesday, April 23 they admitted the offences, with McGuinness being sentenced to 54 months in prison, and Crump being jailed for 63 months.

Crump also asked for a further three burglary offences to be taken into consideration during sentencing.

Investigating officer Detective Sergeant Jay Robinson said: “These thieves tried to run from the scene of their last burglary attempt but were caught by officers and, thanks to hard work from my team, they were both charged within 24 hours.

“Justice has caught up with them, and all of the stolen items have been returned to their rightful owners.

“Being a victim of burglary can be very upsetting, and I hope the work done by my officers and the subsequent result at court, brings them reassurance.”’

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