Free entry helps boost record-breaking opening season for Dreamland

Reinstating free entry has helped Dreamland record its best opening season to date with just under 11,000 visitors flocking to the park on Good Friday.

The amusement park opened for the season on April 6 following the  announcement that it would be waiving its old £5 entry fee entrance fee until May 24.. Guests now pay per ride if they wish (or buy discounted wristbands online or join as members).

Dreamland bosses say they have seen a 97% increase in visitors compared to the 2018 Easter opening.

CEO Eddie Kemsley said: “We expected an uplift in visitors when we changed to a free entry offer, but the boom in visitors in the past few days has been staggering – and wonderful to see. We welcomed 10,897 people on Friday and the atmosphere in the park has been fantastic. Operations have gone very smoothly each day, so we’re ready to welcome even more people for rest of the long weekend.

“We’ve seen thousands of people from London and further afield enjoying the sun-soaked park alongside our Kent customers. While our free to enter offer is certainly compelling for families, we feel the numbers indicate a spike in people choosing to have a staycation in the UK than travel abroad for the holidays.”

A Camp Bestival Easter Sunday party takes place at the park tomorrow (April 21).


  1. I visited dreamland last weekend it’s brilliant but please don’t spoil it and re-introduce the entry fee, you can see what a huge difference it makes to people not having to pay the entry fee, you can attract a lot more people and you can make your money on rides, food and drink so it should be free, please don’t spoil it keep it FREE ENTRY PERMANENTLY it makes complete sense, otherwise I think you will lose the attraction, listen to the people and keep the place thriving it’s fantastic for Margate. Thank you dreamland.

  2. It’s good dreamland had so many visitors as the summer season kicks of. This is because of free entry. This should be free all of the summer. If turner gallery can do this all year so can dreamland
    Customers would spend more money on rides and catering.

  3. If Dreamland has had a record breaking Easter and season so far why would they start charging entry fees and risk people not coming in. Surely they can make enough money on rides, parking and food and drink without the need to charge entry. But of the “powers that be” decide to start charging again we may see Dreamland close down yet again. Have just been today and it was great to see so many happy people walking around.

  4. This is what the people of Margate did not want houses within 10,years. This is what they really wanted in the first place . Would they really want to try again.for those who do not know the Tivoli brook runs underneath the have only to look at the houses that run around the perimeter in Eaton road.the damp and mould on the outside walls of the houses.

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