A free food shop to help isle families struggling at Christmas has opened in Ramsgate

Sharon Goodyer will head up the free food shop

A free food shop has been opened by Our Kitchen on the Isle of Thanet at Dame Janet Primary School in Ramsgate.

The store is headed up by Sharon Goodyer who ran the Summer Kitchen free meal scheme at Drapers Mills in Margate during the school holidays.

The shop at the Dame Janet community annexe opens at 10am until noon today (December 24) and runs every day, including Christmas Day, until the school term starts next month.

The idea is for people to donate food if they are able so that families struggling this Christmas can pick up items for free.

Sharon Goodyer Photo John Horton

Sharon said: “If anyone has some food they would like to give to help a family then please bring it down. If at the moment money is short and some free food would make Christmas easier for you as a family then please pop in and take a few bits home with you.

“Thank you Dame Janet Primary Academy for lending us your community annex and Rebekah Smith for your help.”

The shop has a range of items from potatoes and cabbages gleaned from isle fields to pasta, beans, bagels and more.

Christmas cheer in Margate

Another business will also be opening its doors to give food and company to those who will be alone on Christmas and Boxing days.

Ministry of Pies at 23 New Street, Margate (Old Town), will open from noon until 6pm both days offering snacks, mince pies, dinner and drinks. No money required.


  1. Vey well done Sharon and everyone who’s involved in this. Also to the Ministry for Pies. Thanet’s lucky to have these compassionate people x

  2. What a wonderful thing to do for some people who’s day will not be special like the many who have so much x It will be lovely for some people who won’t see anybody at this happy time as well X Thankyou everyone for doing this wonderful thing xxx

  3. It’s a disgrace such a facility is even needed so hats off to Sharon and the team of volunteers for doing this and to all those offering food to those in need. My son and his family in Walsall have spent today preparing and serving a hot meal to families who would otherwise go without. Remind me, please, what year this is that such generosity is needed? 1818? 1918?

  4. Greatest respect to those who are being so kind to those who need assistance. However what a disgrace that they need to. We are supposedly the 5th richest nation in the world, yet millions are struggling to survive. Thanks to the nasty party.

  5. this will help a lot of lonely pensioners,meet a guy in cafe in town today ,his pension not gone the in the,bank,had 27p in the account no gas no electric,offered him a couple of pizzes ,but no point he said as no were to cook them,its people like him that need help???

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