Procession, singing and flashmob kicks off 2019 POW! Festival

The procession for POW!

A fabulous procession along Margate seafront, music from Margate Social Singing Choir and a brilliant flashmob by Drapers Mills and Ramsgate Arts Primary pupils marked the opening of this year’s Power Of Women Festival.

The procession, Still We Rise – named after the famous Maya Angelou poem -was led by artist Jessica Voorsanger and her posse of protesters.

Groups taking part included the Thanet branch of Waspi (Women against state pension inequality), SpeakUpCIC and a fantastic youth troupe.

The march was a reprise of the national Suffragette procession which took place in June 2018, marking the centenary of some women gaining the vote. It began at the Nayland shelter and ended Turner Contemporary.

An open top bus also brought ‘protesters’ waving banners.

There was also be an opportunity to view the current exhibition at Turner Contemporary, A Place that Exists Only in Moonlight, showcasing Katie Paterson and JMW Turner.

POW! Thanet runs from March, 8 – 17. Find the programme here

Question Time

Female election candidates from across the political spectrum will be in the hot seat at a Question Time event tomorrow (March 9).

The event, part of the Power of Women festival, takes place at Turner Contemporary between 10.30am and 12.30pm.

The panellists are

Ash Ashbee, Conservative, Westbrook

Angie Curwen, Lib Dem, Thanet Villages

Lynda Piper, TIC, Northwood

Kanndiss Riley, Women’s Equality Party, Cliftonville East

Helen Whitehead, Labour, Margate Central

Becky Wing, Green Party, Central Harbour

Kanndiss Riley, Women’s Equality Party

The Isle of Thanet News editor Kathy Bailes will chair the event.

Full details are on the POW website Question Time  It’s a free event and but book tickets via the website.

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  1. Hang on ! Once again we have an event which is comprised entirely of female panelists.

    If men dared to do such a thing they would be heavily criticised and undoubtedly invaded by women crying sexual discrimination !

    At what point will equality actually commence ?

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