Protest as Minister announces Birchington ‘post-Brexit’ (whenever that is) lorry park

Birchington lorry park Photo Alan Green

A lone protester has taken to the centre of Birchington amid the move of the Manston post-Brexit lorry park to the village.

The latest hair-brained scheme by Transport Minister Chris Grayling means the Canterbury Road coming into Birchington will now be used to park up HGVs if border controls cause backlogs in Dover if the UK ever actually leaves the European Union.

Mr Grayling said: “It is a nice quiet stretch which no-one ever uses so perfect for the lorries to wait in. We have it all under control and have awarded a £13.8 million contract to The Cow Shed so that staff can make sure traffic moo-ves into the right lane.”

Protestor Harry Seaborne said: “The man’s an idiot. Look at all these lorries that have ended up in the village, flipping sat navs. Oi, get that lorry away from the front of my shop.”

Photos Alan ‘breaker breaker’ Green


  1. Things are stirring in Birchington
    Especially after dark
    Where monsters roam
    And make their home
    At the Manston Lorry Park.
    They go by the name of Scania
    And for them there is no exit
    So while the Government is failing
    Up pops Grayling
    With his great Lorry plan for Brexit !

  2. – [ ] I received a report today from a little birdy (well quite a big bird actually) that there are additional plans already in hand to create an ‘overflow’ lorry park along the mile-long Royal Esplanade. From his aerial perspective, without the need for supporting drone technology, this local representative of the UKGC (UK Gull Community) has seen evidence of yellow-pipe activity along the road which he understands is to provide regular gas stand-pipes so that the drivers can cook their own fry-ups reducing concerns about potential cab fires. He also reports weekend activity in the Sunken Garden is being slated as a potential location for a Tea Garden for the drivers. Some wonderful tulips and polyanthus have already been planted there to calm them down while they wait.. and wait.. and wait….

  3. I was beginning to wonder if it really was 1st April. Love it if only it wasn’t so bloody believable

  4. I know it is Tripod but like I say it is nonetheless believable due to the shenanigans of TDC

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