Dredger The Spauwer anchors off Cliftonville

The Spauwer Photo John Horton

A large vessel spotted off the coast at Cliftonville is suction hopper dredger The Spauwer.

The 142,80 metre vessel is owned by Den Herder- Seaworks, and was built in 2017. It stopped at anchor by the Cliftonville Lido yesterday (February 23).

The Spauwer Photo John Horton

The ultra-modern trailer-suction hopper dredger has been successfully used for various extraction projects.

Photo Mark Stanford

The 13,060 tons cargo hold is suitable for a suction depth of up to 65m below surface.


  1. Why couldn’t if have anchored in Ramsgate for free and carried out the dredging. It might have come up with some treasures …….Like the fake Sheik.

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