Warning to motorists after man tries to force way into two women’s cars in Cliftonville

Zoe Summers was waiting for her daughter when the man tried to open her car doors

A Palm Bay mum-of-two is warning motorists to be on their guard after a man tried to force his way into her car.

Zoe Summers was parked in Edgar Road, Cliftonville, at 4pm on Sunday afternoon waiting to pick up her teenage daughter from work when a man in his 20s walked to her vehicle and started trying to pull the door to the passenger side open.

After twice asking if Zoe was waiting for him and repeatedly trying the doors despite being told ‘no’ the man walked off.

Zoe said: “He went off towards Bugsys. My daughter got in the car and then he started walking back towards us but didn’t try again.

“It was quite scary because I said no but he still kept trying to get in. If he thought I was a taxi then I doubt he would have just walked off.”

Zoe was not the only driver to report someone trying to get into their car that day.

Another woman reported that her friend had her car door yanked opened at the turning from Northdown Park Road to Northumberland Avenue.

The man, matching the description given by Zoe, is reported to have walked in front of the vehicle as the woman signalled to turn, pulled open the door and grabbed at the motorist.

She accelerated away.

The man is described as in his 20s, wearing dirty grey joggers and a white T shirt with a motif, around 5ft 10, brown hair and a missing  tooth.

Zoe has since warned drivers in the area to keep their doors locked. She has reported the incident to Kent Police.

A Kent Police spokesman said: “Kent Police is investigating a suspicious incident that is reported to have happened in Edgar Road, Margate, at 4pm on Sunday 7 April 2019.

“It was reported that a man described as being in his 20s attempted to open the passenger side door of a parked car before asking the driver if she was waiting for him. He then walked away from the area after being told she was not.”

Enquiries into the circumstances surrounding the incident are ongoing.