Police called to ‘dispute’ in Margate

Police were called to Lombard Street

Police were called to a disturbance involving three men in Margate last night (Februrary 28).

Some six emergency vehicles were parked in Hawley Street as officers attended the dispute at a home in Lombard Street at 7.05pm.

A Kent Police spokesman said: “Officers attended the incident and established it was a dispute involving three men. No offences were disclosed to officers at the scene and the matter has been filed, pending further information coming to light.”


    • It is news because there were a minimum of six cars called to this, people would likely wonder what an earth had happened.Seems like a little bit of police overkill but better safe than sorry

  1. Well it’s news to me, if you don’t mind. I think this site is fantastic for quick early news. It could have been far more serious.

  2. Quite right Ann. Whether it develops into something more sinister doesn’t matter. It is news and it’s up to date news!
    I am a daily visitor to this site and enjoy all sections.
    Well done Kathy and Co.

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