Police investigate after stranger ‘grabs’ boy in Ramsgate

Photo Kent Police

Police are investigating after an eight-year-old boy was grabbed by the coat by a stranger in Ramsgate who reportedly tried to get the youngster into his car.

Kent Police made enquiries following the report of the man approaching the boy in Sherwood Gardens between 4.30pm and 5pm on Monday (February 25).

The man was in a stationary car and is reported to have grabbed the handlebar of the boy’s scooter and then his jacket.

Nothing was said to the youngster and the man drove away when the boy was approached by someone he knew.

A warning has been issued on facebook by the youngster’s family who say the car was black and the boy described the stranger as having “a grey beard, black hoodie, navy jeans, sunglasses on his head, and smelling of cigarettes.”

They added: “Please keep a watchful eye on your children, playing out of sight with friends.

Local schools have been informed about this incident.”