Rocking out at Upton for national Number Day

Upton rockers

Having fun with maths and wearing outrageous glam rock star outfits and costumes depicting a range of numbers and symbols were centre stage at Upton Junior School, Broadstairs.

Pupils and staff showed their creative cleverness as the whole school celebrated the NSPCC national Number Day 2019 and donated £279.56 to wear their own outfits to raise awareness about the charity that helps keep children safe from abuse.

Ross Kettle, maths lead/logic team leader at Upton, said: “Our number day was built upon the premise of raising money for the NSPCC to maintain the highly important and effective work that will help support their support/help line.

“We extended their remit of focusing on numbers, and looked at problem solving and reasoning, key fundamental skills required for applying maths in life. Our maths groups took the opportunity to spend the morning exploring a range of mathematical problems where the children had to apply their understanding in a variety of contexts. This included building strong towers from paper and carrying out murder investigations using maths to solve the clues.

“Each class embedded maths into topic work. Parents were welcomed into the school to experience how we are developing problem solving and reasoning in our children to prepare them for the challenges of Maths in the wider world throughout the morning and the school received extremely positive feedback.

“The theme of the children dressing up as rock stars or numbers was based upon one of our current priorities in the school which is developing mental recall speed of times tables and their resulting division facts through the use of Time Tables Rock Stars, an online platform designed to motivate and support this key priority of the school.”