Birchington pensioner Ronald kicks the habit after 62 years as a smoker

Ronald has kicked the smoking habit

A Birchington 73-year-old has quit smoking after a whopping 62 years.

Ronald Muggeridge says he is “elated” to have kicked the habit with help from staff at One You Kent. Ronald says he has tried to quit on a number of occasions, but a diagnosis of prostrate cancer spurred him into action.

He said: “I tried quitting on my own, but it just didn’t work.

“They told me (after diagnosis) I had to give up smoking. I got down to five a day, had the operation to remove the prostate, but the smoking started back up again.”

The next step was to enlist the help of One You Kent to overcome his smoking habit, which was costing him between £85 and £140 per week.

“They offered me support for ten weeks and explained the ins and outs of the various treatments I could have,” he said. Ronald opted for nicotine patches and he hasn’t smoked since his last cigarette on October 27. He credited Stefan from One You Kent for supporting him all the way.

Asked for one piece of advice to pass on, Ronald said: “Contact One You Kent, they are brilliant, and Stefan in particular. Wiith his help I’ve conquered it.”

You can get free support and advice from One You Kent to quit smoking, lose weight, get more active or just feel better about life. Visit or call 0300 123 1220 for more information.

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