Thanet teen arrested in connection with chucking rubble at cars from a bridge


A Thanet teenager is one of three boys who have been arrested by Kent Police following reports that rubble was thrown at cars travelling on the A2 close to Boughton-under-Blean.

Two motorists suffered minor hand injuries following the incidents on February 24, where objects were thrown from a bridge. In total, six cars were damaged.

Officers arrested the boys, all aged 17, this morning (March 6).

Two of the teenagers are from the Faversham area, and the other from Thanet. They remain in custody as enquiries continue.

Officers are keen to hear from anyone with information on the incidents.

Anyone with information is asked to call Kent Police on 01795 419119 quoting 46/36574/19. Alternatively, you can call the independent charity Crimestoppers in Kent anonymously on 0800 555111.


  1. It starts in the home. A child wants to stay up after 9pm and wants to take their mobile phone to bed with them. For an easy life the parent gives in. Before you know it they’re staying up past midnight and watching graphic violence and porn on their mobile phone. It continues in school. The child doesn’t bring a pen; the school gives them one. The child doesn’t wear their uniform; the school tuts, but does nothing. The child swears at a teacher; the school asks the teacher what they did to provoke the child. Before you know it the child is playing truant and smoking weed. It develops in society. The child is caught shop-lifting. They are let off because some do-gooders don’t want them to have a criminal record. So, they learn not to get caught. Before you know it they’re taking drugs, selling drugs to pay for their habit. That’s when the real violence starts. Society throws its hands up in horror and blames the government.

  2. It was the Government who relaxed all the school rules and regulations then told the head teachers to namby pamby the kids, and now there is overload with safeguarding those kids. They are locked in school and the kids see all those locked out as the bad ones who want to do them harm.
    Society has a huge part to play in changing this but years and years of negatives have taken their toll on it. Police now abused by those kids who know too well their rights, with their parents backing, which the government have given them. There is no stopping them now, their young minds are corrupted by the parents and society all doing whatever they like and knickers to anyone who dares to stand in their way. A generation or two has passed since the rules and regulations changed, supposedly for the better but which has in fact been for the worse!
    Change laws back and bring discipline in line with education, but starting from the bottom up, ie, the youngsters starting primary school so they can grow up knowing right from wrong equally to each other, silence those people who stand in the way and accuse everyone of abusing their kids in school, they are the lost generations who know no better unfortunately. Consequences must prevail where wrongdoing is happening without fear of reprisals, fear and backlash. I want to see a better society once again where people are equal and the governments are held responsible for the stupid laws and regulations they bring in making life worse, allowing the EU to make these laws. They way things have changed since the 1970’s and earlier have brought the country down to what chaos we have today. We once were regarded as a country to follow footsteps in but now we are laughed at outside of europe, and now also within the EU.

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