Ramsgate woman in her 90s robbed twice in two days and shoved to the floor by same man

Police want to speak to this man

A woman in her 90s has been robbed twice in two days by a man who went to her Ramsgate home, demanded money and stole her purse and then returned the following day, pushed her to the floor, and stole a bank card and keys.

Police have released a computer-generated image of a man they want to speak to about the robberies.

The victim was subjected to multiple visits to her property in Grange Road in Ramsgate from the same suspect between 7 and 13 January.

On 7 January he went to the property with a second man, and spoke to the victim, claiming to know her relatives.

On Saturday 12 January at around 4pm, the man pushed his way into the property and demanded money from the victim. A purse containing money was reported stolen.

The following day (Sunday 13 January) between 4pm and 5pm he returned and pushed her to the floor. A bank card and keys were stolen during the incident. It was later confirmed the bank card had been used to withdraw cash.

The suspect is described as a white man, aged between 30 and 40 years old, with a slim build and around 5 ft 4 ins tall. He had short cropped light brown hair and wore glasses, a shirt and blue skinny jeans.

PC Mark Huttley: “This is a concerning report in which the victim has had money and cards stolen twice, and the same suspect is believed to be involved.

“Our officers are providing the victim with support and they will be carrying out patrols in the area.”

If you recognise the man in the image, or have any information regarding these incidents, call Kent Police on 01843 222289 quoting 46/8472/19.

Alternatively, you can contact the independent charity Crimestoppers in Kent anonymously on 0800 555 111


  1. Does she leave her front door wide open, or after being assaulted/robbed the first time did she 24 hours later not take any precautions before answering the door-such as having her chain on or looking out of her window? Shouldn’t be that hard to find-how many guys are there who stand 5 foot 4, with such a distinctive face?

  2. I am in my eighth decade, and although mostly compos mentis do have lapses of concentration when my brain slips into neutral! In the case of someone in their 90’s it may also be a case of trust, in the old days we could trust someone would not do us harm, especially in our own home. Those days are gone, mainly because junkies and no hopers prefer to beg, or steal money for their life style choice, rather than earn a living. This lady’s relatives should fix a large notice on the inside of her front door at head height saying “DO NOT OPEN UNLESS YOU KNOW WHO IT IS!

    • It was a world that never existed & is just looking at the past with rose tinted glasses. This type of crime has always existed & as for never coming to harm in your own home-Albert DiSalvo, Harold Shipman etc prove that to be a myth. Likely why this kind of crime wasn’t that prevalent in the ‘good old days’ was that most houses didn’t have much worth stealing until recent decades & the advances in technology & people’s recent insistence on keeping large amounts of cash &/or jewellery in their house & flashing it in on social media/inpublic/boasting about it.

  3. Just so sick why man can do that to a lady in her 90s is the case that he was drag up not brought up I like did I was brought up to respect the your elderly. He should be arrested for life to do that to a lady in her 90s cos in the older days u were hanged if u done robbery the should bring that back it might stop low life people of robbing anyone that’s my opinion.

  4. Absolutely disgusting taking advantage of a lady on her own without a care. hasn’t that man ever had a nan or elderly relative? What would he do if someone did that to her? I can guess that answer!
    I worry for an elderly relative as just this week they have had 3 different callers at the front door trying to sell new garage doors, cutting the branches of the tree, then offering DIY services. The last one puzzled me as DIY is “do it yourself”! On visiting today I found the side gate undone. Someone could have gone round the back while she was at the front door. I have said over and over not to answer the door to people you don’t know and never buy anything from doorstep callers, but it’s so easy to catch you unawares.
    I hope this lady wasn’t badly hurt in the fall, it is very worrying that scum like that is walking about trying to steal of people in their own homes where they should feel safe and secure. I hope he is soon caught and locked behind bars.

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