Ramsgate Arts Primary pupils have created an underwater city

Pupils create graphics with Genetic Moo

Youngsters at Ramsgate Arts Primary are using digital art to make a stunning array of computer-generated creations.

Acclaimed digital art team Genetic Moo are working with the children, guiding them on an adventure of discovery through learning basic computer skills.

At a series of workshops over three days pupils worked on a digital installation that included building an underwater city and populating it with ‘squidlet’ creatures that bear their names and faces, as well as art with a winter wonderland theme.

The installation will be screened for parents and families and will be shown at Dreamland, which is co-ordinating the project as part of a six month residency with Genetic Moo.

Genetic Moo – consisting of Nicola Schauerman and Tim Pickup – focused on skills including design, coding, drawing and digital dance using a Kinect sensor. The sessions showed pupils how to be creative with computers, learn new skills, and work together on a large art project.

Nicola said: “Digital art gives children free reign to really explore their imaginations. Its enables them to take their creativity to a new dimension.”

Tim added: “The children have been open to exploring just what they can create on screen and then see it translated to a collaborative artwork. We used free and open software with them so they can carry on learning the skills we have shown them when they get home to continue exploring digital art on their own computers.”

Head of School Nick Budge said: “As an arts primary school we are open to all types of creative learning.

“Genetic Moo opened a new world of learning for our pupils, taking what they are already familiar with through computer literacy and expanding their skill levels by showing them just what they can achieve through coding and digital art. The results are fascinating and certainly energised the pupils’ learning.

“The collaboration between artists like Genetic Moo and Dreamland at Margate as a creative hub is important for Ramsgate Arts Primary in the same way as our partnership with the Turner Contemporary Gallery and other musicians, performers and artists. It means were are offering a wide range of experience across the arts spectrum for our children.”