Chilton pupils journey back to Ancient Greece

Stepping back to Ancient Greece

The ancient civilisation of Greece is being explored by children at Chilton Primary School in Ramsgate.

As part of topic work, Year 4 pupils enjoyed a special day celebrating and experiencing Greek culture and heritage.

The classes worked on a carousel of events to experience traditional Greek food, including pitta bread with taramasalata and humus, plus Greek style yoghurt and honey.

They also created elaborate mosaics from tiny tiles and tried their hand at traditional Greek dancing.

The way the Olympics was born and developed also formed part of their day of discovery as they compared and contrasted modern sports with ancient activities that became the backbone of The Games.

During the afternoon session pupils also watched a film called Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief, about a teenage boy who is accused of stealing a lightning bolt belonging to almighty Zeus.

The day was the entry point for the pupils’ topic about Ancient Greece that centres on their literacy studies through the classic tale of Odysseus.

Pupils and staff wore Greek costumes throughout the day to help them get into character as they explored the civilisation that changed the face of the world.

Lily and Lexi enjoyed the Greek cuisine. Lexi said: “It was nice but different from what Io normally eat,” while Lily added: “I liked the food and dressing in costumes and jewellery which I thought were fun and elegant.”

Ruby added; “I love how you can make really decorative patterns with the tiny mosaic tiles.”

Assistant Head of School Matthew Lamprell, who joined Year 5 staff in period costume, said: “It is important that the children have the chance to explore and participate in a range of engaging activities.

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“This fantastic subject area linked nicely with our current English learning based on the ancient Greek book Odysseus. From mosaic designing to Greek dancing, it was a fun packed learning experience with lots of smiles all round.”