Removal orders served on Traveller groups in Margate and Ramsgate

Dane Valley Green (Library image)

Removal orders have been served on Traveller groups currently in Ramsgate and on Dane Valley Green in Margate.

The group in Margate was among those moved on from the Chine at Ramsgate’s Westcliff  on April 3.Some of the group moved to the East Cliff.

Work to clear the Dane Valley site after the last encampment was carried out last month,taking place not long after the authority had finished clearing up from a Summer encampment.

Dane Valley residents are currently petitioning to have a fence installed around the green. Last year residents living by Jackey Bakers fields in Ramsgate also raised a petition to ask for better preventative measures to avoid unauthorised sites on the space.

Thanet council responded with the £15,000 installation of a two metre high fence, bollards that restrict access for vehicles to the public right of way, new gates and CCTV.

Stopping place at the East Cliff Photo Sarah Thomas

A Thanet council spokesperson said: “Thanet District Council attended a hearing at Margate Magistrates’ Court on the morning of Wednesday 10 April. An Order to Remove was granted to the council in relation to the traveller group currently stopping at Dane Valley Green. This order has been served and the group instructed to move off the area.

“There is another traveller group currently based in Ramsgate which has also been served with a court order. Thanet District Council officers will conduct compliance checks at both locations.

“In the event that the order has not been complied with plans will be made for the order to be enforced and removal facilitated.”

Adequate land

The Friends, Families and Travellers charity say local authorities need to provide adequate land for travellers to stop as many families are forced to pull up in public spaces and on private land. This leaves many with interrupted access to basic water and sanitation, education and healthcare.

Thanet currently does not have an authorised site with the nearest being in Aylesham and Dover.
An FFT spokesman previously told The Isle of Thanet News that sites should be made available, saying: “We would recommend that the district council and local authority work with the Traveller community in the area to identify land that would be suitable for building new sites to accommodate these residents.”


  1. How much is this saga costing tax payers, surely it would be cheaper to get a permanent site for these people lost count of how many times they have been moved on

  2. These travellers are not local people and must not take priority over our homeless and people struggling to find accommodation.

  3. thats their idea send them to the other sites in or as usual criminal activities will increase ask the police this is why in Ireland strict rules were applied and they were moved on they just do not fit in so why should they have any favours?

  4. What is wrong with the people of Thanet & the authorities? Do they not appreciate the valuable cultural enrichment these people bring to the area?

    • I felt like that until I had first hand experience of the travelers in Dane Valley littering the place with human faeces and rubbish. If people won’t clean up after themselves and endanger the health of my children then sadly I’m going to have to make do without their cultural enrichment.

  5. these people are not real travellers, they have brand new vehicles and trailers with diggers and tipper trucks, they are just workers who prefer to take liberties with public land rather than pay to stay at a proper camp site, they then move on and leave their rubbish ( fly tippings ) behind for local councils to clear up. if they were real travellers they would look after the area that they stay in and have a bit more pride in the way they behave towards local people and services.

  6. Why can’t they stop at Aylesham then?
    It’s only just down the road. I used to have to travel there every day from Ramsgate to go to work.
    We don’t need a site here for them if one already exists, they should just go there before local people who have had enough start standing up to these do as you likeys.

  7. Come on Thanet council, give them some land to live on. You can then charge them council tax. They will soon piss off and it will be cheaper than keep going to court.

  8. This group has returned to the same place within 3 months of being evicted. Why wasn’t the eviction enforced immediatly for a second time? TDC didn’t need to get another court order.
    There are so many places around Thanet they can sneak into that it would be pointless sticking up fences everywhere and not cost effective. If they got fined for fly-tipping and vehicles clamped for Tax evasion and no MOT’s a few times they would soon go elsewhere.

  9. I am all for treating people that abide by the law, to what they ‘deserve’. However I am fed up with my taxes being blown on people that have no respect and never pay into the pot, but just demand to receive. The words Minority Groups is abused in this case, as it has nothing to do with how they treat the area. The fact they can afford the latest of everything shows me that they are not struggling like some homeless that have hit hard times and actually need help and support! All that money being wasted on them in one way or another could have been spent far better if everyone just stopped worrying about saying the wrong thing, and started being honest. Those in favour of these travellers, please feel free to invite them to stay on YOUR land!

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