Reward offered as search for elderly missing dog Stanley goes into fifth week

Have you seen Stanley?

A reward is now being offered as the search for elderly missing dog Stanley enters its fifth week.

The 13-year-old collie cross, was last seen near Thanet Earth in Seamark Road after being startled by a firework and bolting down the dual carriageway from Minster to Monkton. There have been no sightings since then.

The black and white collie is hard of hearing.

Stanley’s owner Emily Matthews has undertaken a leafleting campaign to help the search and is now offering an undisclosed award for his safe return.

Advice from the Missing Dogs and Strays in Thanet group for those undertaking searches is:

  • Do not call his name, do not try and catch him and do not chase him
  • All searches should be carried out in silence and it is important that all shrubs and greenery is pulled right back so that you can see right down to the ground.
  • Searchers should have with them a spare lead, and a supply of smelly tasty food, eg cooked sausages, bacon, burgers, cheese or tinned fish in oil or tomato sauce. If you see him , drop to the floor, do not look at him straight on, sit at a 45° degree angle so you can see him peripherally but not be a threat.
  • Sit still, don’t flap arms about, hum or make any sounds.
  • When you can with a slow flick of the wrist, throw some food away from yourself and the dog and wait.
    He will either bolt or stay where he is. He may come back or will freeze and watch. If he watches keep throwing little bits of the food.
  • If he takes the food and moves closer, on no account grab for him no matter how close he gets.
Thanet Rock Hunters member Anthony Thorne helps raise awareness 

Laura Sullivan, from the group, said: “We need to get him home safe as he is an older boy who needs a warm bed and comfort.
“If anyone sees him please do not chase him. Note the area, direction, time, take a photo if possible and phone the owners please.”

If you see Stanley call Emily on 07793464622 or message the Get Stanley home missing oldie Thanet facebook page