Margate Monopoly due to hit the shops

The Margate Monopoly game

Margate Monopoly will hit the shops next Friday (March 22)

Winning Moves, which previously produced a Canterbury edition of the board game, has created  the unique edition under official licence from MONOPOLY owners, Hasbro, Inc.

Each of the well-known spaces on the board will be taken over by key Margate landmarks. The Harbour Arm, Margate Main Sands and Dreamland have all been reported as  likely to feature.

Many of the Community Chest and Chance cards will also be given a Margate makeover. Players could be sent back three spaces for struggling to find parking, or could be rewarded for spotting famous celebrities in the  area.

Jennifer Lau, Custom Games Executive from Winning Moves UK, says “We’ve been completely spoilt for choice when looking at landmarks to fill up the board. As Margate is a key place to visit in the holidays, we thought it only right that the best 28 places around Margate are immortalised forever on a Margate Monopoly board.”

The game has been themed around the board in sets from heritage to tourism locations, sports to shopping, culture to festivals. The original tokens have also been replaced with bespoke metal summer holiday tokens.

Businesses on the board include the Mad Hatter Tearooms in the Old Town, Rat Race on the seafront and the Grand Garage in Cliftonville. Margate’s clock tower is also included.

Margate Top Trumps cards, featuring an array of images from isle photographer Frank Leppard, are also on sale.

Margate Monopoly and Top Trumps can be bought from the Mad Hatter Tearooms now, before they are in the shops next week. Monopoly is £39.99 in the shops but can be bought for £29.99 from the tearooms and Top Trumps are £10

Call 01843 232626. Email: [email protected]

It is understood businesses and attractions were asked to pay a fee for inclusion. The new version of the  board game will be passing GO later when it hits the shelves on Friday. It will also be available via Amazon.


  1. It would be a shame if they include the Stone Pier but call it by the new name of Harbour Arm. It was always known as the stone pier, especially when we also had the iron jetty.

  2. No mention of a business/attraction having to pay to be included on the board in your report. I think it needs to be mentioned.

      • Hmmm . . . if that is the case then would it be correct that TDC has paid for the likes of Margate Sands and Tudor House to be included ?

  3. £39:99 I could buy most of the top end of Margate high street for that plus the old Charles pub in cliftonville !!

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